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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On June 06, 2023

Intuition, regression and past lives with Tracy Fance

Intuition, regression and past lives with Tracy Fance

This week Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Tracy Fance, a Clairvoyant Medium based in Kent (United Kingdom). Tracy talked with us about her gift, her online work and experiences with clients. Check out our interview!

Please present yourself to our audience.

I am Tracy Fance, a clairvoyant, medium, tarot reader, practitioner and teacher of Reiki, intuitive coach and do neuro-linguistic programming and coaching as well. So, I have a quite rounded set of skills to offer each of my clients and students.

When did you discover the gift of intuition?

Officially, it was in my 20’s, when I decided I really wanted to train and bring that side out. But when I look back now, I see that as a small child I had it but did not understand, and my parents weren’t into this – so it just felt like weird experiences.

I really don’t know where that passion came from, but someone up there was keeping an eye on me to make sure that I kept that link until I was ready for that, and I am really glad that it stayed there.

You mention on your website about searching what people did in their past lives. What was the weirdest or funniest case that appeared to you?

I’ve had some very interesting ones when I was helping a friend who used to bite their fingernails in their 50’s. They thought it went back to something that happened when they were a child.

Then, when I was working with them, they ended up suddenly regressing. In England, when we had Oliver Cromwell in power there was so much that people were not allowed to do. So, he was trying to get away from somebody and had been in a tunnel underneath the church, and it had collapsed on him! So, he developed the fear of enclosed spaces and that’s what the finger biting was connected to.

He was not particularly switched on for the spiritual and, when he finished, he just could not believe what he had witnessed. He really struggled, but then a week later he rang me and told me that he was going to get manicure for the first time after some 50 years, because he was not biting his fingers anymore.

It did not follow the line any of us had expected and had the right outcome. It was a life-changing thing for him.

How much back in time do people often regress?

It depends on the person. What I tend to find is that they regress to the life that they need to. So, if there’s a life back in the 1600’s that is an issue for them for whatever reason, they’ll go back to that. But if it’s the most recent life and brings some result for them, that might be where they go.

How do your business consultations work?

Having been a businesswoman myself for the last 20 years, it’s really easy for me to get into that energy and work with people around their business. People who may be stuck with their business or jobs come to me and, between us, we get where they need to be. I have many business clients that come to me when they are looking a new project, or when they hit the wall in an existing one.

Lord Alan Sugar or Donald Trump may call it “business acumen”, but I call it psychic. It’s the same thing. But they do things very intuitively and trust their gut instinct, from which other people would shy away. It’s the same thing, yet used differently.

Did the pandemic and the necessity to read online change your work or is it the same as doing readings physically?

I’ve always done readings on Skype and changed to Zoom, so that I can record it. Also, I’ve always done phone readings, so it didn’t make any difference for me. I’m not seeing people face to face and don’t think you can’t beat a face-to-face session. Sometimes, as I’m doing the reading, I find the person is in the bus buying a ticket – they can’t give their undivided attention to the reading doing something else at the same time.

If you are here with me, your phone’s off, I’m ignoring my phone and you’ve just got each other. So, I think you just can’t beat face-to-face readings. But there is no distance in spirit, they just need the voice vibration to be able to draw near and work and I just need your energy to be able to work on a psychic basis. And I do email readings as well, still giving my inputs without hearing their voices.

What are people searching for in these difficult days?

I’d say predominantly there are normal worries about work and finances, but I’d say 90% of the people I’ve read for over the last year are people who have used lockdown to “take stock” of their life and want to look where their lives should be going instead – changing career paths or going into education.

I’d say a lot of people actually are using this as a great time to make changes that they’ve been needing for a while and which are hard to address when we’re going 100 mph.

Do you have a special message to our readers?

I’d say to anybody who’s stuck at the moment or having a tough time, that this will pass and normality will come back to us, whatever it looks like. So, just hang on in there!

If they need guidance, they can just ask their loved ones in spirit to bring them answers and it might be that you keep hearing a piece of music or keep coming across somebody in a particular job or who works for a particular company: that would be universe signalling this is the answer to the question you’ve been asking it.

They might just find white feathers around them, which is just their loved ones letting them know that they are there. So, they are never alone and if they want to be more intuitive there is plenty of easy exercise that can help make them intuitive. Us, guys that do this for a living, are nothing special: some people are meant to be teachers, others to be doctors. But we are all intuitive, we just have to learn to bring it out and trust it.

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