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Written by Marko Velimirovic | Updated On June 09, 2023

Trisha Parker - Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

Trisha Parker - Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Trisha Parker – a prominent Psychic and Tarot Card reader from Seattle who kindly agreed to the interview with us. We discussed how her career started,  what types of readings she offers, and what is the best way to handle a situation when you see something bad in your client’s future.

When did you first know that being a psychic medium was your calling and how did it come about? 

I have been reading tarot professionally for about 3 years now and honestly, it’s not until recently that I’ve felt that this is my calling. I started on this road because I needed a way to make money from home with lots of flexibility.

I was a stay-at-home mom for 25 years and during that time learned tarot from books and classes.  I eventually held my own free workshops which got me noticed by Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary where I am now a paid Tarot and Divination teacher. My greatest motivator to move to a professional reader was I felt I couldn’t talk to talk unless I walked the walk.

In other words, I needed to read OFTEN so I could teach the subject better.  So I signed up for an online service, That was 3 years ago and, initially, I did suffer from imposter syndrome.  I was plagued with questions like: Am I really able to do this? Am I a fraud? Who is going to like me?

But I had to remember that every person has psychic abilities, it just needs to be practiced and believed in and practiced.  Today, I feel like I do help people in a major way and it is very rewarding.

What is the most popular type of reading that customers are looking for? What are the most common concerns that interest them? 

The most popular type of readings that I get is love readings. I would say at least 75% are love readings.  And of those, 98% of those who call me are women asking about their lovers.  Unfortunately, the fact is if you’re calling a psychic to get information about your lover you probably have a sneaky suspicion that something is going on.

There is an issue in the relationship that needs to be addressed and I use the cards to help identify what’s going on. More often than not the person is too emotional to see clearly.  My job is to help clarify the situation and then gently direct them in the direction of personal empowerment.

Side note: My passion is empowering women and reading tarot is an amazing way to express my passion. Thankfully, my method is usually met with gratitude!

Are some types of psychic readings more demanding or difficult than others? 

There are definitely some types of psychic readings that are more demanding. Those who call that are in the throes of extreme heartbreak and refuse to take responsibility for whatever’s happening to them.

They want retribution.  They want justice but the cards are saying that they are not going to get it, or the cards may even indicate that the client is the cause.  This type of information is difficult to deliver to someone who is hurting.

It takes finesse to be able to communicate the true story that’s being told through the tarot to a customer who is already feeling pretty desperate.

Some of the psychic sessions are still performed in person. What about you? How has your work been affected by the pandemic? 

Most of my readings are not done face to face but via phone or text – though I do read in person when asked. Now that the pandemic is letting us out, I am scheduling face-to-face readings at festival events.

The technology developed through the pandemic has broken open a door for psychics!  My students are expected to complete 50 readings to pass the class and most of them complete their readings on video using Facebook, MSO Teams, or Zoom. Critics may feel that these types of experiences cannot work, but I’m telling you, when you’re psychically connected, technology is not an issue.

My business spiked during the pandemic especially during the height of it last year in 2020. One of my most heartbreaking calls was from a New York City doctor who was dealing with the overwhelming number of deaths, very long hours where she was mandated to stay at the hospital to sleep in the cafeteria and not having anyone to care for her dog left at home alone.

She cried and asked questions about who would take care of her dog, and when she could talk to her mother.  Much of the call didn’t really make logical sense but the extreme physical and emotional fatigue took its toll and I was glad to be able to hold space while she had her meltdown. I often get calls from people who just need to talk and a large part of a psychic’s job is to listen to people express their feelings and offer validation.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers? 

The most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with my customers is 100% honesty. I will not lie to them about what the cards say. Sometimes it’s easier just to blow smoke and say what the client wants to hear, but I won’t do it.

I do get people who hate me for the message I receive, but I trust in my higher self and know that most people appreciate my frankness. It’s all about how you deliver the message. And, I’ll never tell someone that there’s no hope.

Should you see something bad in someone’s future, how do you go about dealing with that situation? 

I love this question about if I see something bad in someone’s future.  It links with what I just said above. In my paradigm, the future is a projected energetic imprint of what someone is bringing from the past and what they are currently experiencing.

The future is an extrapolation of past and current trends. When I see something bad in the future, I tell my client what’s going to happen, but I also let them know that they have the power to change the future. They are never powerless. For example, if someone’s wife is about to leave them and their marriage is headed for divorce, I spend time with them discussing what they can do NOW to avoid this outcome.

The cards help with that too by showing the consequences of different choices; or showing where the block or conflict lies.  We move forward with the reading with the goal of change.

Do you think everything happens for a reason, and if so, why and how? 

I am definitely of the mindset that everything happens for a reason.  The cause of “something happening” is often because of our choices. This sounds heartless, but in MoST cases it is true.  If you search deep, you can probably find the source of anything, right?

In addition, in my mind, I believe that we are reincarnated with certain lessons to learn so, yes, sometimes things do happen for the sole reason to learn a specific lesson.  Our greatest heartbreaks, our greatest successes make us who we are today.  When reading for a woman who wants to know why she was born into a family that she does not feel connected to, who are so foreign to her, I do not tell her it happened so she could learn a lesson.

No, because that is not helpful, however, I believe it with all my heart.  I use the cards to show her how she can overcome this obstacle, where she can find her strength, and where her greatest weakness is.

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