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Strengthen, Nourish and Repair your Nervous System with The Untamed Herbalist

Strengthen, Nourish and Repair your Nervous System with The Untamed Herbalist

Amrit-Sadhana Boyd, The Untamed Herbalist is a certified herbalist and licensed holistic health counselor, specializing in shifting your relationship with anxiety.  In this interview, Amrit-Sadhana shares insights into her professional journey and how to integrate Herbalism into our daily lives.

Could you tell us a bit about your journey and when your inspiration for helping and healing others began?

I began my journey with herbalism at a young age. When I was at a really dark place in my life I turned to herbalism as a way to create a moment of peace and joy in my day. I started putting functional herbs in my coffee. My desire to help others in their healing started from a deep desire to heal myself. I realized that if I can do it, anyone can. I also know that healing is hard, it’s a journey and we all need as much support and validation as we can get along the way. We do not have to live in pain for the rest of our lives. Healing is possible and I feel my purpose in life is to support those on their path.

Is there a certain area that you specialize in?

Yes, I specialize in helping my clients to heal their nervous system while teaching them nervous system regulation tools so that they can live a life of peace rather than ran by anxiety.

What are some simple ways people can integrate Herbalism into their lives today?

Start to get curious about plant medicine. If there is an herb you are curious about, do research on it. I think that culinary herbs are a great way to get started. Even basil, sage, dill, mint, etc have medicinal properties. If you find that you gravitate towards certain herbs and spices, do some research on the medicinal properties. Integrating functional herbs into you morning beverage is another great way to start. Functional mushrooms are a great place to start as they are generally safe for all. I love Reishi. One of there many amazing actions it has is being a nervine. Nervines help with your nervous system and stress response so it is great for high stress and anxiety. Reishi should be used with caution in individuals taking immunosuppressant, anticoagulant, or antiplatelet medications and should be avoided by individuals with mushroom allergies.

On a personal level, do you have any non-negotiable routines for self-care that you follow?

Absolutely, moving my body every day. Whether that be a heavy lifting day or a 10 minute walk, I like to make sure that I get my circulation flowing and out of my head for at least a few minutes every day. I also do some sort of grounding exercise at least once a day: Meditation, breath work, just taking a few moments to connect with and ground my body to help keep my stress response low.

Lastly, in your opinion, what is one simple thing that we can do for our health and wellbeing?

Learning to live from our bodies. We absolutely need our minds for critical thinking and to make important decisions, but our bodies are just as important and the key to living a balanced and calm life comes from learning to live safely in our bodies. Learning nervous system regulation tools will change your life and change your relationship to stress and anxiety.

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