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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On April 01, 2023

Energetic debris, aura clearings and energy healing with Victoria Alvarado

Energetic debris, aura clearings and energy healing with Victoria Alvarado

Victoria Alvarado is a psychic medium and healer and also an ordained Healing Minister, Energy Healer, Medium, clairvoyant and spiritual counselor. Victoria has a very interesting start in her career and offers services that can help people remove energetic debris and clear auras. Are you interested to know more? Then continue reading this special interview for MysticMag!

When did you discover that your gift could help people and you wanted to pursue that career?

It wasn’t until my late 20’s when I decided to use my gifts to help others there were various components that led up to my career as a psychic medium and healer. For one I was born with my gifts and come from a long line of faith healers, shamans and psychics from both my maternal and paternal side of the family.

It wasn’t until I started seeking out help from tarot readers and given information that gave me false hope and encouraged me to stay in bad relationships, that would never get better, that I promised myself that should I ever pursue such work I would always tell the truth no matter how much it hurts to hear. We all need to be provided with information that will benefit us in the long run and help us grow.

I honestly believe that this really motivated me to learn what my gifts were and enhance my abilities through courses, practice readings and making a strong connection to source.

In your website you mentioned the ability to remove energetic debris? Can you explain that to us?

Energetic debris are accumulated energy that one may have picked up from emotions, attachments, trauma and experiences throughout our lifetime, for instance our energetic blueprint will show what is embedded in your auric field and negatively blocking you.

Be it entities or dark presences, discarnates, psychic cords or hooks, curses, psychic attacks, emotional attachments, etc… there is over 250 items that I search for or well my guides will tell me is in a clients energy field that needs to be cleared

When people reach you, what are their main concerns and complaints?

Well I offer various services ranging from psychic/ intuitive readings where I do not use tools of divination I solely connect to the energy of the client and relay what I sense, hear and see.

Mediumship which is connecting my clients to loved ones on the other side. Rescue mediumship and entity clearings, if there is a trapped spirit either attached to a person or property I cross them over of there is a dark entity or demonic presences in a person’s home or attached to a person my spiritual clearing team and I remove them and send them to the light, house clearings and blessings, business clearings and of course energy clearing

How is your aura clearing process?

My process is to call in and connect to my spiritual clearing team then connecting to my clients energy field and their higher self and then scanning the body and energy for any energetic debris and clearing it out.

Not every session is the same sometimes I have clients that have specific physical ailments such as rashes that won’t go away, issues with nerve pain, covid, organ issues etc… and I send healing light to help the body’s own process of healing itself by giving it a spiritual kick and removing trapped emotions that maybe causing the physical ailment, a person may need to be grounded or chakras are off balanced.

Perhaps a person has witchcraft or under psychic attack, no matter what the issues are I clear them with specific commands, prayers and actually pulling them out the energy field

You have a blog post about in person healing sessions x telephone. Do you believe you can achieve the same results with any of those?

I’ve done both in person and distant healing for over 15 years now and I don’t see a difference because in all actuality I am working on the clients energy field and I’m doing multidimensional clearing work, I honestly believe that it’s really the client’s preference some rather see me in person and others opt for phone because of convenience but it’s all still the same.

It’s funny but I do recall a client asking me how can I remove a curse from them over the phone and my reply was were you standing in front of the person while they cursed you they stated no ma’am, my reply well there you go. It’s all about the connection and how strong the healers abilities are to do the clearing

Do you have a session that you always remember when you have to think about your journey?

All my sessions are unique, none are ever the same but the ones that really make me smile are the ones that had physical ailments that have contacted me to tell me how I helped them.

One that comes to mind is a woman who had nerve pain in her foot and leg for 2 years nothing worked to heal it then she came in for an energy clearing and I automatically pinpointed what was causing the nerve pain and cleared it a week later she came in to see me to tell me that it just went away after the clearing and that I had healed her. And a gentleman that came in the office for an in person session he had really dark inflamed rashes on his arms legs and face from an allergic reaction to medication after the clearing the dark red splotches were a light pink color that he noticed right away and so did his wife they couldn’t believe their eyes how in just one hour that the energy clearing I conducted had such results.

Even though I also do dark entity clearing, those I don’t like to talk about much because it’s a scary experience, but it still makes me feel good to see family’s, children and people being tormented by them find relief and peace once cleared. So I believe it’s really about how I see results from the clearing sessions and all the happy faces afterwards or stories from clients of how I helped them.

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