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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On April 01, 2023

Animal communication and Spiritual Response Therapy with Victoria Glod

Animal communication and Spiritual Response Therapy with Victoria Glod

This week Mystic Mag talked with Victoria Glod, an animal communicator specialized in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). Victoria explained what she can do on a communication session and what happens in one and how she discovered her gift. Check out our interview!

Please tell us about your history. How did you discover your gift?

I love sharing this story so we will go back to 2003. Feeling very frustrated and bored with my job I had a talk with the Universe about finding soulful and passionate work.

One evening I walked out the office door and several feet away a man looks right into my eyes and says, “I’ve got an injured bird wrapped in my shirt.” He looked like a homeless man but I knew he was not that, but a messenger replying to my prayer. I love animals and was not going to leave an injured bird. After a long search to find a bird rescue I eventually discovered the bird had been poisoned.

As my journey unfolded I looked at the web site of an animal communicator and I realized that was exactly what I wanted to do. I studied with Carol Gurney in California and then started practicing on the pets of the people I worked with. The more we practice the easier it gets. It is all telepathic and fascinating,

This gradually grew into a business, and I came to realize that many animals have issues to deal with especially when there is a history of trauma. I eventually studied Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). It is an amazing process because it clears our subconscious and what is blocking us in life. I have even used SRT to clear PTSD from a veteran.

I love being able to connect with an animal who is in the end of life transition. We can ask if they are ready and what they are willing to go through. It can also be very helpful to connect with an animal who has transitioned, especially when the Pet Parent is not prepared for the loss and it happens quickly.

Right now I am in the process of writing a book on the death and dying of a beloved pet. It has been an honor to have so many amazing Pet Parents and their pets that I have been able to help with this process.

What is SRT?

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a soul clearing process. I work with Spirit when doing this, and it is done with a set of charts and a pendulum. We clear the root causes of the issues the person is presenting with. I like to think of it as working on becoming a better version of us. Much of what I’d like to change in my life can be worked out through SRT. It has been like a miracle many times.

I started doing a lot of SRT sessions with friends and getting good feedback. I initially found it a great way to heal traumatized animals, and even though I’ve done it at times, there are so many other ways to help them. For example, flower essences can be used for numerous issues, including grief, aggression, and post traumatic stress.

What flower essences do you often use?

Initially, I used the Bach flower essences because I took a class on them. Somewhere along the line I found a place in Tucson, Arizona called Desert Alchemy. I’ve seen some amazing successes with these also. I particularly like the one that helps with PTSD. They have essences for both animals and people.

I was working with a lady once who adopted two cats that had become friends in the shelter. One of them was OK about 70% of the time. But it would suddenly lash out and scratch somebody and draw blood. So, we got him on some flower essences, and it became better, but it wasn’t 100%. That’s when I recommended Desert Alchemy and we switched to two essences, including the one for PTSD and another for aggression. The cat turned into an absolute lover.

What problems do you believe can be worked out with a communication session?

Besides the challenges already mentioned I receive a lot of calls with behavioral problems in pets. The behavior might be caused by the animal’s history of trauma, for instance when they get abandoned and then are adopted. They can have other behaviors like getting very anxious when the person leaves.

We find what the core issue of the animal is, and often I recommend flower essences because they work on many things. Just like people, animals can often grieve when one of their friends crosses over. We can assist them with a specific essence for grief.

What is universal white time healing?

I studied this a number of years ago, but presently I use it only as a distance healing. One day one of my cats was not feeling good and I sent two long distance healing sessions with my hands. My kitty Bo had a radical personality change. He had been very skittish and would hide when people came to my house. He became a lover after the healing. It was not intentional but it was amazing nonetheless.

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