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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On April 01, 2023

Crystal Surgery and the importance of the word yes with Vivien Schapera

Crystal Surgery and the importance of the word yes with Vivien Schapera

Teacher and healer with more then three decades of experience, Vivien Schapera works with crystals and offers courses using that instrument. In this interview Vivien tells more about ther story and what is Crystal Surgery, something she researched and developed over the years. Check out our talk below.

Please present yourself to our audience.

My name is Vivien Schapera and I’m a teacher, healer and author from Cape Town, South Africa, now living in Cincinnati, OH, USA. You can reach me, and my courses at

My personal contribution to our beautiful planet is that I’ve developed a new Crystal Healing sub-modality called “Crystal Surgery.” I use crystals as tools to operate on the etheric tissue of the energy field and energy body. With crystals, I can do both precise, micro surgery as well as the more regularly understood adjustments like chakra balancing.

I’ve spent 25 years researching Crystal Surgery, making sure that anyone who uses the correct tools, in the correct way, will get the same consistent results as I do. I was equipped to do such research, because I trained in Psychology in the 1970’s, when we were trying to prove that Psychology is a science and the scientific method got pushed down our throats. I hated it at the time, but it turned out to be a very useful training. Now, I train others to become practitioners of Crystal Surgery, as well as Crystal Healing. Currently the training is online and people from all over the world are participating.

Crystal Surgery works well on all three layers – Body, Mind and Spirit – but I’ve personally been particularly interested in the physiological effects of Crystal Healing because that’s where we can really test whether what we are doing is working – we get visible and measurable results.

Talking about Body, Mind and Spirit, I think it’s important to point out that there is a paradox. Though there is no separation between body, mind and spirit, these are different layers that must coordinate together. I can say, humbly, that because of all the different kinds of training I’ve done, I have become an expert in the body-mind-spirit dynamic, although, even more humbly, I can say that the more I learn, the more I apprehend the vastness of what I don’t know.

How do you find a balance between Psychology and your alternative method?

When I was studying Psychology, there were only the beginnings of Bodywork – like Rolfing, for example – but still I had a fascination for the body’s role in our psyche. Then, I found out about the Alexander Technique, which is also a psychophysical technique. “Psychophysical” means that it does not separate body and mind. In the Alexander Technique we train people to change their neural pathways of movement, thinking and behavior, and we literally give them a new experience of themselves via hands-on guidance and kinesthetic training, which means we take them through the new movements – like learning to play the piano or riding a bicycle.

I went from Psychology to the Alexander Technique, and then via the Alexander Technique I discovered “energy” and Energy Healing. I was giving so many one-on-one Alexander Technique lessons that I was immersed in information about human energy, in a manner that couldn’t have happened any other way. It was an immersion training from giving so many in-person sessions.

That’s how I got in touch with human energy dynamics and with how the energy field works. Later, I also became familiar with the energy body, which is like the battery of the physical body. The mind is the bridging layer between body and spirit, so Psychology or “the Psyche” or the “Mental aspect” forms the bridge between the Physical and the Spiritual. Instead of saying body, mind and spirit, we can equally say: Physical, Mental and Energetic, and we are referencing the same three layers albeit with different words. Using different words is very helpful, because it can expand our understanding and provide additional insights.

Talking about words, and insights, I want to add that I’ve been very fortunate, because I have been blessed with a very clear communication with the spirit dimension and spirit guides. They have helped me discover and download Crystal Surgery, helping me in many, many practical ways to learn, teach and write about it. I ask them questions, and they give me answers with visions on my mind screen, as well as words, explanations, and instructions.

What do crystals offer that you can’t find anywhere else?

Crystals are very special in many different ways. Look how popular they are! And how we attribute value to gem stones – all across the world. Why? This is not an easy question to answer.

For me, crystals are many things. In Crystal Surgery they are tools, like a chef’s knives. Imagine you are a chef and have a very special knife that delivers exactly the right ingredients, including the seasoning, to get the cooking taste and texture you specifically want. The crystal is a tool, like a knife, that also has the chemistry of what you want in it. Crystals have a perfect delivery method!

The benefit of Crystal Surgery is that you utilize every aspect – the shape of the tool, its inherent nature, its color and very importantly, the physical and chemical properties. The electromagnetism of crystals is also important. The most electrical crystal is Black Tourmaline, but all crystals have this electrical aspect, responding to pressure and heat.

Another important aspect of crystals, is their intelligence. I see crystals as brains without arms and legs. We, as people, have to provide the crystals with arms and legs. In a way, the original digital devices of the Universe are crystals, however, in addition, they do have an intelligence of their own, unlike our digital devices that have nothing without their software programs. I’m pretty sure that crystals have innate intelligence, because they talk to me – I can’t explain it – but they do talk to me!

How does your typical session work? What is your process?

I generally give a one-hour session, which I can do either in-person or remotely. We can do this healing work remotely, because we are working on the etheric energies and we can connect energetically very efficiently via the Ether. Whether we are wanting to adjust the physical, mental or energetic layer, we are still always connecting etherically, working directly on the energy field and energy body, from where the adjustments translate into physical and mental changes as well.

In a session with me, you get to lie on the table, and I take care of you. It’s very comfortable and soothing. I’ve been doing this work for 40 years, so I have a lot of practice! It’s not a massage, but I can infuse the crystal energy directly into the body, so it feels like a massage. Sometimes I work off the body, in the energy field, and sometimes I am using my hands or the crystals to touch the physical body. Some of the time I talk, or converse, and much of the time I go into a meditative zone, where I can see and feel other energies and other vibrational frequencies.

I work with intention and my goal is to ensure that people get exactly what they need on that particular day. I guarantee that people will feel completely different from before, after an hour, and that they will feel positive.

Even in the remote session, people feel and experience all these same benefits. There are four distinct phases to a healing session with me: Calming, Clearing (Detoxing), Healing and Energizing.

Please share a special message with us.

The significant message that came forward for me during the pandemic was the importance of the word “Yes” and its profound effect on the nervous system.

During the pandemic, I needed to find what I could say “Yes” to because the pandemic was full of “No.” It was scary dealing with the unknown and very harsh on the nervous system. The pandemic is a war, and unfortunately, instead of Human vs Virus, we’ve got a sad situation where people, triggered by the virus, are fighting with each other.

We can’t control other people, but what we can do is stop the fighting inside ourselves, and find a way for bringing the different parts of ourselves into agreement. There are different ways to talk about these internal divisions. We have already talked about body/mind/spirit, but there is also inner self, conscious self and higher self, for example. It doesn’t matter how we label these different aspects – what’s important is that we recognize that we have different aspects that can fight with each other causing indecisiveness, inner conflict and turmoil.

Because these different aspects of self are not necessarily in agreement with each other, it is important to find a point of agreement between them. That is the beginning, the “Yes” which brings Body, Mind and Spirit into alignment. Being in alignment makes us a lot more powerful than when in conflict. You can’t really choose a path forward without first coming into an agreement with yourself.

This is my message: Look for your “Yes.” It’s not a true “Yes” if it makes you shrink away or feel frightened. A true “yes” is very invigorating, very inspiring, very helpful. Find your “Yes” that aligns the different aspects of yourself. Feel the relief as it pervades your body, and feel the surge of energy it provides as you move into constructive, forward momentum.

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