Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On September 24, 2021

Past life regressions, spiritual journey and empathy with Wendy Williams

Past life regressions, spiritual journey and empathy with Wendy Williams

Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Wendy Williams, a Past Life Adventure Guide Energy Healer based in the United States. The conversation touched in several subjects, like near-death experiences, spiritual journey, being kind with one another. Check out our talk!

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Hello, I’m Wendy Rose Williams — a past life adventure guide. I love to help people release energy that does not serve them any more. Stuck energy often presents as pain, anxiety, or depression. It’s wonderful when we can get that released during a session or sessions together, and then people feel healthier, happier and more in tune with their life purpose.

How did your two near-death experiences influence your spiritual journey?

Both near-death experiences occurred when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter back in August of 1997. They really showed me that angels existed and that I was unconditionally loved and supported. Regardless of whether you relate to the idea of angels or not, just to feel that unconditional love was a game-changer for me!

During the NDEs, I also learned that I was not living my life purpose. This concerned me a lot because I was 36 years old at the time and really cared about living my purpose. That was the beginning of a tremendous journey.

Did you observe an increase in depression and anxiety complaints due to the pandemic last year? If so, how could you help with those conditions?

It’s like we have been in this big time out for a year and a half, which invited people to go within and do some of their own work. COVID also forced families and even some friends to live in much tighter quarters togehter– it became a “long temporary”.

It was an opportunity to work things out. People were suddenly working from home and trying to homeschool. Homes were very busy. Some of my clients would go out and be in their car, parked in a quiet, private place to do sessions with me via Zoom.

What a lot of people find is that anxiety and depression can be surprisingly deeply rooted. We just gently find and then release that energy and emotions via hypnotherapy. The issue can be something you do not recall. It could go back as far as being 6 months old and crying in your crib and no one is responding, for instance, or it may be in a past life.

Finding the moment of origin and being able to say to the person that ‘that was then, and this is now’ can allow for an amazing release! Depression and anxiety can be two sides of the same coin. Unfortunately, some people struggle with both. I do think that they are examples of not being fully present, not being nicely grounded in our body and there are techniques to help with these challenges.

What do people seek with past life regressions? Also, tell us about a memorable regression session of yours.

People seek sessions for a lot of reasons. It might be to improve or change something in their present life, or to resolve physical or emotional pain. Often people are trying to figure out their life purpose or to determine what they should be doing to boost or bring change to their careers or to better understand and improve their relationships.

I also work with a lot of authors, who‘d like to figure out their processes. I love working with authors, because I was a very stuck author myself trying to figure out how to get the first book done.

Regressions help people connect to their higher self – which you can think of as your soul or your subconscious, depending on your belief system. Just getting that beautiful intuition to flow out of us, because we do know the answers, but it is just a matter of accessing that inner knowing.

The most compelling sessions I’ve seen have been the physical healing sessions. Sometimes people ask for surrogate healings for family members or for their beloved pets. To see these types of healings can be just incredible! It is also amazing to see the breakthroughs people can have financially, after we have figured out their block or blocks, and released the issues or fear.

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I’d like to encourage people let’s do our best to be kind to one another. We are not walking in someone else’s shoes and don’t know what they’re experiencing. Let’s just try to release that judgment and be in that place of love. Being able to feel as peaceful as we can with who we are makes an incredible difference because we then radiate that to others. Peace on the planet begins within.

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