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Quantum And Multidimensional Healing With Wendy Luk

Quantum And Multidimensional Healing With Wendy Luk

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Wendy Luk – a renowned Intuitive Spiritual Healer. We learned more about her beginnings, Quantum and Intuitive Healing sessions, and what she loves most about her profession.

When did you first realize you have a healing gift and how did it come about?

Like many awakening journeys, mine began with a dark night of the soul. Everything in my life seemed to fall apart at once—my relationship ended badly, I got laid off from my job, and I was struggling with insomnia and depression. Seeking peace from the chaos in my life and relief from my insomnia, I took some group meditation classes. It was there that I learned of an energy healing course and was immediately intrigued. I signed up for the class, and just like that, I discovered my natural gift in healing and passion for helping others!

It was so natural for me that I felt I had done this before. Along the way, I also awakened the intuition I had shut down a long time ago. Since then I continue to learn many types of healing modalities, metaphysics, spiritual practices, and much more. I am so grateful to express beyond my healing gift with Light Language and the ability to connect with Star Family for others. It is my honor to follow my Soul mission to empower fellow Lightworkers and Starseeds to activate their missions on Earth.

What is the most popular type of reading that customers are looking for? What are the most common concerns that interest them?

Unresolved emotional trauma and mental beliefs. Clients have deeply invested in spiritual development and growth to work on the issue but are not yet able to reach their goals. They want to clear and understand what are the underlying resistance and hidden patterns behind the issue.

Most common concerns that interest people are having clarity and directions. Somehow they feel there’s something missing in their life that they cannot put their finger on. Or they have been working on healing some areas but still persist. It is important to dig deep into their subconscious and shed light on what’s there. What is hidden must come to the surface in order for it to be acknowledged.

“Quantum” is a word we often hear in documentaries about physics – how would you describe “quantum healing”?

Traditional healing whether physical or energy healing works on a linear one area/issue at a time in a symptom/solution way.

Quantum healing addresses the root cause of the issues which can be from past lives, karmic ties, ancestors’ influence, ​inner child, ​soul lessons, timelines, dimensions, and beyond. It works on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels all at once. The root cause can be non-local and exist completely outside of our perceived reality. Past life trauma is the perfect example of the quantum nature of unconscious influence. Your past lives hold some of the deepest hurt that affects you from lifetime to lifetime.

It is a co-creative process in which you take responsibility to create your own healing events. You are just as much a part of the process as any practitioner who you’ve chosen to assist you. It is a nonlinear experience where some people can experience “ quantum leap” and “a-ha” moments.

What is Intuitive Multidimensional Healing, and what does one of your healing sessions look like?

The intuitive part is where I connect to the client’s Higher Self, Akashic Record, and Divine Source for directions on working on the issue. I use majority clairsentience and claircognizance to connect a further understanding of the root causes to move forward.

Multidimensional healing is where I address the healing at the physical and non-physical plane, this lifetime or other lifetime, your soul consciousness or collective consciousness at the same time regardless of the issue’s origin. It’s about gaining understanding, healing, and taking aligned actions for transformation.

Before the session, you will fill in a form to tell me the issues you want to work on. You will answer some questions where I get to know you better. It would allow me to tune in the energy before our connection. You will have an instruction to learn about Muscle testing from my web which we will use in the session.

We do the session remotely on the phone, Facebook messenger, or Skype with audio-only.

I ask your permission to connect with your energy field and Higher Self. Each session I include an Aura Reading and cleanse with Chakra balance.

  • We work on the highest priority issues to focus on and clear
  • I connect to your higher self and call up all the original causes related to that. It may come with messages.
  • Then I follow some protocols needed for healing and download the highest frequencies possible to assist the situation.
  • You will feel this very strongly if you are sensitive to energy
  • Then once that particular issue is cleared, we move on to the next one
  • We can typically clear multiple areas in one session, then your higher self will tell me it is time for you to integrate

Are some sessions that you perform more demanding or difficult than others?

All sessions’ nature is quite the same for me to prepare. I connect with my clients and my Higher Self in session.

Sometimes it can be more than meets the eyes when working with a new client or new issue with existing clients. It may seem to be a “simple” issue that can have more layers involved than expected. As a result, we may need more sessions to have a deep cleaning in all levels of consciousness.

Also, some situations can be more difficult than others if other people’s energies are involved such as an ongoing toxic relationship, unsupportive people around them, and constant psychic attacks.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

Having an understanding of spiritual and personal growth would be a mutual foundation to work together. Ideally, it’s been several years since clients’ spiritual awakening and since that time, they’ve been studying a variety of spiritual teachings and modalities. Someone who engaged in therapy and/or healing to address inner wounds, unhealthy patterning, and their shadow. They strive to be self-reflective when triggered.

The foundation intention of my services is transformation – The process of empowerment. I love to encourage people that they have all the power and answers within them. My role is a messenger from Higher Self and Divine Source to support their growth as they step into their magnificent being.

What do you love most about your profession?

  • Priceless heartwarming experience to witness growth and transformation. To know their years or lifetimes of blockages release with our time together.
  • I learn so much spiritual growth and wisdom from client’s life journeys and past life journeys. It really makes me humble and grateful to be part of the process.
  • It is so much fun to go on an intergalactic journey and do Akashic Record reading with clients.
  • It is always something new with each interaction. I love to feel the powerful energy after the session. I love the warm fuzzing energy around me.
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