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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On April 01, 2023

Medical Astrology and Music with William Morris (MedAstro)

Medical Astrology and Music with William Morris (MedAstro)

William Morris has more than 40 years of experience and 40,000 consultations practicing acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, and astrology. With a process primarily client-centered, William takes his time observing the conditions of the client before making recommendations for relocation purposes, dietary changes, other Lifestyle Changes, herbs, homeopathy, and sound healing processes.

In this interview for MysticMag, William shared with us his story with music, his Medical Astrology course, his book and much more. Check it out!

Your interest in Astrology is decades old, and I’ve found the connection you made with music very interesting. Can you explain that to our readers?

While on the road in a jazz band, I started practicing astrology, doing my first consultation in 1977. In 1979, I studied voice healing with Chava Lassun in Santa Monica, whereby vowels and consonants are moved through the body, vibrating each chakra on a physical level.

Leaving the road, I began directing my musical energies toward healing, and astrology was like a natural fit. That fit takes place in the correlation between the 12th signs and houses and the 12 musical keys of the well-tempered musical system of the West. In addition, there are seven church modes. Modes correlate with the seven primary planets, which rule the days of the week the Sun for Sunday, the Moon for Monday, Mars for Tuesday, Mercury for Wednesday, Jupiter for Thursday, Venus for Friday, and Saturn for Saturday. These are fundamentals. The history of esoteric practices and music has breadth and depth.

One method that I often use is to take the average orbital speed of the planet and multiply it until it enters the audible frequency range. It is the method by which Hans Coustou created the planetary frequencies and formed the Acutonics ® tools and teaching, with which we teach and practice.

With more than 40,000 consultations made, what are the significant changes you made in all those years when meeting someone new? And what has not changed at all?

What has not changed is the use of sound healing, homeopathy, astrology, and herbs are all constant. In the last ten years, I’ve increasingly used more mantras for people to do their work. I have also developed tools for people to treat themselves using planetary frequencies. I have moved from hands-on therapeutics, and acupuncture aspects centered on procedures to consultation.

One of the most significant changes that have taken place in my practice is a move to a very secluded rural area of British Columbia which resulted in doing the work online. It allowed me to see the astounding depth of the work when using a more individual and deeply spiritual focus. It fit my vision compared to a practice with multiple rooms running simultaneously, which was frankly too much. I am grateful for the wisdom, insight, and experiences I gained from those years. Irreplaceable at this time, my focus is on greater depth and focus with an individual to attain certain pools of that individual within the interaction process.

How is your process with a new client? What are you interested in knowing?

My Ph.D. is in transformative inquiry, which forms a foundation. Rather than reading what I see and think, it is person-centered, where I focus on the essential questions that the person has for their life. Then, I attempt to gain depth and resonance with that process to assist them in deciding and refining their experience relative to those decisions.

Even if doing re-locational astrology, I use a humoral assessment. I look at the astrological chart, the tongue, and the eyes to locate areas of coherence between the actual conditions and the nature of the individual.

Can you present your book “Cycles in Medical Astrology” to us? What inspired you to write it?

Cycles in Medical Astrology arose from my clinical experience. Conventional astrological Anatomy didn’t always connect to the client’s presentation. Using the eclipse axis of the Moon provides an uncanny basis for seeing anatomy transmissible to my students without a background in astrology. They can then use the sky map to assist clinical decision-making regarding treatments. The cycle based concept allows for a view into the matters of anatomy and physiology, location and process

Can you explain to us how your Medical Astrology Courses work?

I address the basics of astrology and therapeutic agents. I run three programs one for sound healing based on meridian systems, an herbal course, and one using homeopathy. All three use astrology as a primary tool for deciding on treatment strategies. But it is helpful for advanced practitioners as well.

The course Sky and Substance 1 addresses herbal practice with astrology. It is based on the Renaissance techniques of the Masters Salmon and Culpeper, among others. That late Renaissance period expressed the height of the discipline regarding using the astrological perspective to inform herbal prescribing.

Homeopathy is another area of intersectionality with the astrological view. It starts with the basics of flower essence connections and cell salt connections to the astrological View and then progresses into the more complex homeopathic approaches to care. That course is called Sky and Substance 2.

What is the central lesson that astrology can share with doctors and health professionals?

All medical disciplines have the location, process, and severity in common. The astrological chart is of service within the context of the field of signs which might include lab work or physical examination. The primary advantage of the astrological view for those trained in the subject and trained in medicine is that there’s an additional perspective that can make a difference. We are interested in only that difference which makes the difference because the clinical outcomes are the basis of good decision making.

Do you have a special message for our audience in these challenging times?

A thread of consciousness has been with each of us since the advent of our presence on this planet. Similarly, there has been a stream of consciousness since the birth of humanity on this planet. It is our obligation to refine and heal that which has been with us since the origins of our bloodlines here on this planet and for those who come. We all share in this process as individuals.

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