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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On June 06, 2023

Mediumship and soul contracts with Winter Brook

Mediumship and soul contracts with Winter Brook

The difference between mediumship and psychic readings, what are soul contracts, how to reach skeptics and more. This week we talked with Winter Brook, a psychic medium based in Long Island and we touched all of those subjects. Check it out!

Please present yourself to our audience.

I am a psychic medium from Long Island, in New York, US. I have an office in a small, quaint little town called Northport. Prior to working as a medium, I was an attorney. My abilities re-opened later in life. Although they were wide open as a child, I shut them down and forgot all about them.

When the re-opened, I was thrust into this metaphysical world without understanding what it was and I had to figure out. I became involved with the Long Island spiritualist churches and began to study at places like the Omega Institute and the Arthur Findlay College, in the UK.

In addition to my own studies, to continue to grow, I also teach mediumship and psychic development both from my office and from Zoom to clients from all over the world. I am teaching at Lily Dale at the end of the month – it is the largest spiritualist community in the US.
I’ve been hired by municipalities to teach mediumship to their residents. One of the local townships wanted to run enrichment courses, so they hired me first to teach psychic development and then mediumship.

I worked with my own local township and ran meditation programs in their wellness programs. I have lectured at colleges, metaphysical centers, Spiritualist churches and well over 50 libraries on Long Island. I love the libraries because people feel very comfortable going to a library presentation.

I imagine there’s a diverse public in such events. Do you reach a lot of skeptics?

Yes, particularly in the library programs. They may have watched mediums on television but around half of them have never seen a medium work in person. But honestly: everyone is very polite, even the skeptics.

How do you manage to reach out with your message in demonstrations?

The way I work spirit is the one that organizes who is going to come through. I demonstrate different styles because the purpose of the program is to expose them to different ways mediums work. The hope is that they will be interested in getting a private reading from a medium and be a better sitter because they understand the process.

It is interesting because sometimes, if I am in an event in which audiences are accustomed to watching mediums work, I get more “grabers” – somebody who just wants to make it fit, because they want the message. You don’t run too much into that in libraries.

What are the differences between the psychic and mediumship readings?

I tell my students that there’s no strict delineation between these two readings. But a simple explanation is that psychic readings rely on reading the energy fields around the person, which concern Earth issues such as love, career, future and others.

Mediumship is connecting with incarnates: dead people or animals, also angels and any entity that is no longer in the physical being.

Evidential mediumship consists in using pieces of information that are evidential in identifying the Spirit communicator.
Sometimes there is a blending of psychic and mediumship: you could get a Spirit communicator coming through with psychic information, for instance.

You use the term “soul contract” on your website. What is that?

Soul contracts are agreements between two souls before they incarnate about how they want to interact with each other in that life. I believe in reincarnation, so I believe we come back and play different roles with souls we have incarnated with before.

For example, two souls could agree to be husband and wife to teach each other lessons. They could agree the lesson for the soul choosing to be the wife is to learn a greater capacity for forgiveness. The soul who is the husband might cheat on her there by setting up a scenario where she could choose forgiveness of the betrayal. The soul choosing to be the husband may want to learn greater mastery over self and thus to keep his wife he needs to learn to control his behavior.

Can you share with us a reading that remained with you?

A lot of readings have touched me in my heart, it truly is a gift to be a part of something so beautiful as uniting loved ones across the veil. But there was one in particular that really moved me. I was contacted by a lady who wanted to bring her friend in for a reading. The friend was dying of cancer. This friend had never been interested in psychics, mediums or the afterlife. It was getting towards the end of her life and the dying woman was very fearful about what was going to happen after she passed.

We had a lovely reading. I brought through her parents and some loved ones, and ended up doing some healing on her. She felt the energy and it alleviated some pain she was experiencing. She didn’t seem to be enthusiastic though with the messages and communicators coming through. She remained very stoic looking. They left and five weeks later her friend wrote to me that the woman had passed.

The friend further informed me that when they got into the car to leave my office, the dying woman was a lot more enthusiastic about her experience. She said that the reading and hearing from her loved ones in spirit really helped ease the fear she was experiencing about her own impending death. The friend said her friend had a whole different demeanor after the reading because something just “flipped a switch” It brought her the peace she needed in her last weeks of life.

Please share with us a message for our readers in these challenging times.

My advice to everybody should be to slow down, take a breath and not let the fear of illness and uncertainties overtake us. We, as Humanity, have experienced chaos and difficulties in the past and have survived as a species, and I know we shall survive this.

Things may take longer but stay positive and put the prayers out there that what needs to be done will be done. If you are going through a challenge, you can choose to be upset and fearful about it or choose to put your faith in the high powers. Take one day at the time this too shall pass, however difficult or tragic it is.

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