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Written by Benjamin Lee | Updated On December 03, 2022

Is He Coming Back? 7 Ways to Tell

Is He Coming Back? 7 Ways to Tell

Relationships are one of the most beautiful, yet simultaneously, challenging parts of life to get a handle on. While it’s completely normal to kiss many frogs until you find your prince, there may have been that one special guy that made you feel like no one else did, but for some reason or the other, things didn’t end very well.

There are many reasons why relationships end, but sometimes the demise of a special bond might leave you feeling like things have come to a close prematurely. Maybe you were perfect for each other but the timing wasn’t right, or maybe distance got in the way.

Whatever the reason might be, having a huge question mark looming over the relationship will inevitably cause you deep pain and potentially make you miserable until you get closure – whether it’s a happy or a sad ending.

Despite this pressing need for finality, no one wants to open an old wound if there is a chance it will cause them more heartache. This is why it’s helpful to reflect on the relationship and identify signs that could indicate he might come back.

Once you’ve looked over the signs, you should be able to get a pretty decent idea of whether there is hope for reconciliation. But, if things still feel unclear, it would be helpful to speak to a professional psychic on Keen – plus, your first 3 minutes are free.  

Is He Coming Back: Signs to Look Out For

1. Your Parting was Respectful and Amicable

If you both were able to let the relationship end gracefully without letting things become toxic and ugly, there’s a good chance that there is enough respect left between the two of you for reconciliation to occur.

2. Contact Hasn’t Stopped After the Breakup

If you still call each other once in a while or send each other random texts when something reminds you of the other person, this is a sign that you are still present in each other’s minds and a big part of each other’s worlds. It’s an even bigger bonus if you still see each other platonically.

3. There are Signs He’s Still Thinking About You

If you catch him liking your older social media posts or he hasn’t fully deleted the signs of your relationship from his own social media, this is a huge indicator that he’s not over you yet and might still want to work things out.

4. He Hasn’t Started Seeing Someone New

If he’s started seeing someone soon after the breakup, it’s a sign that he was emotionally checked out long before the breakup actually happened. So, if he’s still single after a few months it’s a sign that he isn’t ready to emotionally commit to someone else yet – probably because he has residual feelings for you!

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5. He Still Keeps in Touch with People You Know

If he still wants you to hear about him or have people you both know talk about him to you, he’ll be making an effort to maintain friendships with mutual acquaintances. This way, there’s always a chance his name will come up in their conversations with you.

6. He Calls or Texts You When He is Intoxicated

Drunk dialing is real. If you’re getting the “I miss you,” texts and calls when he’s not sober, this is one of the most telling signs that he has regret that your relationship has ended.

7. Your Breakup Was Out of Your Control

If your breakup was caused by external factors, like distance, or other people’s influence on the relationship, it’s likely that you both feel you have unfinished business. It’s possible that you were both happy together at the time, but there were things that were out of your control that caused the relationship to fall apart. If you both find a way to move past these setbacks, you’ll most likely be able to successfully rekindle the relationship.

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1. Linda Bloom

Linda Bloom

Linda Bloom is a gifted love specialist whose talents have even gotten her airtime on live radio. She can use her talents as a medium and channeller, aided with tarot cards, to give you a clear indication of whether your relationship with your ex can be rekindled.

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2. Manifest Love with Lynn

Manifest Love with Lynn

Lynn is quite possibly Keen’s top love specialist, having over three decades of experience in the niche and having performed thousands of readings in her short time on the site. She is trusted and loved by her customers, who have regular sessions with her because of her uncanny ability to guide them on their love lives.

Lynn is a fourth-generation, natural-born empath and intuitive. She reads the energy that surrounds you to give you guidance directly from the universe. She also makes use of tarot and affirmations to facilitate her readings.

3. Advisor Alisha

Advisor Alisha

Alisha is blessed with the uncommon skill of remote viewing, which she can make use of to let you know whether it’s possible to reunite with your ex. She is a complete relationship expert, specializing in love & relationships, breakups & divorce, and even infidelity.

Alisha draws on her personal experience and her natural talents to give you solid advice and help you devise a plan of action that you can easily implement in your own life.

4. Maiden of Wisdom

Maiden of Wisdom

Maiden of Wisdom is well-versed in all things relationships, even commitment phobias. She is strongly anti-fluff, so you can be sure that she’ll use her time with you sparingly to give you accurate and honest guidance on whether your ex is coming back.

Maiden of Wisdom is a gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. She uses these talents together with her skills in tarot and astrology to perform supernaturally-charged readings.

5. Esther Neptune

Esther Neptune

Esther combines her gifts as a clairaudient, clairsentient, and empath with her abilities in the arts of tarot, western astrology, and chakras, to give you no-nonsense, insightful readings on your love life. She can easily guide you on whether your relationship with your ex was the right one for you by using her natural intuition.

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Bottom Line

The fact that you and your ex have gone your separate ways does not necessarily mean that the light of your relationship has died out. If there are clear signs that he is still holding onto what you had together, it might be time to give him a call.

If you aren’t certain, or simply aren’t brave enough to take that step without clear guidance, a psychic on Keen can really help you work through the emotions you’re experiencing and help you figure out what the best plan of action would be.

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