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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On December 03, 2022

Is PsychicOz a Trustworthy Psychic Reading Site?

Is PsychicOz a Trustworthy Psychic Reading Site?

With dozens of psychic sites to choose from, you’re probably wondering how PsychicOz compares. It’s normal to feel wary when trying a new site since you have no first-hand experience of the quality of the readings it offers, nor how stringently its psychics have been screened.

I’ve removed the question mark from the equation and taken a thorough look into the site’s reliability, so you can have peace of mind when signing up for your first psychic reading.

Is PsychicOz Trustworthy?

PsychicOz has been around since 1989, which indicates that it has built a strong customer base.

The site boasts of its highly-trained customer service department that  goes out of its way to address all questions and concerns, ensuring visitors have the best possible experience.

There are dozens of top-rated psychics, all with 4-5 star ratings and loads of positive reviews.

Customers have raved that some psychics on the site are “pricelessly insightful” and “super accurate”. This means that of all the psychics on the site, it should be relatively simple to connect with a gifted advisor who fits your needs.

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PsychicOz Refund Policy

One of the best ways for a psychic site to instill confidence in its readings is through a 100% satisfaction guarantee – and PsychicOz is no different. If you aren’t completely happy with the quality of your reading, you have the option to contact the site’s customer service department within 24 hours of the reading taking place.

A customer service representative will then offer you a choice between a replacement reading, or up to 20 minutes credited back to your account. It should be noted that the request can only be made for the very last reading you’ve had on PsychicOz.

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PsychicOz Psychic Screening Process

PsychicOz doesn’t offer clear information on exactly how its psychics are screened, but it does assure customers that qualifying criteria include “accuracy, professionalism, compassion and the desire to help you”. However, the site makes it abundantly clear that the developers are aware of the fraud in the industry, and are determined to rise above the standard that is currently on offer.

“We believe in our community of professional, genuine psychics and we stand behind the readings they deliver.” This quote is just one of the many points on the site where the promise of quality is reiterated.

Bottom Line

In my experience as a regular psychic reading customer, any site that goes above and beyond to promise quality and has an airtight money-back guarantee is worth your time and money.

PsychicOz has great introductory packages, low rates, and your first 3 minutes are free, so why not find a psychic to help you answer life’s big questions.

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