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Encounters with an Evidential Medium

Encounters with an Evidential Medium

J.Marie, Evidential Medium, Psychic and Reader of Past Lives, shares some of her life experiences, viewpoints and ‘tricks of the trade’ with MysticMag. 

When we speak of ‘death’, what does this mean to you?

I used to think of death as an ending to something, and it would trigger feelings of anxiety and discomfort within me. Now when I think of death, I think of it more as something which gives us hope and as a sign that there is something more after we pass. I think death is something that should be celebrated, which I don’t think many people do. I feel that leaving ‘this world’ should be celebrated as much as entering it. I now look at death in such a broader spectrum and know that there is so much after that so many people are unaware of.

Cemeteries bring you a sense of peace. Can you explain?

Cemeteries are my safe place. I feel rejuvenated and recharged when I go there. I might visit one on a day that I’m feeling sad and come out smiling. Most of the time, it is my quietest place, and actually, strangely enough, I have only ever had one meeting with a spirit in a cemetery. Usually there is still, calm and quiet for me, contrary to what people may think. 

What services do you offer and which one brings you more gratification generally speaking?

I offer mediumship, psychism and past life readings.

I do past life readings differently to most others in the sense that I don’t do all the work. I make my client walk through the ‘space’ so that we both see the same things at the same time which brings validity to the event. My client is in more of a meditative state, I take notes of what I see, and afterwards we converse. This really allows the client to see that they were with Spirit. It is important to know that I only see past lives that are affecting this one, the ones with hurdles that still need to be overcome. 

I offer psychism which involves connecting with your loved ones and your guides and here, we work more on a physical plane; love life, career, family, health, looking for direction. Again we always try to find where the glitches are so as to bring the healing in, so we can continue moving forwards.

Lastly, I do mediumship, which involves connecting with your loved ones who have passed. 

They all resonate with me, and I struggle to say if there is one modality that I prefer. 

What can one expect from a session with you and how do you connect with those on the other side?

I start with a prayer. I usually sit down with a person and first ask them if they want to connect with loved ones or ask questions concerning the physical plane. Whether you are unsure, or whether you want a little of both, or one or the other is absolutely fine. I then say my prayer which gives permission to my client’s people to step into my energy and for my spirit team to protect me. Then we roll with it…I will then validate whoever comes in, and once I have validation of that person’s loved ones then I really start rolling in with the messages. It is important for me to know that there is always a direct link with my client’s people. 

You lost your mother at a very young age. Do you communicate with her?

Yes I do. I go into meditation, and ask for guidance. I always ask my own guides for validation and evidence too. 

Do you think you would be the person you are today, had you not lost your mother?

I think I would be the same person but I am unsure of whether I would have the same connection with the other side. It’s hard to say. I certainly lost my faith in God for a long time after losing my mother. I credit her for where I am, for guiding me, helping me and just believing in myself more, and believing in the connection with Spirit. I rekindled my faith many years later, and my spirituality and faith now go hand in hand.

Do you find that group sessions are as effective as one on one?

Absolutely, in fact I love working with groups best of all. There is an energy and excitement for me when working with several people at once. I think I love it so much because I get to touch on lots of different variants and get to help more people at one given time. 

I have worked with groups of friends and family, and groups of random strangers. When we get going, Spirit projects where I need to be in the room. I work in a 2-4 seat range. I might go directly to one person and say that I have ‘your father’, for example. Spirit often draws the people needed to the groups so that more messages can be put out there. 

What initial advice do you have for those who have lost a loved one?

It is so important to honor the grieving process. It is okay to be sad, to be happy, to cry, to celebrate the person. Never feel pressured to respond or react in a certain way, as we all have our own journey to follow.

I have helped clients to pass, and I think that was one of the most meaningful connections or experiences I’ve ever had; Bringing the light back to their life before they pass, being there when they transcend and knowing that they have been able to connect with their loved ones, Spirit or God. I know that peace was brought to them and their families before they left. 

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