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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On June 06, 2023

Finding yourself and good energy with Jamie Clark

Finding yourself and good energy with Jamie Clark

Psychic medium and spiritual teacher, author, podcast host… Jamie Clark offers his services and wisdom in many ways and you check in the interview we did with him the passion he puts in what he does.

Please present yourself to our audience. How did you discover to be intuitive?

I grew up with a mom who was an amazing psychic medium. We studied 20 years together, working with mental telepathy, sending and receiving energy information.

I was first activated when I was 5 years old: when walking from the living room into the kitchen, I stopped in my track and a warmth came washing over me. Floating up above the kitchen table off to the left-hand side, at a distance, that’s the first time – my wife and son have created that – that’s exactly what I was seeing (he mentions the card below).

Please present yourself to our audience. How did you discover to be intuitive?

Just sitting there and looking at me, and within a moment this wave of energy just washed over me.

It lasted about 10 seconds and when I came out of it I went to the typewriter and was compelled to write “PS: I was not afraid”, without even understanding it.

My abilities were completely accepted and I was able to be comfortable with them because my whole family used their abilities. That allowed me to thrive and learn to read energy. It was huge.

When did you start receiving clients? How was the experience to start serving people?

It was amazing! I began doing only this professionally the past 22 years. I did 17 years of hospitality here in Phoenix, Arizona, and got to meet many interesting people. A lot of good preparation. And I was able to work on the ability to feel people’s energies.

Making the transition from hospitality to doing my own thing, I had to make a retirement savings plan. I didn’t know how I was supposed to get somebody to pay me for something I’d be doing for free my whole life! My master guide signaled for me to go join a bookstore.

I did the day-to-day psychic readings in the afternoons and the evening time with the hospitality for about six months. Within six months, I was book-solid during the daytime for the readings. It was a very good establishment, which allowed me the comfort in a place to connect to people of like-mindedness in a public setting.

Do you believe you can teach such abilities to anyone? Who can develop it?

This ability is so natural, it’s supernatural. Everyone’s a psychic medium. Do you want to use it? What level do you want to take it to? Our job: to show the best we can, so they can do this for themselves.

I do train people to do that and a number of them are professional psychic mediums now. It’s very cool because I always tell them to be open, but skeptical and question everything. We can give them tools and techniques and let them realize their own abilities in those psychic senses, that, in some ways, they’ve been working their whole lives.

Bringing it up to the surface of consciousness, so that they are consciously connecting and not fearing. We can give them tools and techniques to be very practical but for them to enhance their abilities that have always been there, and I’d love to see them thrive on that because they will find their own ways of connecting.

When you read someone’s energy, what resonates the most with you?

When I am reading for people, I pull information out of the thin air. In a reading, I work with natural laws that exist within this Universe and any natural law is never selective about itself as to who the user of that natural law is. The soil in the ground does not question you in any way and doesn’t question which seed you’re planting – if you’re planting, you must want it to grow.

Here’s how I read for people: every thought you’ve had is a seed you are planting into the cosmic soil. Your attention to those thoughts, to those seeds, is what waters them to grow. Another natural law would be the vibrational match – what you send out comes back, like Karma – and the law of cause and effect: the cause is the thought a person thinks and the effect is the reality she lives.

I can do readings in-person, through the phone or any other channel, but what matters is that I am connecting to an energy field, which is basically the culmination of the thoughts they think, their attention to those thoughts, that create vibrations of information, which I read.

That’s what constitutes personal magnetism, like when you meet someone and think: “Man, I love your energy”. For me, understanding where those people are at, and not judging them, lets me then communicate and talk with them, not just to them. Big difference.

What are the most common problems and obstacles people report in the readings?

Just not allowing themselves to connect with their information, their realization, to begin bringing that into their lives in any way they choose to. People open up their souls to me and when they can see and feel a genuine sincerity, they tend to open up and begin to heal themselves. I’m never the healer, just the facilitator.

For me, it works like this: after finding the problem, I create a solution. In my experience, I realized that the more I’d keep approaching the problem or challenge, the more I’d get similar problems. I asked my master guide how to change it and his response was that if you keep approaching the problem or challenges perceived, you only intensify them. So, he suggested that I understand the challenge and create a solution. Then, through the natural energy, that challenge will vibe in its own way more the solution and less of the problem.

Please share a special message with our readers.

The best thing we can do is to be good to other people, but also keep ourselves included. I’ve realized after so many years that the more love, energy, attention and compassion I give myself, it’s no longer narcissism, but self-realization. I cannot give what I do not have.

And the ability to realize our presence in the world: we’re getting to find ourselves within life and then that life within us will bring you back to the radar screen of life to begin living, and not just existing or surviving.

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