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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On July 01, 2021

Encounters with Yonder - Janet Tarantino

Encounters with Yonder - Janet Tarantino

Janet Tarantino had three NDEs and can now answer the burning questions everyone wants to know! 

Have you ever had a supernatural experience you couldn’t explain? 

This happened to me on several occasions. I kept silent about them not wanting others to think I was crazy. However, God was not accepting my silence and He kept knocking at my door with more unusual experiences until I finally, in frustration, looked up toward heaven and told Him to just tell me what to do.

That night I said a prayer asking God for clarity on what He wanted me to do. I fashioned the prayer in a specific way so that if I didn’t get an answer, I would know a non-answer would be confirmation I didn’t have to do anything. I would know all of the experiences were meant just for me. That night I snuggled into my blanket, fell to sleep not expecting to get an answer, nor was I wanting one so that I wouldn’t have to get out of my comfort zone. 

First, I would like to share a little of my backstory. I grew up in the Christian tradition, but I grew away from the church because I could not fathom an angry God as they often talked about. As I grew into adulthood, I later investigated the spiritual tradition. Now when investigating something I like to look at both Christian and Spiritual points of view.

Due to my background in the Christian faith I usually refer to God as a “He” but the God I met during my third near-death experience (NDE) was a genderless energy of loving bright light. So for my ease of telling my story I prefer referring to God’s energetic form as “He” instead of “It”. “It” seems too unattached when, in essence, we are all one with God and He is eager to be acknowledged in our life.

Also even though God is genderless, He is a supernatural energy that can manifest to us in any way He wants or desires and He is made of the purest untainted love that simply can’t be experienced in this world, but is what we are all embraced with the moment we transfer into eternity.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? 

I have no doubt specific moments are planned before we come to this little blue planet for educational purposes. I know this because God embraced me during my third, most in-depth NDE, and showed me moments of my life and told me: “Understand these moments. They matter.” Some of the moments I recognized from my past, but some I didn’t recognize because they hadn’t happened yet. Now all the films have unfolded and my book is based on my NDEs, the moments I was shown, and what I learned from them that is valid for all of us. Bottom line, my book holds messages God wants everyone to know, and my story shows how God works in our lives every day.

I often get asked if everything is preordained to occur so I’d like to address that secondary question by pointing out that moments are mentioned in Psalms 139:16 (NLT) like this: 

“You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.”

This scripture says “moments” of our life are laid out. It doesn’t say every second of our life is preordained to occur. Every choice we make can take us down a different pathway but the learning moments will occur no matter what direction we take. However, our lesson may be more difficult on one pathway versus another, yet we have free will to make our own choices about the roadway we choose.

Our choices and pathways remind me of another Bible passage that says “I will guide you along the best pathway” ; it doesn’t say there’s only one path. God gives us an inner guidance system, known as the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us. The Holy Spirit is our own slice of God’s spirit who helps guide us through our lifetime, but we can override the inner guidance at any time.

Another experience that supports my answer to this question happened after my third NDE when I was pulled up to the whiteness of heaven, for a veiled lesson review. I found myself in front of a panel of spiritual beings that glowed. They wanted to know what I learned about judgment. This obviously was a major lesson for me.

When I, in spirit, heard the subject matter of the review, I was happy because I had already come to learn that I had misjudged people earlier in my life and now the panel of beings wanted me to explain how I had come to this realization.

How did I learn I had misjudged? I met a man named Bob, who lived in Austria. He asked me through a social networking website if I would practice English with him. Over time and through our communications we developed a relationship. Eventually we met and that grew into love. If I hadn’t allowed Bob into my life, I wouldn’t have gone to Austria where I met people from other cultures and saw the lifestyles of other nationalities. What I saw reminded me of the people I had judged. That’s when I had the light-bulb moment about my mistakes in judging them.

As I happily started to explain to the panel of beings what I had learned while with Bob, my memories played out across the heavens. I first showed how I had come to form a judgment based on something I misperceived. That misperception, on my part, is what the verdict was based on and I knew I had misjudged. Next the memories of what I saw and experienced while with Bob played in video fashion, not only across the heavens, but around me too. These memories showed me I was mistaken about what I had concluded about other people. I had misjudged. After my explanation was complete I as well as the light beings were chuckling and happy that I had learned.

I remember clearly when it was time for me to go back to my body, I said to the fantastic panel of beings “That was so cleverly laid out for me to learn.” 

Have all of your NDE’s been similar experiences in terms of what you felt, saw and heard?

There were certain commonalities with my three NDEs. The common aspects are:


  • The feeling of leaving my body and suddenly finding myself in an atmosphere of unconditional love. Both the OBE and love were prominent in all NDEs.


  • Clouds were present in all three NDEs which reminds me that God says in the Bible that He will come in the clouds.


  1. For example, in my first NDE when I fell out of my body due to illness, the ceiling miraculously turned to clouds. Then two different swirling motions occurred on each side of the room. The swirling vortexes quickly formed tunnels and I could look through the opening into two separate dimensions from this earthly one.
  2. During the second NDE where the car accident occurred, I was in another dimension peering back into the earthly realm at the accident scene from high above through a hole in the clouds even though it was a cloudless day. The clouds I was looking through were the clouds that veiled one dimension from the other, but couldn’t be seen by the human eye.
  3. In the third NDE that was caused by an allergy, God came through the darkness as a glowing light. The closer the light drew near, the larger and more magnificent it became. When the living light energy of God was before me, I could see clouds bubbling around the edges of the light and the clouds seemed to have created a cornucopia effect that reminded me of a tunnel.

Do you feel different to most other people, perhaps more enlightened?

I do feel differently and more enlightened than most people. NDErs as well as anyone who has had a transformative spiritual experience (SDE) consist of a small percentage of the whole people.  We NDErs feel at ease sharing our experiences with each other without the doubts or fears of normal people. Also, many of us NDErs know without a doubt the real us is the spirit. We also know that our memories, and thoughts are retained in our spiritual body, not the brain.

If you were to describe the transition to the other side, how would you explain it?

The hard part about dying is what occurs in this physical world before our body succumbs to the natural order of earthly life, however, our spirit body’s transition to eternity is natural and pain free. After withdrawing from our physical form, we feel as if we had been set free from captivity and any ills we had in our earthly body are gone. We are restored to the perfect light being who is made of love and we are connected to the universal consciousness of the Creator and know all truths.

Is there a profound bond and understanding between people who have had NDEs that is perhaps difficult to explain?

It is rather hard to explain, but we might liken it to the bond between military buddies who experienced something mind-blowing that regular people can’t associate with. Similarly, NDErs have a bond that, in my opinion, goes even deeper than that of army buddies. The bond, in part, is because when we swap stories, we don’t automatically discount another person’s spiritual experience. We understand that with the Creator anything is possible, and there’s validity in every point of view. We also understand that each of us is experiencing what God feels is right for us and we also know there is an even higher purpose for the occurrences and our purposes in life.

How do you explain seeing into the future while being on the other side?

I can explain it as seeing pages of my Book of Life. The Book of Life contains the knowledge acquired from paths recorded in the heavenly record of all eternity. The heavenly record of all eternity is the recording of everything, including all thoughts, actions, and all that we’ve ever said, from not only the past, but the present, and the future too. It also contains our regrets, heartaches, and humiliations that are yet to be overcome. In essence, all those moments where we felt we could do better are included. The Book of Life is this life’s ingenious storyline that will bring us to a deeper understanding of what we’re here to overcome, experience and learn by. But not only should we learnwe must implement those learnings and overcome negative Karma from previous harmful moments.

When I was pre-kindergarten age, young Janet, then known as “Jan,” hadn’t just been gifted with a series of snapshots of her life-to-come, she’d seen pages in her own Book of Life. After all, how could she have known of these experiences if they weren’t already planned? 

I have no doubt moments, my NDEs and other learning moments that I write about, were laid out for a reason. The purpose was for me to write my book, DYING TO SEE as God told me to. God is using my life as an example on how God works in our life. He orchestrates not only our life, but he coordinates with other souls for learning too. 

  • One example is my first NDE when I discovered my daughter wanted me to be her mom and if I died that night, she would never have been born. 
  • Another example was when I understood that I agreed to be there for my son, Curt, during a time where something difficult was going to occur. I knew if I didn’t stay to help him, then his life would go down a pathway that would not be so good for him.
  • Another extraordinary example was with Bob, who was brought into my life not only to love me, but for a special lesson plan. That was the lesson for me regarding my judgment of others. I would also like to mention that the learning was not only for me, it was for Bob too. Bob is a high-level investigator in another country. Everything he dealt with was facts, facts, facts, so at first, needless to say, he was skeptical of my experiences, but now after a series of events he’s my biggest advocate.

Do you think that your experiences have been a gift?

At first, I only wanted to return to everyday life as a Network Coordinator and single mother with both feet well planted in the corporal world, still blind to spiritual experiences. Now that all the films God showed me have happened, I see the depth and purpose of our life in a new light. 

Now, I’m eternally thankful for every difficult person and every difficult moment for having made me the person I am today. Each of those lessons was important to my soul’s advancement, and I’m stunned at all that I’ve learned. Now, my focus is on being the most I can be and helping—or at least understanding—the people God has put in my path. Life is a fun adventure, and I look forward to seeing where He leads me next.

Is eternity real?

I love this question!  All of my NDEs have proven to me that, honestly, we never die. Our soul retains our life lessons and memories as we travel from this material world to the eternal continuum of eternity. 

I also have video proof that our energy continues to live on into eternity, and here is how I happened to capture this phenomenon: 

I felt a calling to take care of my mom and my dad as they aged and needed assistance. In my spare time, while caring for them, I worked on my book DYING TO SEE Revelations About God, Jesus, Our Pathways, And The Nature Of The Soul. Both my mom, and my dad found comfort in my story and the other NDE stories I have collected for my next book. My NDE account and those of others made my parents feel comfortable in sharing with me everything they sensed, saw, or experienced during their journey toward their final breath. The story and the video are on my YouTube channel. I will post the links below.

Before watching the video, it is essential to know that no outside phenomena could have caused what you see because dad was in a room with no exterior windows. Additionally, since my parents needed high-level care, they were located at the rear of the facility that provided more privacy. Furthermore, there was no street or parking area on that side of the building and no electrical equipment was on in my dad’s room at the time. 

NOTICE MY DAD’S SPIRIT APPEARS IN THIS VIDEO WHILE I WAS MAKING THE MOVIE: For better viewing please watch the video on a laptop-size screen. Smaller screens eliminate too much detail. Also enlarge the video to full screen size. 

Next go to the 12:08 time stamp.

Start playing the video and while focusing your attention on the top left portion of the screen. Exactly when I say my dad’s name, Dick, while telling the story, my dad in spirit orb form dips down into the frame.

I know my dad was watching me record the movie that day and was making his presence known as further confirmation that we live on into eternity.

If you’ve read my story, and I hope you did, you will understand during my third NDE, I described how I transformed into an orb shape. Now orb shapes caught on film have a special meaning to me in my heart. Some spheres we see in photos are indeed spiritual beings making their presence known.

Click on this link to the video of capturing my dad’s spirit whipping out of his body:


The following link takes you to my YouTube channel that features other people’s spiritual experiences too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj1CQ6FU3SiCEI6Bt8-Ou9g/videos

For your ease, I invite you to visit my website https://www.janettarantino.com/ where all of my social media links, ordering links, and videos of talks can be found. 

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