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Find Your Joy With Jayne Chilkes

Find Your Joy With Jayne Chilkes

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Jayne Chilkes, a successful Energy Healer, Soul Channel, Author, Beyond Quantum Healer & Hypnotherapist. We discussed her beginnings, Quantum Healing, and is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers.

When did you first realize you have a healing gift and how did your career develop later on?

I realized I had a healing gift when I was 22 years old and was working in the fashion world in London, UK as a fashion designer. An acquaintance of mine, world-renowned makeup artist Richard Sharah, attended a spiritual development circle every week facilitated by the trance medium Elvira Smith in Chesham, Bucks. I attended it with him and was then invited to join the circle regularly. As part of the circle’s group sessions, Elvira trained us in how to work with the chakras, as well as how to offer energy healing through our hands. During the group sessions, Elvira would go into a deep trance as she was a full trance medium, but she never knew what spirit would talk through her. This made me very nervous at first, yet at the same time, I felt I had gone Home within myself.

During these mediumistic channelings, the spirits would try to take me over at times, and being totally unfamiliar with the feeling, I didn’t enjoy it much! So I decided I was only comfortable being a healer.  Elvira trained me to be a Spiritual Energy Healer and I also became a member of the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers).

Subsequently, I spontaneously began to remember many of my past lives. There was little information on this at the time in the UK in the 1980s.  In 1993 I attended a six-month Hypnotherapy Course at The Atkinson Ball College of Hypnotherapy in London, UK.  I learned about the subconscious mind, how to connect with it in a session, heal painful memories and how to close the subconscious doorway down at the end of a session.

Sometime later, in Essex UK, I was very fortunate to meet a second spiritual teacher, Pam, who taught me to become a Soul Channel. Instead of being taken over by a spirit, I learned to become a conscious channel for Angels Masters, and Wisdom, which was much better for me.  I met my Twin Flame at a Soul Level and that kind of Love is the purest love of all!   It was and is an incredible, beyond-belief experience!

In 2004 I attended a weekend Pineal Gland Toning workshop with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys in Brighton, UK.  I also received a formal verbal DNA Activation on the telephone. That session was very intense for me as afterward, I saw remnants of all my past lives flying by my third eye all night. I also felt I had done DNA Activation work before in a past life. I was hooked!

I began to realize what a magnificent time it is to live on planet earth. We are becoming a New Earth human with all our spiritual gifts to emerge.  The old paradigms are now crumbling so that we become a more conscious society and humanity for the next 2000 years. So many of our latent gifts will come to the fore if we so allow and accept the higher frequencies that are now available to us.

What services do you offer?

I offer the following services:

  • DNA Activations to Transform your Life and Open Your Latent Talents
  • Ascension Activations for your Multidimensional Awareness
  • Soul Channeling for Mind, Body, Soul Alignment and Ascension
  • Past Life Therapy
  • Present Life Hypnotherapy
  • Inner Child Work at a Deeper Level
  • Akashic Record Clearing
  • J Seal and Unnatural Seals Removal
  • Clear All Suffering Activation
  • Ancestral Pattern Clearing
  • Chakra and Energy Healing
  • Beyond Quantum Healing – A Higher Self Journey – Past, Present, Future, Planetary, Multi-Dimensional Lives  (Dolores Cannon Methods)
  • Scalar Wand Healing and Quantum Biofeedback with Aura Photos Before and After
  • Natal Astrology Chart
  • Ascension Course – 1 on 1 in-person sessions – Levels l, ll, and lll with Certificate of Attendance
  • Udemy Online Spiritual Awakening and Ascension Courses Level One and Two – Online Videos

What exactly is Quantum Healing?

Quantum means to me that the healing takes place in many dimensions through the Zero Point Energy Field that pervades all.

Quantum physics gives us the principles of how energies are connected, even offering healing at a distance. Like all wireless technology, you just need the code to tap in.

Beyond Quantum Healing or BQH is a healing journey method based on Dolores Cannon’s work and QHHT.  It offers a magical journey to people’s Higher-Self Wisdom, Angelic Healing Teams, Past Lives, Future Lives, Planetary Lives, and basically anywhere that you need healing in that moment of your life. It’s another way for you to be trained to become in Service to others through the channeled words and wisdom from the Higher Self and Heavenly Realms of Unconditional Love.

Quantum is a quickened multi-dimensional way of healing that is also associated with the DNA Activations, Akashic Record Clearing, and Quantum Biofeedback Frequencies I offer.

What can a person expect from your healing sessions?

I am known as a Spiritual Development Mentor. I have over 40 years of experience in the Healing Arts. I have received over 30,000 hours of sessions, training, and teachings. I have worked with over 10,000 people internationally.

You can expect to raise your vibration and frequency to be ready for the Age of Aquarius and become an upgraded human or New Earth human with a New Earth body with latent spiritual talents and creative gifts revealing themselves to you. These upgrades and latent gifts could include Telepathy, X-Ray vision, Channeling, Bi-locating, Instantly Manifesting by upgrading your DNA or becoming a visionary artist, musician, and so forth.

DNA Activation is a verbal and quantum energetic initiation that triggers some of the dormant 90+%  not yet being used and can include:

  • Awakening your latent potentials and true power
  • Increasing your extrasensory perceptions and intuitive faculties
  • Clearing emotional blocks, addictive and habitual patterns
  • Stimulating past-life memories for clearing and reawakening dormant talents and creativity
  • Enhancing your clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities
  • Balancing your physical health and well being and harmonizing your bio-energy field to increase levels of peace and bliss
  • Increasing your ability to maintain your connection to Source for prolonged creative expression
  • Connecting you with many levels of Universal wisdom and your

path to Ascension

  • Empowering your Path of Light by releasing coded information in your DNA that allows you to clearly see your life’s purpose and mission

Most of my sessions can help let go of your past, past lives, and trauma. Most importantly you can learn to heal your inner-child (said to be the most important relationship of all), and negative subconscious patterning from this present incarnation, as well as other lives.

The most important aspect of my work is to help you remain in your power and stay sovereign to your mission on earth, plus to know and understand more of your higher-self and soul levels. I help you heal relationships with your parents, friends, and partners and guide you to know and feel Universal Unconditional Love and realize you are deeply loved by the Universe.

At this time, I offer four spiritual books with many exercises, Two Spiritual Awakening, and Ascension Courses – Level One and Two on Udemy- http://bit.ly/3H1Utlo with over 5 Hours of Short Videos and Articles.

These two courses offer a strong Spiritual Development Foundation and a lot of tips for your spiritual growth, working in-depth with the Seven Main Chakras, Higher Chakras, and Activations.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

Working with Loving Kindness and Compassionate Neutrality. Every single person has a Unique Ascension Path to honor that path. I feel privileged if I can help in some small or life-changing way.

What is the best part of your job?

I love to hear you feel better!   I love my work. I am in service to the higher planes and Mother-Father God. I have now written four spiritual books available on Amazon to share all my spiritual teachings and wisdom received, exercises, tips, and experiences with you.

Books by Jayne Chilkes:

  • The Call of an Angel,
  • Twelve Steps to Heaven,
  • The New DNA,
  • A Secret Path to Freedom.
  • https://www.amazon.com/Jayne-Chilkes/e/B0034Q32NY

If you resonate with my offerings there can often be miraculous healings, transformations, and inner-growth.

The most fulfilling element for me and satisfaction is that I witness you finding your joy and continuing your journey more equipped with self-help tools.

I help to open a doorway in your heart to reach your full potential as a soul and spiritual multi-dimensional phenomenal, incredible, miraculous human being, that you are.

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