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Find The Inner Doorway To Your Being With Jayne Derbyshire

Find The Inner Doorway To Your Being With Jayne Derbyshire

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Jayne Derbyshire from You Reiki. We discussed how her career developed, how she sees the Reiki, and what benefits can a person expect from it.

When did you first realize you have a gift?

I don’t see that I have a gift. I don’t have that mindset… but rather that we are all a gift from source to itself. We are the light information that the source chose to express itself through, so we are all gifted with special abilities and the potential for greater awareness.

We are all special with a unique purpose if we take the time to discover it and make it real. This is what drives me – to continually realize my own uniqueness and potential and to help others do the same. We are entering a special time in our evolutionary growth where we can all become flourishing individuals that make up a flourishing collective.

To answer more directly, since my earliest memories I was acutely aware of the cosmos and had a profound knowledge that we are all part of something much bigger. It always baffled me why humans seem to focus on such small things when there’s a whole universe out there to explore. Everything just seemed so big and life so small in comparison. I was always aware of telepathic communications going on between me and my guides, animals, and nature and I knew I had come from somewhere else. I was also fascinated with the realm of spirit and the unexplained.

There was a standing joke that I was probably off traveling astrally, as I spent a lot of time in quiet reflection or meditation, although as a child I didn’t understand that. I was always seeking to make that bigger connection to my own spirit or my ‘real’ home but don’t get me wrong, I’ve led a very earthed and grounded life too.

How would you describe Reiki and what are its benefits?

Aside from the off-pat answers, such as Reiki helps you to balance and heal, replenish your energy and regenerate, etc… Reiki is the doorway to your consciousness. The benefit is self-realization and flourishment of purpose when it is truly lived from the heart.

Reiki is a way of being, not something that you do. It can show you the inner doorway to your being. Once you venture through it, the journey is one of unique, self-discovery. Some people find that doorway through other means – by following a passion emanating from the heart.

The real benefit of Reiki is that it helps us find the true meaning of the self and to realize it. When we live from the heart and in truth, honor the self and each other, in a way, we are all experiencing Reiki.

What can a person expect from a Reiki session?

In short… to be transformed… but that very much depends on what changes the person is willing to allow and who is delivering the session. A Reiki session is facilitated by the higher consciousness of the recipient. The practitioner, for want of a better term, attunes to the higher frequency and acts as the ‘channel’ or mediator between the higher consciousness or Soul of the person and their ego, self, or identity.

It comes down to the will of the person to allow the transformation that their higher consciousness is seeking and their willingness to work positively towards that change in order to reinforce it in their life. The higher intelligence is already ‘on the job’ – it knows what order to heal in and how to bring about the transformation. It’s like a work of art. Perfect, magnificent, and magical.

So supremely clever and efficient in taking the person through it that it leaves you with a sense of wonder and awe. Just to be a part of it; being a witness to it is magical in itself. It’s like being the paintbrush between higher intelligence and ego identity. It’s truly beautiful.

The skill of the practitioner is to witness with no mind or ego and allow the higher intelligence to mediate through their consciousness. At that moment a real communication between the recipient and their soul can occur for lasting change.

The understanding taking place in the mind of the recipient changes the energy field and their metaphysical landscape. They literally leave with a different energetic template to the one they came in on. That then supports them through further change if they truly will and engage it.

Reiki, when practiced this way, brings the individual closer to the blue-printed self. The one intended for now that they are meant to be. That is the one that can deal with this now and is equipped for it. When we align with this and learn to live it we begin to flourish and move from fear-based, reactive beings into love-based, creative ones. This is the shift we are experiencing now on the earth plane. Living mindfully, with honor, dignity, and respect, brings us closer to the heart vibration. That creates a better world and life experience.

The ability of the practitioner to access the higher frequencies and hold them in their field has to be a lived one. The higher your own frequency, the higher you can channel. You have to earn your way into the sacred, soul aspects of the energy field. That is lifetimes of work and between life work, as a soul.

It is a journey of self-mastery over many lifetimes. Reiki is about a true and lasting transformation towards being the best self we can be in order to fulfill our soul’s destiny. We have to be willing to live beyond the ego needs and live each day devoted to the soul’s needs. That takes a great deal of will and effort that most people just are not willing to devote themselves to but more people are beginning to awaken to their soul’s calling and live more mindfully.

Following a Reiki session, people feel lighter and brighter as if they have let go of so much but they didn’t even know it was there. Reiki is great for healing the residual fear and stress from lifetimes of journeying and it can really help to bring the body and survival brain out of a fight, flight, or freeze state that has become normal to the person.

They can begin to live again; waking up where they didn’t even know they were asleep. I work on a soul level. Accessing the higher consciousness of the person and helping them to understand their karmic journey of learning and growth so they can make sense of their current life and move forward with a greater appreciation of their soul’s purpose. Their life path and way forward unravels and comes into view.

I access the karmic and soul bodies in the aura which is like being in an energetic matrix, moving lifetimes and relationships around or out of the picture altogether. It’s a fascinating place to be. We are fascinating beings. I hope that helps to answer some of the questions.

About psychic readings – what is the most popular type of reading that customers are looking for? What are the most common concerns that interest them?

People mostly seek problem resolution and want answers on their way forward. They begin from feeling in a disempowered place and end with clarity and a deeper understanding of the way through their current life circumstance. I work closely with their soul and guides so they receive healing as we engage and their readings are highly transformative as well as informative.

Increasingly though, as we move deeper into the 21st Century and the cusp of the Aquarian Age, which is what I am all about, they are seeking to know their true life purpose and want information about their soul. The new millennials especially want to know where they are really from in the cosmos and what star seed they are or what other lives they have had. They are hungry for this information. Which is coincidental, by design, what I am all about delivering.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

That they can truly resonate with and feel your integrity. They need to feel safe in the understanding that you are mediating for them and not in any way involved or sitting in judgment of them.

They need to know that you are passing on the truth as it is being given and not manipulating it in any way. That you will not change or sugar coat it for them but will deliver it fully, with love, compassion, and humility.

They need to know you are respectful of the highest confidentiality and have the integrity to truly live it. That you yourself answer to your higher intelligence and would not betray that trust they have placed in you. Basically, they need to feel and believe that you are sincere in truth. Also, that you are authentic and real. Genuine with yourself and with them.

What do you love most about your job?

That I get to experience source through all I meet and learn more from each experience. I see amazing things in the consciousness or energy of others and it tells a fascinating story. The truth shows up over and over again through the memory bank of the souls. A picture builds consciousness itself.

I have witnessed the moment the cosmos was created and the planets formed. The journeys of the souls, from their births, death moments, acute traumas, and highest joys. We are cosmic beings with memories of otherworldly lifetimes.

I love to see people transfigure and energetically absorb in their soul parts and I get to see these soul parts looking back at me.

That’s my usual daily life experience anyway. It’s like living in a “Men in the black” movie. We will all come to know this reality over the next few decades, as our soul memories awaken we will become more aware of spirit and other life intelligence within us and without as it visits us more overtly and we rise in vibration.

I love that I can see more clearly the greater truth and that most things we refer to as myth on the earth plane is real. It’s in our individual and collective memory bank. I am honored to work with this and thank all those who allow me to see their truth through the eyes of their soul.

I love that I can help them see their own picture more clearly and understand how they fit into it, so they can flourish in their life purpose and help their soul continually evolve. I love helping someone transition from trauma to peace as they understand the karmic trajectory of their lifetimes and free themselves from the pain of the past.

I love teaching Reiki, spiritual and psychic development, and watching others take off and fly into their true soul ability.

I love knowing that others are out there making their difference. We all have our unique part to play in raising the vibration and creating a better world. Not one of us can do it alone. The real truth is that we need each other. We are a collective family of souls and one day we will come to consciously realize it.  We are beginning to awaken to this now.

I feel truly blessed. That is the real gift I have been given.  The gift of knowing that we are infinite beings that never end. That we are energy and so cannot be destroyed or diminished. When we realize this we can truly begin to live. We really are amazing and we will come to know it. World events will propel us to this realization.

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