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Let The Music Play: Jocelyn MacKenzie

Let The Music Play: Jocelyn MacKenzie

MysticMag chats with very special Jocelyn MacKenzie, who is not only a renowned psychic medium, but also a phenomenal singer-songwriter, improviser, ukulele player, vocalist, and producer.

Jocelyn, you are seemingly a very talented person. Please tell us a little about your professional journey?

Thank you so much! I’ve been writing songs and singing since I could speak, and have always found ways to express myself creatively. My education is actually in textiles, I have a degree in Fiber / Textiles from the Maryland Institute, College of Art. After college I pursued a career as a professional touring musician for many years, while working as a freelance knitter and crocheter for extra income. I’ve had many different jobs, and didn’t start offering readings professionally until the last two years. I love trying new things, and I am so grateful for the paths that have synchronistically opened themselves up to new connections for me along the whole way!

When did you first start to realize that you were gifted in the esoteric realm?

As a teenager I had relationships with the energies that occupied my home, some of which were very personal and comforting. So I knew that there was something beyond this 3D world, but at the time I didn’t really think anything of it. It was an intuitive relationship that I appreciated and learned from on so many levels. Many years passed with no direct interaction with the spirit world, though I remained deeply spiritual. On July 22, 2019, I had an intense spiritual awakening whereby it became clear to me that direct communication with the spirit world was not only possible, but accessible to me and anyone who wants it. That was a life changing and profound experience, and I have been doing my utmost to study and engage with spirit communication ever since.

Do you think that your expression through music and art contributed to your mediumship abilities?

Absolutely! What a great question. My songwriting is 100% connected to clairaudience, which I experienced long before I knew I was a medium. So I was co-creating in collaboration with spirit before I even realized that was happening, and now I am sure to ask spirit for inspiration to connect to the realm of the muse! Getting into “The Zone” that artists speak of while they are creating is very near to my process of connecting with spirit… They even talk about that in the new Pixar movie “Soul!” I highly recommend everyone interested in the relationship between spirit and music see this touching film. They articulate so many of my experiences far better than I can! It’s also just very funny and a great family film!

What can one expect from a psychic mediumship session?

We will open the channel after a short prayer of protection and sit in silent meditation as we await messages from spirit. You may receive contact from a departed loved one, a spirit guide, ancestor, or even a spirit animal. Sometimes the reading takes a more psychic turn and we can access your day to day goings on to offer you clarity and direction. In almost all of my sessions, my clients have reported a sense of comfort, healing, and being seen, heard, and held. While we can hold a general reading to see what spirit sees fit to share, I specialize in channeling help for other creatives, to find and support their creative visions in collaboration with spirit. Spirit wants you to know that that dream project you’re working on is possible, and wants to give you tools to accomplish your dreams!

What, in your opinion, is cosmic consciousness?

We are all part of cosmic consciousness; everything we can imagine, and everything beyond what we can imagine. Cosmic consciousness IS the universe, and to me uni verse means one song. So music is very much an expression of cosmic consciousness. And since everything is energy, everything is vibration, and music is vibration, to me, everything is music.

Would you describe music as healing, whether you play it, write it or simply listen?

Yes. 100%. On a physical level, the vibrations of sounds alter and affect our bodies on a very literal level, which can provide healing using specific frequencies and our relationships to that frequency. Play is the operative word in the phrase “play music,” and so every way we can engage in play also has healing qualities as well. Any way that we can make sound, vocalize, have fun, express ourselves, listen to the sounds around us as if they are composed music as John Cage teaches us, or experience vibration intentionally is a form of musical healing for everyone! Talent and experience are completely unnecessary when it comes to music as a healing property. Music is our universal birthright.

What has been the most rewarding experience so far in your professional journey?

I connected with a client once who has a relationship with Fred Rogers, and he came through in the reading. I was so blessed to be able to experience him, as a person, his love for the sitter, his love for the world. I didn’t only channel him, it was as if he allowed me to become him. His depth of love and compassion was so deep and profound, it changed the way I love and the way I see the world forever. Strangely, while his presence was so clear and strong to me, I wasn’t able to summon up much more evidence for my client other than an overwhelming feeling of becoming his energy, which was nearly impossible to articulate in words. 

While Fred did offer the client some specific guidance on their creative and life path questions, I felt that between my evidence being insufficient and being so personally moved by his presence, it didn’t feel appropriate for me to accept payment for the reading. In the three days that followed the reading, Mr. Rogers’ image appeared to me in three different physical media – on a colleague’s tee shirt in a Zoom meeting, on a friend’s Instagram feed, and finally in a film my partner suggested we watch, confirming his presence with retroactive evidence for my client. I will be forever changed by this beautiful oneness I felt with Mr. Rogers!

If you were to give our readers some words of wisdom right now, what would they be?

Trust yourself. Do the thing. What you want wants you back. You don’t need anyone’s permission. And if you do, I give you permission. Now go do the thing.


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