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Readings by Judie

Readings by Judie

Judie Burroughs from Readings by Judie, describes her spiritual journey, her methods of home cleansing, and her work with defendants. 

How did your spiritual journey begin?

The beginning of my journey actually started before I was born. I was, however, born with certain gifts, and from the earliest age, I remember I always knew I was “weird”. My first spiritual encounter that remains vivid in my mind was when I was around seven or eight, and I kept hearing voices even though no one was there. It got quite hectic in my mind and scary because I was young. I turned on my music (hard rock at the time) very loud but could still hear the voices. Well , that was just the beginning…

How did the study of metaphysics impact your life and profession?

I feel as though anytime you have dealings in the spiritual realm of any sort , it’s very important to know the correlation between potentiality and actuality. Despite this, I use my studies for my own observations and still question “reality”.

Tell us about your spiritual water that you have on offer.

I make a Blessed Water that I use for recharging my protection items, cleansing my altar space and just as an overall spiritual cleanser. It is a recipe that I designed from research into different liquids and their uses spiritually. I manifest and put out intent as I make the water, and bless it on my altar for 3 days before selling it.

What ancient techniques do you use to cleanse a home?

Depending on the severity of the home, I use different items. But, my all-time favorite for ancient techniques is sage. I use sage (preferably soaked in dragon blood resin) at every home. I do pray to ancestors and warrior spirits for assistance. I also use a lot of sea salt and copal incense.

Please describe the most pertinent court case you have helped with.

I have done hundreds of court cases but the one that brought me the most recognition is James Brown (Soulja Creep). He is now a famous signed rapper and I assisted him in beating (dismissed) his racketeering/Rico charges. The majority of his co-defendants are doing 15-25 years. I also assisted with another of his co-defendants, Detron Williams whose charges were also dismissed. I am currently working on a case for another big rapper named Soulja K.

What is your motivation behind working alongside defendants?

My motivation comes from several things. I have personally had run-ins with the law in my younger days and I know what it’s like to be treated unfairly in the justice system. These people that come to me have lost hope with their cases and I teach them the power of manifestation while I carry out my work with Spirit.

I also have a son who has had legal issues and I have watched the treatment from all sides. Some of the cases I am working on just tug at my heartstrings.There are certain types of cases that I do not take on board however, usually those pertaining to sexual abuse or hate crimes. Sometimes I refuse a case, simply because I pick up bad vibes from the person involved and do not want to work with them. 

Do you think everything happens for a reason, and if so, why and how?

I do. I don’t believe in coincidence and I feel like our path is somewhat laid out for us. I have always said in my life that everything happens for a reason. In my own personal experience, even in tragic situations, there was always an outcome that made sense to me, almost as if whatever the outcome was, it was supposed to happen. In addition to this, during the short time that I passed away due to a medical emergency, the people I encountered in the light said that it was happening for a reason. I have always gone with this since then. 

What lies in store for Judie Burroughs?

I recently signed a contract with the ION Network for twenty-four television shows. I am going to be hosting a show on spirituality, readings, cleansing and everything I do. We are about to start production now. Exciting times ahead. 

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