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Julie Angel - Psychic Medium

Julie Angel - Psychic Medium

Julie Angel is an experienced International Psychic Medium with over 21 years of expertise. Her remarkable abilities were used in the police service to prevent and detect crime, find missing persons, and save lives. Julie continues to be called upon today for locating missing people, pets, and objects. She has appeared on various media platforms and accurately predicted outcomes for major events. Her passion lies in helping people from all walks of life, connecting them with loved ones and providing insights. Julie offers private readings, public demonstrations, spiritual development classes, and charity events. MysticMag finds out more.

With your extensive experience as an International Psychic Medium, could you share a notable  case where you utilized your abilities to prevent or solve a crime, find missing persons, or save  lives while working in the police service? 

Preventing and Detecting Crime 

“I think one of the most memorable cases during my time as a police officer to prevent a  crimewave was on Saturday 15TH May 1999. I was on a 11pm-7am night shift in the city  of Hereford when my deceased husband’s grandfather Stanley (who had been a Sergeant  with West Midlands Police) said to me, “Go down Nelson Street..drugs”. Assuming it  may have been something to do with the hospital there and feeling a bit weary at  approximately 5.30am, I said to Mark my colleague who was driving, “Go down Nelson  Street”. He asked, “Why”? I said, “Let’s just check on the hospital staff car park to make  sure no one is nicking fuel” – which had been the case given the petrol crisis… It was not  however, the real reason ‘I’ was directing us there. If I told him I was getting mediumistic  messages from my husband’s deceased grandfather he probably would have had me  sectioned then and there!! 

As we turned into the street, I clocked a man wearing a Parka jacket with his hood up,  blue jeans and white trainers. That was odd in itself given that it was not that cold for the  time of year. He had a carrier bag in his right hand. As soon as he saw the police car he  started running. I yelled “Stop the car!!” to Mark who slammed on the brakes. I flung  open the police car door and started sprinting after the man as though my life depended  on it. (You just don’t run from a police car – nor chuck your carrier bag in a bush if you  haven’t done anything wrong). I was extremely fit back then and managed to rugby  tackle him to the ground. “Why did you run”? I asked as my colleague turned up. We  took him back to where he had thrown the carrier bag into a bush and uncovered £1500  of controlled drugs and found he had breached the trust of his parole which would only  have brought misery to the community. We both received a Divisional commendation for  that but I never let anyone other than my husband at the time know who was the real  detective behind all that. I have attached a copy of the Divisional Commendation and my  photo but not my colleagues for confidentiality reasons”. 

Finding missing Persons/Saving lives 

In the Summer of 2000 there was a report from the Hereford Stonebow Unit which was,  back then, a medical unit that dealt with vulnerable people and people who were mentally  ill. I was on a late shift (3pm-11pm) and I recall Hereford were playing Cardiff at the  football stadium. Not long after I had checked in with the control room to confirm my call  sign and that my radio signal on the walkie talkie was working well I said out loud to my  husband’s Grandfather in a half sarcastic half ‘I-still-don’t-believe-this-is-possible way,  “So where’s this misper then Stan?” (Misper is a police term for missing person). His instant reply was “Go up Widemarsh Street – multi-storey car park”. By now it was  like we were double crewed and I had finally come to terms that it really was possible to  talk to so-called ‘dead people’ and that they seemed to know everything! In my mind’s eye I saw an aerial shot of the multi-storey car park. What was more weird is I could see  what looked like a little man staggering around as though he was intoxicated – or  disturbed – or both. Now the police have no reason whatsoever to police NCP car parks.  They have their own staff and are relatively low crime risk. I felt like a first class idiot  driving around and around to the top. The focus I was being given was to get to the top  and not check anything out on the way. As the sun hit my eyes as I got to the rooftop, I  pulled down the sun visor on the police car. I could see a man sitting in the very far right  corner with his legs dangling the wrong side of the multi-storey wall. He was rocking  backwards and forwards in a way I have seen mentally ill people trying to comfort  themselves.  

I instinctively turned off the engine and let the car roll silently before applying the  handbrake. (Police cars back then were usually diesel and notoriously noisy so we  often had to cut the engine and glide into place to avoid our ‘targets’. I could see there  was a 3 litre bottle of white lightning cider on the floor next to the man and in my head I  heard Stanley say, “He’s going to jump”.  

At this stage just as I was about to radio the control room to get the cameras from the  football stadium turned to the car park when my walkie talkie died. There was no time to  use the force radio in the car either…Usually in potentially suicide cases a Force  Negotiator is called out who are professionally trained to talk people down from whatever  life threatening situation they have put themselves into.  

With no communication and the chance of this guy jumping I took a HUGE risk which  trust me did not go down well with my shift Sergeant. I edged my way towards him, tip  toeing in fact, and prayed he did not see me, the police car and panic. He was in a trance-like state, I snuck up and pulled him backwards to the car park side of the wall. If  he had leant forward we both could have plummeted to our deaths. I was so relieved and  actually hugged him and kissed his head out of relief as I held him up in his traumatized  state. 

He had made a suicide pact with his boyfriend who had the day before hung himself in  prison. I was given a right roasting for my actions as it could have been a disaster but to be honest – I trusted the spirit world for the right course of decisions, not police  procedure. 

How do you approach the task of finding missing people, pets, and objects? What techniques or  methods do you employ to successfully locate these lost items? 

I have found there are several ways to locate missing people, pets and objects. People  and pets can be a bit more challenging especially if they are still alive because they can  move! So for that, I use remote viewing. Basically, it’s a bit like being a spy! I particularly  use clairvoyance (clear seeing). I basically have the intended target in mind and like a  security camera, zoom out to see where they are, then zoom in to get the location. Of  course, they could be in another country or a part of the world I don’t know or recognize.

I ask my guides and helpers to make me “become them i.e. the missing person or pet”.  Essentially, I see what they see, hear what they hear, feel what they feel, smell what they  smell, touch what they touch etc. I get the same experience when I am working  mediumistically i.e. with people and pets passed on. For instance, a 14 year old girl went  missing recently and I could see her at Worcester bus station with a somewhat older man that I would describe as less than savory. I described the girl I could see to the  concerned relations to make sure I had the “right person” – hair tied up in a high  ponytail, large hooped earrings etc. I then saw a street in Barbourne, Worcester, honed  in and could see the number 43 on the door. The curtains were closed to this 2 storey  Victorian terraced property. “I went inside” (yes I know that sounds weird) and could see  her sat on a red pouf fee with ‘him’ sprawled across a settee. I had seen enough. I rang  the concerned grandmother to say she would be located by 3.30pm that day and that she  would be safe and well as she had gone missing overnight. Of course, she was. Thank  goodness. 

I also can use astral projection which is where I basically have the intended target in  mind of the missing person, pet or object. Sometimes I have to tell people what they  don’t want to hear. For instance, there was a national hunt for a dog that went ‘missing’  on Christmas Eve one year with a huge reward attached to it. Someone on social media  contacted me and asked if I could help. I spent 3 hours on the phone to the owner of the  much loved family dog and described everything from the doors the dog flew from to the  woods, to the bike with pink tassles on the handle bars a girl rode, to a hill with a caravan  covered in moss right down to what happened in the end. The bottom line is as much as  the search rescue teams were looking for a much loved family dog – what they really should have been looking for was some freshly dug up soil from where the dog had  worried livestock and a certain person had shot it dead and buried it 20 odd miles away.  Not great but I do say to people – don’t ask what you don’t want to know. I have learnt  over the past 22 years that people seem to recover better from grief if they have a  physical body to lay to rest. That said, I am not a grief or bereavement counsellor nor a  psychologist or psychiatrist and do not pretend to be so. I can, however, signpost  people to appropriate agencies. 

I do not read newspapers, listen to the radio or buy papers unless I get an intuitive urge  too. So when there are high profile cases of missing people or pets people usually  contact me – I do not contact them. If they are meant to find me they will. Often there are  hefty rewards attached to finding pets and people and I do not want to be associated with  raising my profile with other people’s misfortune. For this reason, I have only ever  detected missing people and pets for free and it will always stay that way. 

As far as missing objects are concerned, if they are lost or stolen I retrace the last  ‘movements’ of the object clairvoyantly and then become it. For instance, if someone  has lost their keys I become the keys! I ‘tune in’ to whether I am outdoors or indoors, up  high (like a cupboard) or down low (e.g. fallen down a settee). Mediumship is also a quick  way of finding objects – if people are meant to have them back of course. I can teach 

people quickly learned how to find their belongings either with dowsing rods or simply using  their hand like a hand held metal detector! So long as they don’t overthink it they will  find what they are looking for – if they are meant to of course. For example, I recently  bought a clear quartz crystal from a shop in Bourton-on-the-Water. I only had it for two  evenings of clairvoyance and then it ‘magically’ disappeared. The woman I believe has it  now needs it more than me. 

As someone who has made accurate predictions for major events such as Channel 4’s Big  Brother and the World Cup, could you provide insights into the process behind your predictions?  What factors or abilities contribute to your ability to make accurate psychic predictions? 

How did I know the outcomes to major tv and sporting events? In all honesty, I don’t know either! I guess it’s just part of my own journey and an innate psychic ability. I  believe we ALL have a sixth sense and there is no reason why you can’t develop yours  either. I didn’t ask to be a psychic medium, it just happened!  

Without wanting to sound rude, television and sports fixtures are (by my book for what  that’s worth) trivia compared to other things going on in the world. Yet, if an accurate  psychic prediction pricks up people’s ears that we DO have a sixth sense, we CAN know  what’s going to happen (but only for the greater good), then my psychic ability has been  useful. It cannot however be used for gambling and such like. The minute people ask  me for horse racing outcomes for example, it all goes out the window! People that come  into money through gambling and bets are meant to and those that don’t are also not  meant to. Psychics and mediums are not a party piece as much as many like to think of  us like that!  

I have learnt even in my formative years to get my own ego and head out the way and put  my trust in the spirit guides, helpers, inspirers and angels that give me the answers. I  typically ‘see’ in my head what is going to happen. It’s like watching a video recording in  my head, nearly always in colour –or sometimes it’s like watching a slideshow. I see a  triumphant moment like a goal going in or a ‘housemate’ walking out from the Big  Brother house with a cheering crowd as the winner. That’s how I know. 

I do find that rune stones are incredibly accurate when I need yes/no answers. The key  is not knowing anything. If I know too much about people or circumstances it can cloud  my vision. I like to go in with a blank canvas. It’s only because my husband said, “You  do know who that was don’t you?” when someone comes to and from my house for a  reading that I learn they were a celebrity. In the nicest possible way, I have worked with a  lot of famous people when I was in the fitness industry. I have also been handcuffed to  one of the Krays twins when I was in the police during a prison escort – so what? Just  because they are famous for whatever reason does not mean they are worthy of more  time or attention than anyone else. Equally, I have refused to have a tip from a world  renowned well known singer. I said to her, “Just because you are famous, it doesn’t mean  you should pay more”. That’s just the way I am.

What has been the most profound or memorable experience you’ve had when connecting  clients with their loved ones who have passed away? How does this connection bring comfort or  closure to the individuals seeking your assistance? 

It is really difficult for me to recall the messages I give to my clients whether it is on a  one to one basis or in an audience because the messages do not come from me, they go  through me from the spirit world. I have, however, with the consent of the recipients  posted some of the ‘messages from spirit’ to various platforms as it spreads the word  that our loved ones are still with us. Sometimes, when it’s too hard to look back, and  you’re too afraid to look forward, look beside you as they are there! Here is one such  example for which I have photographic evidence of the couple concerned. 

This message was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. It also was not planned at  all as I was on holiday in Spain just as it was going into lockdown with the  coronavirus.  

In late March 2020 I went to Spain with my partner to live and work abroad for a while  (hence the international part of my title) and in Paul’s words spread a bit more “hope  and comfort”. 

As usual I always need to use the lavatory after guzzling water tea, coffee and fizzy  drinks! We walked at least 3 miles to find a loo as all the pubs and cafes were closed and there were none on the beach – not that anyone was allowed on there of course 

Brit holiday makers were lining the streets with their drinks and talking about the  disruption going on because even the shops are closing down… At that time, I had  given quite a few euros to buskers 1) because they deserved it 2) they are trying to  earn a living like the rest of us and 3) they were entertaining us when the mood there  wasn’t exactly great. At that point I wished I had my street psychic T-shirt to entertain people too but I was absolutely exhausted leaving the U.K. and the plan was to just  rest before resuming work…. 

ANYWAY I came out of the ‘one-and-only-loo’ and clocked eyes on a young lady  whose aura shined bright orange and green above her head and pink radiating out to  her husband. 

As usual I can’t remember how the conversation started but what I do recall is this  …as fast as I’m seeing her lovely aura I see a baby girl beside her that then  transforms into an apparition of pretty much a 10 year old. I talked to her (telepathically ) saying, “Hello sweetheart are you ok”? She says “Yes but please tell  Mummy I’m here”… 

So I get talking to the woman whose name is Sophie (the Mum) whilst my fella hits it off with her husband Danny) and eventually I have the balls to tell her what I do for  a living. 

To cut a very long story short the 14th April was the anniversary of Sophie’s  daughters passing as when she was 32 weeks pregnant the father of her unborn  child kicked her viciously in the stomach and she gave birth to her daughter stillborn.  This is not her current husband I hasten to add. Her daughter would’ve been 10  years old yesterday. Her daughter said “I want to give you daisies Mummy” (they 

named her Daisy) and “I am wearing my bracelet” (they gave her a silver bangle in  her coffin) she went on to say how she loves her brothers and sisters and how happy  she is Mummy has found true love at last and she plays with a dog spirit side.  Sophie and Danny have 5 beautiful children together and are totally in love and have  been for years despite being in their 20’s.  

So Sophie is crying her eyes out at her daughter’s message and I thought ‘stuff the  virus’ and moved in, wiping her tears away and giving her massive hugs. She asked  “Does she forgive me? I couldn’t get away from him” and I went on to explain they  (spirit) only come through out of love and light, I had to walk 3 miles to find her (via  the loo) and out of all the 365 days in a year she came through on her birthday.  Furthermore, out of all the people stranded in the street I talked to her or at least her  daughter did. I explained that had we been in the U.K. that possibly might not have  happened. Her lovely husband had booked her the holiday as he knew it was coming  up to ‘that time of the year’ i.e the anniversary of Daisy’s passing. Grieving parents  never “get over it ” – trust me on that one – but I feel in time we come to ‘accept it’  sometimes with or without professional help. 

There was a lot more to it than that, but just to say our loved ones will ALWAYS find  a way to say “Hello from the other side” if it’s meant to be, and that whole trip was  worthwhile not just to have the pleasure of reuniting Sophie and Daisy but also to  state the obvious to a few Brits that this virus will pass, you will get home to your  families and it will all work out in the end. To quote my step mother “It all works out  in the end and if it’s not worked out it’s not the end”. 

You work with clients from diverse backgrounds, including top musicians, sports personalities,  actors, and everyday people, what common threads do you find in the challenges or questions  they bring to you? How do you provide guidance and insight to help them navigate their lives  more effectively? 

I think the most overriding ‘need’ or wish people want from a reading from a psychic  perspective is that “everything is going to be okay”. We all want certainty in an  uncertain world – yet no psychic medium or guru of any denomination (I feel) can really  guarantee that. What I will do though is offer this: “Let’s look at the worst case  scenario”. Once we know what the worst case is, we can brace ourselves for it or better  still take steps to avoid unfortunate events. Everything else is a bonus!  

From a mediumship point of view, most people want to know if their loved ones are ok.  Of course they are!! 99.9% of the time and they are…and only not if there is serious  unfinished business here – which is rare. I pride myself on giving evidence to  substantiate both my psychic predictions and my mediumship. I don’t give vague  information that could apply to anyone. That is why my readings take so long. I audio  record them for people to keep and I welcome my clients to audio/video record I could  not possibly sum up in 30 minutes how someone’s life is going to be over the next few  months never mind several years…but we all work differently and people will naturally  get drawn to a psychic, medium, healer, therapist etc if they are meant too.

In terms of guidance and insight to navigate their lives more effectively I must first  remind them they have free will and are not at the hands of fate. I might suggest they  familiarize themselves with the law of attraction for instance.. Sometimes, I play out the  “what if” scenarios. I also suggest they do not become addicted to psychics and  mediums. I have seen way too many professional businessmen and women see me get a  few things right then they want my advice on everything. I just won’t take their time or  money. They were successful before their reading and they can continue to be so. It’s  too easy for a psychic or medium to be a comfort blanket and of course in the UK we  have to be seen as a form of entertainment. 

We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Advertising Disclosure
MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.This site may not review all available service providers, and information is believed to be accurate as of the date of each article.
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