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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On June 06, 2023

Trusting your Intuition with June Rettinger de Arballo

Trusting your Intuition with June Rettinger de Arballo

We had the privilege of talking with June Rettinger de Arballo and knowing her story, services and how technology is helping to spread the word and also read hands via Zoom! Don’t miss that opportunity!

I would love to hear more about your journey and your life history! Please present yourself

My family is very intuitive. My mother is Mexican and Chiricahua Apache, Geronimo’s tribe, so I always say my family is a family of Seers. So, I was raised learning to trust your intuition, listen to your dreams and the stories of the experiences of my family’s encounters with spirits was handed down through the family. For us, these conversations are like every day talk.

I was raised that way and always used it for myself. As I grew older, I got more and more interested in the indigenous point of view and teachings. I ended up creating lots of workshops for indigenous elders all over the world as a platform for them to share their teachings. They would stay at my house, have a workshop, a talk, I’d set up private sessions for them. I’ve done that for the last 18 years.  Since 2007 I have worked closely with the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers helping create and run many of their events and much support between events.

Through working with all the elders and Wisdom Keepers, experiencing the ceremonies and also learning from them, I thought: My gifts should be for other people, not only for myself. So, I started doing spiritual work for other people. I always say we’re like the X-Men: We all have our own special gifts that we have to offer. We’ve got to learn how to use those gifts and help humanity with it.

I do mediumship psychic readings, blessing ceremonies, clearings, hand readings. I read the top of the hands, not the palm: the top of the hands tells how you’ve came to the world to operate and what you’re operating, what we have overcome and so much more.

I also co facilitate a Woman’s circle here in Sedona that meets the second Tuesday of each month called “The Circle of Sacred Sisterhood”.  Through these gatherings as we support each person’s gifts, do ceremony and understand the importance of like-minded people gathering together.  That is also why I put on the spiritual workshops and retreats I do with the elders is the importance of people gathering together connecting, making new friends with similar interests.  We need each other whether it’s on line or in person.

What advice do you have for someone that is just starting to get in touch with psychic reading and being more connected with your spirit

I do a lot of mentoring and if someone is going into that work it means they feel that they are intuitive, connected. So, it’s about trusting that within yourself: listening to the messages, intuition and nudges that you’re receiving and not to doubt it, because they are correct.

The first thought that comes in is the intuitive thought. The second thought that comes in is the mind discounting the first thought and every thought after that is the mind working.

Sometimes, the mind thinks it’s it. Whereas sometimes we have to set it aside and just receive that intuition from our ancestors, our guides and whoever is there helping us, and trust the information.

Everybody is waiting for the ‘big bang’, like a voice, an image or apparition. In an everyday basis, it could be just a thought in our head. Maybe somebody blew in a thought, a nudge or an intuition our way and it’s up to us to follow and trust, because it is trying to help us and guide us.

Sedona is a special location and a place where people from all over the United States go for a different experience. Can you explain for someone that doesn’t know the US or even Arizona why is it so magic?

Sedona is a sacred place. People from all over the world come here to do their spiritual work and decompress. When you come here, you can feel yourself shifting and changing, even at a cellular level. Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful in its landscape, but it’s also energetic – it’s alive.

You see a lot of psychics here, energy workers, alternative types of modalities, crystal shops… That’s common around here. Since ancient times, people have been coming and doing their ceremonies here.  The indigenous peoples of this region feel you should not even live here because it’s so sacred, you should come here, do your ceremonies and your spiritual work then go home.  When you look at it as a tourist town that really is what people are doing here that are visiting.

Knowing that about Sedona, do you believe that it is enough to rely exclusively on online services for positive results of your work or would I need to combine it with visits to special places like Sedona?

I think it is important to be certain places in person, but I feel that you can continue that work online. But if you never leave your homeplace, you have to move your energy and do the things you’re drawn to do that will help you in your life – and some of this is getting out of your environment to a place like here (Sedona), for example. There are also a lot of other sacred and spiritual places in the world to visit, go where you are drawn to.

Yet, I do feel like it is perfectly fine to continue your journey online as well. Online, everything is at our fingertips: people that we can reach, teachers, readers, all the great information on YouTube… There is so much great information about whatever you desire to learn.

You told me you offer Zoom readings. How is technology helping you to talk with the people that are interested?

Oh, it’s wonderful, I love it!  I’ve done a lot of phone readings before but now, since COVID appeared, as difficult as it has been, it has brought a lot of wonderful things to us, like Zoom.  With this technology am reaching people all over the world through Zoom offering readings, hand readings and spiritual advice.  People send me photos of their hands and I read them over the phone or Zoom.  It’s 100% accurate by phone, Zoom or in person, all the same.

I leave it up to the people who are receiving the reading if they prefer to do it by phone or by Zoom. Zoom is great because I can allow them to record it.

Who is your target audience?

It’s pretty diversified. But I think there are certain age groups: both men and women, but probably more women, ranging in age anywhere from 30 to 65. There are always younger and older people, but the bulk of it is within this range.

Thank you very much for your time, Mrs. Arballo. Would you a like to share a final special message with our readers?

Yes. We are all receiving messages, not only people that are psychic. We all are spirits connected to the whole. To be able to talk to spirits is not such a far-reached concept.

We all have these intuitive thoughts and nudges that pop into our head, which we don’t know from where they came. Just trust your own intuition. I think we all have it.

That’s why I love the hand readings, because it shows a lot of what is going on in your life in that realm – how you are receiving your information. I would say: listen, trust it and apply it to your life.

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