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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On June 06, 2023

Kasamba vs Keen Psychics 2023: Hard Fight, but Which Is Best?

Kasamba vs Keen Psychics 2023: Hard Fight, but Which Is Best?

Kasamba and Keen Psychics are two of the best-known psychic sites. Each is home to a broad selection of experienced readers and communication methods. With both sites having a similar offering, it’s hard to know which site to choose.

I tested Kasamba and Keen in 7 categories to find out which one is truly the best. Keen Psychics was the overall winner due to its high number of quality psychics available and extra features. However, Kasamba is an excellent option if you’re after more niche reading types.

You can try Keen out for yourself with its free 3-minute reading to new users. On top of this, Keen offers a ton of free resources such as a blog filled with enlightened articles to make your psychic experience more rewarding.

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Short on Time? Here’s Are My Key Findings

Keen Kasamba
Best Feature 🥇Almost 3,000 available psychics available across a range of reading topics Offers more niche reading themes such as soulmates or paranormal
🔮Reading Themes Has fewer reading topics and methods 🥇Offers a wider range of reading topics and methods
🤝Trustworthiness 100% satisfaction guarantee and transparent screening process 100% satisfaction guarantee and transparent screening process
🧙Psychic Profiles 🥇Almost 3,000 psychics available. Detailed psychic profiles listing experience, specialty, and rating, but availability is less clear 300 psychics available. Less detailed profiles, but an available/unavailable button
📱 Ease of Use 🥇Sign-up without sharing any payment details Easy sign-up process, but payment details are required
💁 Delivery Methods Phone, chat, and email Phone, chat, and email
💲Pricing $1.99 for 10 minutes or 3 minutes free 🥇$1.99 per minute or 3 minutes free + 70% discount introductory offer
🔧 Customer Support Online form Online form
🌍 Other Features 🥇Free articles, horoscopes, and help guides Help articles and a compatibility quiz

Reading Themes and Methods — Kasamba Offers More Reading Types

Reading Themes

Both Kasamba and Keen cover the main categories of readings, such as love and relationships, tarot readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology readings, career forecasts, life questions, and spiritual readings. However, Kasamba offers a wider range of topics and reading methods, which is why it’s the winner of this category.

Keen Kasamba
Breakups & divorce
Family and friends
Soulmate Connections
Single and dating
Career Forecast
Life path
Women’s issues
Past life
Deceased loved ones
Lost objects
Missing persons
Spirit guides
Universal Laws
Eastern Philosophy
New Age Spirituality

Kasamba offers at least 24 subcategories within the main ones, like aura and crystal readings, soulmate connections, paranormal, graphology, kabbalah, and new age spirituality. At the same time, it offers psychic readings in Spanish, which makes it more inclusive than other websites.

Reading methods

Kasamba has a selection of unique reading methods, such as palm reading, graphology, and picture readings. Having more reading methods makes it easier to find the one that you’re most comfortable with and that’ll solve your worries.

I also appreciated that each reading category of Kasamba included a brief explanation. This is helpful for users new to psychic readings or anyone who has never heard of a particular reading type.

Keen Kasamba
Oracle Cards
Picture readings
Remote Viewing
Palm reading
Vedic, Mayan, and Chinese Astrology
Aura/Chakra Cleansing

On the other hand, Keen offers Reiki readings to help you alleviate your issues. So, if you’re specifically looking for a Reiki reading, I recommend you go for Keen. However, the overall winner is Kasamba for their wide range of readings.

🥇Winner: Kasamba

Kasamba offers more reading topics and methods than Keen, including some unique options.

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Trustworthiness — Both Sites Have a Thorough Screening Process

Both sites have been around for decades, and their many positive reviews attest to their trustworthiness. Plus, they have similar screening processes and both sites monitor the performance of their psychics after they are accepted, so this section is a tie!

Keen Kasamba
Satisfaction Guarantee
Screening Process
Years in the market 20+ 20+

Kasamba and Keen are both transparent about how they screen their readers. The screening process includes:

  • An online application including experience, skills, and specialties.
  • Kasamba requires proof (certification/video proof), Keen might ask for it.
  • Test readings before the applicants can accept other readings.
  • Beyond this valuable information, Kasamba and Keen’s readings always hit the nail on the head. I’m an intuitive person and let my gut feeling make the final call. I had jaw-dropping, “how could a stranger have known that” moments every time I booked a reading on either site.

    Both sites also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you’re not happy with your reading, you can claim a refund. You’re likely to be happy, though, as all customers seem to leave glowing reviews.

    🥇Winner: Tie

    Both Keen and Kasamba are equally as trustworthy with satisfaction guarantees and decades of experience.

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    Psychic Profiles — Keen Offers More Details on Its Psychics

    Both sites offer a large selection of psychics to choose from. However, Keen is the winner in this category because it has more advisors available. It has almost 3,000 advisors total across a range of categories, and I found that whenever I checked the website there was always a minimum of 200 advisors online.

    While the total number of psychics on Kasamba is not disclosed, you can see the number of psychics currently available, which in my case rarely dropped below 100.

    Kasamba and Keen make it really easy to find the type of psychic you want to connect with. However, Keen has more detailed information about its readers’ backgrounds, including their reading styles, which is why it’s the winner in this category.

    Keen’s psychics also have more reading skills than the ones on Kasamba, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. While psychics on Kasamba may offer these extra skills, the site doesn’t let you search specifically for them.

    Keen Kasamba
    Remote Viewing
    Angel Readings
    Dream Exploration

    I also found that Keen displays this information in an easy-to-read list on the psychic’s profile. There are separate lists for a psychic’s specialties, skills and methods, and what languages the psychic speaks. Kasamba hides all of this information in a drop-down list, which I found less easy to read at a glance.

    The psychic profiles on Kasamba have a “Notify Me” button. If your chosen psychic isn’t available, you have the option to receive a notification when they’re available again. I am very picky with my advisors, especially the ones I feel a special connection with. So, I prefer to wait for the notification instead of going through the whole search process again.

    Keen doesn’t have a “Notify Me” feature, but it is possible to schedule a reading or even send a direct message to the psychics in case they are not online. I also prefer that Keen includes a section on each specialist’s background, which I found more thorough than Kasamba’s advisors.

    I personally liked the part where each advisor on Keen talked about their approach to topics, offering a quick overview of their communication style. I wanted my advisor to have a straightforward way of conducting their readings, and this section helped narrow my search.

    🥇Winner: Keen

    Keen has more details available on its psychic’s profiles than Kasamba, and it also has more psychic tools used.

    Explore psychics on Keen

    Ease of Use — Keen Has a Cleaner Interface

    When you sign up as a user on either site all you have to do is enter your email address, create a password, and indicate where you heard about the site. Both Keen Psychics and Kasamba also offer a mobile app that is as easy and instinctive to use as the main site.

    However, Keen has a cleaner interface and easier navigation, which makes it the winner in this category. Once you filter down to a range of psychics you are interested in, each mini-profile displays the psychic’s name, star rating, per-minute rate, and the number of readings performed.

    Plus, on Keen you only need to add money to your balance once you are ready to consult with a psychic. Kasamba requires users to enter their payment details during sign-up, which could be a potential hassle for those who prefer a simpler sign-up process. All in all, when it comes to user experience, Keen edges out Kasamba as the preferred platform.

    🥇Winner: Keen

    Keen has a nicer interface to use and look at than Kasamba. It also has a better sign-up process.

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    Delivery Methods — Both Sites Offer the Same Contact Methods

    Both Kasamba and Keen offer the same contact methods, phone, chat, and email. The price of the phone and chat on both sites is consistent, as psychics set a single rate for both. While the email readings don’t always have a set rate, the psychics allow you to negotiate based on your query.

    If you’re ready for a reading on Keen, all you need to do is click on your selected reader’s profile and choose between the “Chat Now” or “Talk Now” buttons. If your reader is unavailable, you can leave a callback number or schedule a reading ahead of time. It’s also possible to join a reader’s waitlist if you urgently need their insight.

    On the other hand, if you have a favorite advisor on Kasamba and they’re not available, you can take advantage of the “notify me” feature. Click on the “notify me” button underneath the reader’s description and they’ll contact you as soon as you are available.

    🥇Winner: Tie

    Both Keen and Kasamba offer phone, call, and email contact methods and allow you to schedule readings in advance.

    Contact a Keen psychic

    Pricing — Kasamba Has an Additional Introductory Offer

    Kasamba and Keen give new users the first 3 chat minutes free. That gives you plenty of time to find the right psychic without paying much. However, Kasamba is the winner of this section because of its additional introductory offer.

    If you’re a new user on Kasamba, you can also enjoy a 70% discount on your first session, up to a value of $50. You also get another 3 minutes free if you contact any of the site’s new psychics, which gives you an opportunity to try out even more advisors.

    The psychics as Kasamba and Keen set their own rates per minute, with prices typically ranging between $1.99 and $30. Both websites give you plenty of time to get a feel for each psychic’s style and decide whether they match your needs.

    Bear in mind the price of a psychic reading on both sites may vary depending on the type of reading you choose. For example, tarot or astrology readings may be more expensive than no-tools psychic readings. Additionally, some psychics may offer packages or deals for multiple readings, which can help lower the overall cost.

    Regarding payment methods, Keen accepts credit card payments, as well as PayPal and Apple Pay. Kasamba also accepts credit card payments, PayPal, and other digital payment methods, such as Skrill and Neteller. You won’t be charged anything until after you select and start a session with a psychic. But, overall I found Kasamba’s introductory offer more tempting.

    🥇Winner: Kasamba

    Keen and Kasamba both offer a discounted rate, but Kasamba offers an extra introductory offer of a 70% discount on your first reading.

    Claim Your Discount on Kasamba

    Customer Support — Keen’s Support Options Are Easier to Find

    Kasamba and Keen both offer online help forms and FAQ pages as customer support methods. However, Keen’s customer support is more accessible, as it is easier to find on their website. Kasamba’s “contact us” button leads to the FAQ page instead of a contact form. To access the form you have to click the “new support ticket” on the FAQ page, but I think it would be better if “contact us’ lead straight to the help form.

    In addition, Keen’s support team is known to be friendly and quick to respond to inquiries, while Kasamba’s support team has received criticism for being slow to respond and unhelpful. Overall, while both Kasamba and Keen offer similar customer support methods, Keen provides a better customer support experience due to its accessibility and responsive support team.

    🥇Winner: Keen

    Both Keen and Kasamba offer an online help form as well as FAQs and help guides. However, Keen’s customer support is a lot easier to find.

    Get a reading on Keen

    Other Features — Keen Has Better Extra Features

    Both sites offer additional extras, such as interesting articles and videos with helpful spiritual tips. However, Keen is the winner in this section because of its “Find a Psychic” tool, which makes the process of selecting your perfect advisor smoother. It uses your mood, interests, and preferred delivery style to instantly match you with the perfect advisor.

    To start with, Kasamba and Keen have a blog filled with enlightening articles. Along with advice about spirituality, love, and relationships, there are posts specific to the different types of readings on offer, plus daily and weekly horoscopes.

    Another feature I really enjoy is Keen’s instant tarot card reading tool, which is mobile exclusive, though. I use it when facing a mini-crossroads during my daily routine, as it just requires me to select 3 cards from a digital deck for quick reading and explanation.

    There’s also a page called “Readings 101,” which includes video tips from featured psychics. Hearing the explanation of the different types of reading from the most experienced advisors completely captured my attention and helped me choose the right reading. You’ll find this page especially useful if you’re new to psychic readings and want to learn more about how they work.

    Plus, Keen has a rewards program for loyal customers. You earn points for every reading you have, and these points can be redeemed for discounts on future readings.

    🥇Winner: Keen

    Keen has better features than Kasamba, including a psychic search tool, better free resources, and a rewards program.

    Explore Keen’s Extra Features

    The Bottom Line

    Kasamba and Keen Psychics are both great psychic reading sites and it’s a tough choice between them. They are both trustworthy and have many highly-rated advisors eager to help you with your concerns.

  • 🔮 Reading Themes: Kasamba (45+ Choices)
  • 🤝 Trustworthiness: Tie
  • 🧙‍♂️ Psychic Profiles: Keen (more detailed)
  • 📱 Ease of Use: Keen
  • 💁 Delivery Methods: Tie
  • 💲 Pricing: Kasamba (an extra offer)
  • 🔧 Customer Support: Keen (easier to find)
  • 🌍 Other Features: Keen (better extras)
  • Kasamba is the site to go for if you have a more niche reading query such as the paranormal or religion. It also has better introductory prices, so it’s one to consider if you’re on a tight budget.

    Overall, Keen is the best psychic site. It offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and well-detailed profiles to help you find the right reader for you. Their “Find a Psychic” tool will guide you to a highly empathetic psychic who sheds light on even the most difficult of questions.

    FAQs on Kasamba vs Keen

    Is Keen better than Kasamba?

    Yes, Keen is better than Kasamba due to its more detailed psychic profiles, better customer support, and user-friendly website with extra features such as free articles.

    While both websites offer psychic readings, Keen’s psychics have more detailed profiles that are easier to read and understand. This can help customers make a more informed decision when choosing a psychic to work with. Keen also has better customer support, which is more accessible and responsive. On top of this, there are several free resources you can use to answer your query before you contact a psychic.

    However, it is worth noting that Kasamba offers a wider range of reading themes and better introductory offers, which may be appealing to some customers. Ultimately, the choice between Keen and Kasamba will depend on individual preferences and priorities.

    Should I choose Keen or Kasamba for ease of use?

    Keen is the better choice if ease of use is your primary concern. Its psychic profiles are more detailed, and the information is shown in a more readable manner, which makes it easier to choose a psychic to work with.

    On top of this, you don’t need to make a payment to sign up to Keen. On the other hand, Kasamba requires you to make a deposit when you make an account. You should make sure you’re committed to a psychic on Kasamba before you sign up.

    Which site offers the best delivery methods for psychic readings — Keen or Kasamba?

    Both Keen and Kasamba offer phone, chat, and email readings. While psychics on the site set their own rates, it’s consistent across the phone and chat reading methods. For example, a Keen or Kasamba psychic will charge $1.99 a minute for a phone or chat reading. The email rates are negotiable and are down to the psychic’s judgement.

    If you find a psychic on either site that you like but they’re not available, Keen and Kasamba allow you to make a scheduled reading. Kasamba also has a “notify me” option so you can get a notification when the psychic becomes available. Alternatively, Keen allows you to leave a callback number.

    Can I get a free psychic reading on Keen or Kasamba?

    Yes, both Keen and Kasamba offer newcomers to the site a free 3-minute reading. This gives you enough time to choose a psychic and see if their style matches what you’re after before you pay.

    After your 3 minutes are up, both sites also offer a discount on the reading price. Keen gives you 10 minutes for $1.99, while Kasamba offers a 70% discount on your entire reading price. It also gives you a new free 3 minutes if you contact one of their new psychics, which gives you even more options to try out.

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