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Healing From Within with Katie Beecher

Healing From Within with Katie Beecher

Katie Beecher, Medical & Spiritual Intuitive, gives her insightful wisdom on medical intuition and intuitive spirituality. 

How did you find your spirituality?

Like many, I found my spirituality through a traumatic experience, which ultimately was the best thing that ever happened to me, although I didn’t know it at the time. I always knew that I could speak to the dead but I always avoided that as a child as it was rather daunting. 

I developed an eating disorder at the age of 12 and by the time I got to the age of 16, I realised I had reached a point where I was either going to take my own life, or get help. This happened to be Divine Intervention. I ended up with a therapist who practiced Jungian psychotherapy, and she taught me how to figure out my authentic self. Something shifted in me on a profound level during this time, and I went on to become a licensed counsellor. I was later introduced to Medical Intuition through another traumatic experience, but this is how I came to do what I do, in a nutshell.

Tell us a little about the book you are writing.

It is called Heal From Within – A Guidebook to Intuitive Wellness. It describes my spiritual journey to a certain extent, but the main focus is on helping people connect to their intuition, self-love and the importance of that. It talks about the spiritual nature of symptoms and how this is really our intuition telling us to be more authentic. It then teaches the reader how to create those reports (that I do in a reading), how to do a painting, where to start when identifying the symptoms, and basically how to come up with an individualised plan for healing themselves and potentially others. The last part of the book is more factual and provides evidential based medical information on ways to heal yourself. 

The book will be published next February.

What exactly is medical intuition?

In simplistic terms, one can look into somebody’s energy field, body and lives ,and tell them symptoms and root causes and what can be done to treat them. 

My goal is to get to the root causes, the spiritual, physical and emotional causes. Before I meet my client, I use a name and an age only, and I create an extensive individualised report about everything in that person’s life; childhood, spirituality, career, trauma, physical and emotional characteristics etc..I then create a symbolic watercolor painting of their energy and anything my spiritual guides want or need to tell me. I send them the report and the painting. We then meet and we go through the information, and then strategize on what they can do spiritually and emotionally. On a physical level, although I am a licensed counsellor, I am not in a legal position to diagnose, so I put my clients in touch with the group of specialists and practitioners that I work closely with for healing. We work hand in hand. 

Do you believe that medical practitioners should adopt the practice of medical intuition?

I believe that the best medical practitioners already have medical intuition and use it. We all have it already, whether we realise that we use it or not. 

How does painting influence your healing process?

Art has always been an important part of my life. Reports are verbal, and language related. The paintings allow a much more profound aspect to my work that my ‘human’ self cannot interfere with. There is much more symbolism, and the colors used are pointed out by the guides, not by ‘me’. It allows me to verify the information in the report and to go deeper and sometimes clients are more comfortable with sharing trauma when it is represented by color, rather than words. It opens the door to more conversations. 

Do you believe that fear is what prevents the human race from spiritual progress as a whole?

I really do! Fear is how evil works and I can think of no greater evil than how we treat people because of how they look, their religion, who they love etc..It could be anything. There is so much cruelty in this world and that is totally fear-based. 

Are we born with fear or is it something that we acquire within the environment we grow up in?

I think we acquire it, even from the womb. We are ‘born’ with complete love and then we are influenced by fearful individuals who either can’t face their truths, or don’t want to change. However, It is never too late to change this and work on letting go of our fear. 

Are medicine and spirituality inherently interconnected? 

I wish they were. I think that medical professionals are becoming more open to all sorts of root causes but actually don’t have the time to delve deeper because of short allocated consultation slots for example. I’m a big fan of naturopaths and integrative physicians who really study the whole person. I think that the world is slowly moving in this direction, but perhaps not quickly enough.

I am soon to be doing a week-long workshop at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, just outside of NYC. It is based on the work I do in my book, and involves a lot of hands-on work. Please come and join!

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