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Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On April 01, 2023

What Is Your Pet Thinking? An Interview with Keiko Watt, Soul Level Animal Communicator® & Intuitive

What Is Your Pet Thinking?  An Interview with Keiko Watt, Soul Level Animal Communicator® & Intuitive

Have you ever wondered what your animal is thinking about?  In this exclusive interview we chat to Keiko Watt, Soul Level Animal Communicator® & Intuitive to learn more about her journey in animal communication.

Could you tell us what a Soul Level Animal Communicator® is?

I think it’s easier to understand if you can imagine an animal communicator as a translator between humans and animals who are alive or in spirit.  People may think all animal communicators are the same and are all about the animal but Soul Level Animal Communication® is a little bit different.  Because there is a deep connection between humans and pets, first, I intuitively connect with humans.  It’s like a little psychic reading of humans.  I want to mention here that your animal is in charge of the entire session.  So, whatever comes up in a human reading is deeply integrated into the whole session.

Animals are teachers, they are teaching us to be the best version of us.  Before we were born as humans, when we were a soul, we decide what lesson we want to learn in this lifetime, i.e. I am worthy, I am lovable, etc. Then the animal soul comes in and agrees to help you to learn this lesson. This agreement is called “Soul Contract.”

Let’s say the animal has behavioural issues but they are doing it to bring out certain emotions from the human, like I’m never good enough, so that the human can face that emotion to deal with it. Often my clients ask me to tell the animal to stop a certain behaver, but it is the human who needs to work.

The animal is not just a cat or just a dog. They are much much more than that.  So, you can ask which toys they like or what is the favourite food to the animal communicator, but Soul Level Animal Communication® is even more profound.

How did you first discover that you had a gift of communicating with animals and what made you decide to pursue this passion?

I will answer the second question first.

One day, I was home alone with the kitties.  I was passing through the hallway, and I heard “I love you” in Japanese.  My first language is Japanese, but nobody speaks Japanese in my household.  I looked around and was thinking that was very strange.  I passed by the bathroom and looked inside, and I found my kitty sitting on the edge of the bathtub looking straight at me.  I knew it was her.  I couldn’t believe what I heard, so I shook her and screamed: “Was that you?” There was no answer. This strange incident made me decide to learn animal communication.

For the first question, I don’t think I have a gift, and I used to think only people who have “the gift” can communicate with the animal. Now I KNOW it is a skill that anyone can learn, and everybody can do this if you practice enough.

What has been the most rewarding or unusual experience that you have had in your field?

It is the gratification that I feel after every single session.  I truly believe my animals and client’s animal coordinated behind the scenes so hard to bring us together.  I am here to be of service to others with the animal and knowing what I do is helping to bring the frequency of human group consciousness higher, is the most rewarding for me.

You can not find the word “Unusual” in my animal communication dictionary.

Are there any times when it is difficult or impossible to communicate or connect with an animal?

All I can do is pass the information that the animal told me.  Sometimes, the animal doesn’t want to talk about the past.  Especially, when they were in horrible conditions.  People tell me that their animal is a rescue, and want to know the past, but animal lives in the present.  They just tell me it’s not important to know, so that’s all I could tell the client.  To tell you the truth, I have more difficulty with people than the animal.  It’s difficult when the client is too emotional.  Sometimes I want to cry with my client because I understand how they are feeling, going through a loss.  When the client is too emotional, things that the animal is trying to tell the client doesn’t go through.  Let’s just say every session has something to learn on both sides, clients and mine.

What insights can a person expect to receive after a session?

The clients can expect to receive a plan, like homework that their animal wants them to work with.  Know that your animal is/was here for a reason, for the client’s soul to grow and evolve.  Everything is energy, so if the client’s energy shifts after doing the work, the animal can tell the difference in humans.  So, things that the animal used to do, could be troublesome for humans, they will realize that they don’t have to do that anymore.  If the animal was in spirit, clients can expect to heal.  It is quite amazing to witness that.  After-all the animal is the one calling the shots in the session, so no surprise there.

Is there anything that you would tell pet owners not to do when communicating with their pet?

When you communicate with the animal, try to avoid being too emotional.  Your animal is sending you messages, but when you are too emotional, it’s difficult to hear them.  It will be successful, before you communicate with the animal, to take a couple of a deep breaths and bring yourself into a neutral space.  When you want the animal to do things, try to match what you are saying and picture it in your mind.  Animals tend to understand the picture better than words. Lastly, please don’t give up just because it didn’t work, perseverance brings success.

Being an Animal Communicator is quite an unusual career. Is there any career advice that you would give someone who is pursuing something unconventional?

I wish someday we can all communicate telepathically, humans, animals, plants, all beings.  It is scary walking on the path of the unknown adding to this, people around you may criticize you.  Know that you have a team of guides leading you.  You may think you are alone, but you are never alone.  So, trust yourself. When you truly believe in yourself, things start happening. Listen to your intuition, gut feeling, whatever it is. Your soul knows where you need to go in the end, it might take longer, but you will get there.

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