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Written by Marko Velimirovic | Updated On June 06, 2023

Spiritualism, Metaphysics, and Books - With Kevin Hunter, Warrior of Light

Spiritualism, Metaphysics, and Books - With Kevin Hunter, Warrior of Light

This week, Mystic Mag‘s Marko Velimirovic had the opportunity to speak with Kevin Hunter, Warrior of Light. We discussed how his career developed, how he deals with sceptics, and what he loves most about his profession.

What inspired you to start writing about metaphysics, spiritualism, and similar topics?

My Spirit Team ultimately inspired me to start writing about spiritual related topics. It took years before I finally decided it was time. The prompt to do it was always sitting in the back of my mind over the years in a continuously persistent nudge just hanging around in the background. The timing never felt right for me to take action during that period. There was no passion, interest, or drive for me to want to do it. I’ve been living with being able to psychically connect naturally since birth. I was always tuned into the Other Side on a regular basis in the same way that one breathes, so when you’ve been living with something since the dawn of your time, then it’s all you know and it’s not anything spectacular to you or to want to talk about. It’s been a part of my make-up since childhood connecting with my Spirit Team. It was just something that was happening instinctively. In the earlier days I didn’t see the purpose of writing about it, sharing my story, or teaching others how to have stronger Spirit connections. As a teenager and into my early 20’s, I was busy surviving, working, and rebelling against anyone and everything. As I moved into my 30’s, I was maturing and moving further away from my own narcissistic egotistical existence. Simultaneously, my angels were making their voices louder in terms of getting me to strongly stop putting it off and to share the knowledge I was living with as far as the branches of Metaphysics and Spirituality go.

When I was 37 and moving into my Pluto Square Pluto transit, which is a super transformational time for many, I experienced a massively painful sports injury that endured for three weeks. It was a growing infection that made it agonizingly painful to walk. The pain peaked and shut my consciousness down and my soul passed on for a millisecond, but which felt like an hour. Time moves differently on the Other Side. When I fell back into my vessel, the pain was lifted, and my perception of Earthly life had dramatically shifted. Everything around me was exceptionally vivid, the psychic impressions had grown stronger than they were before, and I seemed to carry more knowledge than I had before that point. I knew what I had to do then. It raised me up into this General stance about it inside. I knew without a doubt that it was time to start writing the spiritual related content that would ultimately as a side effect inspire or assist others in a positive way.

A week later my father passed away unexpectedly, which accelerated this quest. So, the events leading up to those crucial incidents in my life in November 2010 were all carefully and noticeably orchestrated by my Spirit Team. I documented this in more detail in one of my first spiritual books, “Reaching for the Warrior Within”. It laid out the cliff notes of my current life’s trajectory from birth up until this Near-Death Experience that transformed me and propelled the inspiration and passion to get to work on my ultimate purpose here, which is writing about these topics.

How did your career develop?

The love of creative expression through the written word started in early childhood. From as young as five, six, and seven, I would take my books and cross words and sentences out and replace them with what I felt they should be replaced with. I knew then I wanted to write books, but I wasn’t thinking deeply about what those books would be about. I had psychically foreseen the trajectory of my life path and purpose out into the distance spanning decades. This included knowing that I couldn’t write books out of the gate, so it was around fifteen and sixteen years old when the film business was psychically shown to me as a side option for a day job. By the time I turned twenty-three, after endless persistence, my first film job was being brought into actress Michelle Pfeiffer’s boutique production company. One of the duties included reading scripts submitted by Michelle’s agent Ed Limato and then writing coverage on them. This would entail evaluating it as a potential film that she could either star in and/or have her company produce. So, the professional writing work started back then.

I eventually spent my twenties working in the film business on various shoots for the studios, but what I didn’t realize until afterwards was that the angels were training and preparing me for the spiritual teaching work in my books later in life. You can’t necessarily dive right into your ultimate purpose successfully as soon as the gate opens. One must endure tough times, challenging life experiences, Earthly classes that train, prepare and mold you into that position, which can also come in the form of the jobs or careers you take.

By the time I was moving into my Saturn Return between ages 28-30, the writing nudge was driving me out of control inside. This is a sign that something is your life purpose. You just can’t get it out of you. This is pending that the drive isn’t something to cause harm to you or another. The drive and passion for it doesn’t let up. I knew I had to move into semi-retirement from the film business because it was taking up a great deal of my time. When you’re working on a film production, during the shooting phase you’re there 12 hours a day, and that doesn’t include getting ready and driving there, etc. When would I write?   The writing expression was always #1 in my life. The film gigs were the start of my career development and were something that I saw as a day job that I happened to do well in. So, I started to lean more towards dissolving the film work once I turned 30 and at least semi-retire from it.

I then wrote about topics I enjoyed at that time, which was psychoanalyzing the human condition, love, dating and relationships. I also fiddled with horror and thrillers, so I’ve vacillated from the dark to the light, as I don’t fear or shy away from any of the light spectrums. Having been raised in Darkness and moved into the Light, that was also a class in training me to be able to help others move out of the Darkness too. So again, this was valuable for me to endure and experience life on a visceral level. All of that is training you for what you are ultimately called to do. And in my case, my career was a series of, “And then I was led into this and then into that….”  The doors were opening from that point leading me into the next thing, and so forth until I was authoring books.

What is your favorite topic, and what can the average reader expect from your books?

You would think it would be the psychic phenomena stuff, which I know is popular and is what many are interested in learning about from my perspective. But what I enjoy writing about most is the inspirational, philosophical, and motivational content. I’ve always been fascinated with the human condition and what motivates someone. I love rags to riches stories, people that come from nothing and do something good. I like to get into the complexities of human physical nature and couple that with the spiritual soul side.

Ages ago I was rummaging through some boxes in storage and found journals of mine as a teenager that I had forgotten about. As I was thumbing through and reading them, I was stunned to find them filled with philosophical musings and motivational encouragement. I thought, “Wow so I’ve always been doing this.”  I had never given it much thought or looked back in nostalgia in examining my trajectory. That didn’t happen until after the near-death experience. So, it’s the motivational and inspirational content I enjoy writing about. It’s also one of the many things that readers can gain from some of my books. I’ve had readers that have told me that some of my work they’ve read had pulled them out of bouts of depression and helped motivate them to make positive changes. The encouragement and wisdom are something gained from my work. My psychic mediumship content has helped many discover that they too have gifts themselves that may have been dormant, so that’s another element gained for the reader.

Have you encountered skeptics when it comes to spirituality and mysticism? How do you deal with them?

I’ve encountered skeptics, but I don’t pay any attention to them. It doesn’t affect me emotionally on any level. My soul’s determination and persistent navigating system is to stay focused on what I’m here to do distraction free, including beyond the writing work. If it’s a stranger that’s expressing skepticism, then I usually don’t respond to that. I’m not interested in converting or convincing anyone of anything unless they’re genuinely interested. If someone is civil and cordial showing authentic interest who may be more Agnostic or on the fence and have questions, then I’m happy to engage. If someone is attacking or bullying, then I don’t take part in that or direct my attention to that energy, which is more seen as a timewaster or ‘noise’ as my Spirit Team calls it. Someone like that isn’t interested in a conversation about topics that their soul is not ready to understand. Although, I’ve found that more people are open to spiritual concepts these days than not open to it. Those that are not open to it don’t typically approach me anyway. It has happened, but it’s rare and I don’t respond to it.

What is the best way to motivate a person to take action and improve their life? What is your favorite advice?

I don’t find there’s one power punching sentence that can motivate someone to take action and improve their life. What works for one person may not work for another. People gravitate towards different wisdom just as they gravitate towards different teachers, mentors, or authors. There is no such thing as universal love for the same person, which is another reason we need any and all to contribute their part because if someone doesn’t vibe with me, they’ll vibe with another. What matters ultimately is that each soul is feeling motivated and inspired enough to take steps towards positive self-improvement and making changes in their life towards some measure of personal contentment. It’s not an overnight change because in my early 20’s I was addicted to everything from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, to toxic connections. Yet, it was throughout my 20’s that my Spirit Team had it embedded into my consciousness that I needed to take steps to clean up my act.

For example, I thought, “I’ve got to quit smoking. This isn’t healthy for me.”  It would be a repetitive thought within me as I’m smoking the cigarette. I knew I had to stop binge drinking until I blacked out or woke up in my own vomit. I was an aggressively troubled hostile being with no “off” switch that was addicted to anything I could get my hands on. This wasn’t terribly unexpected considering that I grew up in a turbulent environment that was filled with ongoing violence, rage, and child abuse.

Naturally one that endures a troublesome environment like that is more susceptible to falling down an addictive path filled with mental health battles. When I moved into my 20’s, I was gradually realizing that I needed to stop the harmful things I was doing to myself. I was consuming addictions to numb myself from the pain I was carrying from my chaotic upbringing to the etheric voices that wouldn’t stop. It was too much of a load to carry at once for a young person and I wanted to numb the vibrational sensitivities within and around me, even though I knew deep down that I had to stop with the addictions and escapism.

The first excellent step is admitting you’ve got a problem. You have the awareness of what you want to change or shift. I’ve had people message me with the issues they’re battling with, and they’ve already hit the first step just by that move of messaging. They know there is a problem – they have that awareness. After I knew I had a problem and wanted to change something, I prayed to God and my Spirit team for help. That’s the second step.

Praying is non-denominational I have to state since I know some get uncomfortable when I use the God word, but this is the all-knowing all-loving and without judgment God. It’s having a Divine conversation and I’ve been an advocate for prayer since childhood because I’ve continually tested out the effects with grand results. I asked for help to stop the different things I was battling with. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did eventually happen with action on my part.

It can feel overwhelming thinking about all of the things you want to change in your life, so what I was doing was tackling them one at a time. It’s taking one methodical action step at a time to change and shift something in your life. It’s deciding, “Today I’m not going to have a drink.”  You then pay attention to see if you can get through the day and talk yourself out of any urges that pop up. You’ll slip from time to time, but then just get back on that expressway ramp and keep going.

Try again the next day until you realize, “It’s been a month and I haven’t had one drink.”  So, that’s my favorite advice because it can apply to anyone. Who isn’t battling something that they want to change. It shows the tenacity, discipline, and fortitude that the soul is capable of.

What do you love most about your profession?

What I love about my author career is that it’s a combination of therapy for myself and for others. It’s therapeutic and awakening within me to write and express myself without censure. Expressing myself through the written word fuels me in the same way that exercise and fitness does. I equally love that my profession is positively helping others in some way. And this is based on the notes I’ve received from readers over the years. And the type of readers I have can’t all be put into a particular box.

I love that my work has attracted in people from various walks of life, belief systems, gender, age, race, political affiliations, religions, sexual orientations, values, etc. My readers span generations from teens on up to seniors. They’re also not what one might consider to be necessarily spiritual. The work is Universal in that sense, which I guess shouldn’t have been surprising to me because early on when I was a teenager I attracted peers and friends from all of the varying cliques one thinks of when they think of the groups existing in High School.

When I first started writing the spiritual books, I was doing it to share my story and get it out of me, I wasn’t thinking much about if anyone would like it. I wasn’t thinking about the reader, as it was more about the creative expression for me. Then after the first couple of spiritual books had come out, the notes and messages from readers started to come in and then accelerated consistently over the years. Initially when it first started happening, I was stunned that something I wrote had such a profound effect on a stranger in another country that it pushed them to want to try and find me to tell me. It took me out of my “self” to realize that I was serving others by what I was writing. I was officially doing my job. Those are things that I love about my profession. That it’s helpful for me as it is for others.

Sharing your story, your purpose, and your work will help at least one person out there and people need that. It’s a tough dark world and everyone is battling something here. They want to feel heard, validated, loved, and encouraged. It can feel like a chore for the souls here to just be happy. If everyone operated from their higher selves and knew they could spiritually connect and have a regular relationship with their Spirit Team around them, then there’s no telling how great this place could be. I love that my profession allows me to be able to contribute towards that in a beneficial way.

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