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Finding Peace Through Energy Healing with Kiki Matoba

Finding Peace Through Energy Healing with Kiki Matoba

We had the pleasure of speaking with Kiki Matoba who is a Reiki Master, Energy Worker and Intuitive Guide.  In this interview she shares her passion for helping people heal, insights to energy healing and advice for maintaining a positive energy.

When would you say your passion for helping and healing others began? Was there someone who inspired you or an experience that sparked this?

My passion to heal others through energy medicine was sparked by a yin yoga class with Reiki that I took once a week for two years after my daughter was born. The Reiki gently and subtly healed me over time. When the studio eventually offered Reiki classes I wanted to learn more about this transformational practice because of my personal experience with it. My passion for energy work and helping people heal was confirmed after receiving the first Reiki attunement and witnessing the real effects of energy medicine.

How does energy healing work and what are the key benefits?

Science has confirmed that everything is made of energy, including thoughts and emotions. Metaphysics has discovered we can move energy with clear intention and ritualistic practices. The benefits are numerous considering the variety of energy medicine there is out there like Reiki, EFT tapping, sound healing, and channeling just to name a few. I believe there is an energetic method that can help any ailment be it physical, mental, or emotional. In regards to Reiki in particular, I have discovered that it tends to be calming and relaxing. When we allow ourselves to be in a state of calm relaxation the immune system is triggered and our body is able to heal itself more efficiently. This is connected to the parasympathetic mode of the nervous system where we allow the body to rest, digest, detox, and receive. This state of being can help alleviate stress, tension, brain fog, and anxiety.

What does a typical energy healing session look like?

An energy session is as unique and varied as the practitioner. That is why it is important to intuitively feel out the energy healer you wish to connect with. We all have our own style and language around the work which resonates with different people differently. My personal practice involves discussing the intention for the session, calling in Spirit to assist, breath work, body scanning, guided meditation, crystals, and oracle cards. I guide the receiver into a meditative state to help them relax and open up to receiving the healing energies. Then we talk about what came up during the session and reflect on the experience.

For our readers who may be unfamiliar with Akashic Record Readings, could you elaborate a bit on what this entails and what to expect from a session?

An Akashic Record Reading is a channeled reading of a person’s personal Akashic Records. The Akashic Records is an energetic dimension where the past, present, and potential future is recorded and stored. The receiver prepares how, what, and why questions to ask their records and the answers are channeled through a reader. It is not a psychic reading because it does not predict the future. This process honors freewill choice and exists to guide and help a person understand their soul’s journey.

Being an Energy Healer and having to consistently heal and help others, how do you conserve and protect your own energy?

I practice various forms of energy healing on myself daily and it changes periodically. Currently I have been listening to Niki Gratrix’s sound healing meditations every morning while giving myself Reiki, then sitting in my own personal meditation for up to an hour. Then the day will unfold where I sprinkle in inspiring videos or podcasts to listen to in order to keep my consciousness uplifted. I take epsom salt baths to deeply cleanse my energy field and make sure to eat and drink clean foods and water to keep my body clear. Finally getting plenty of sleep helps me to replenish my energy.

Do you have any advice for our readers on how to maintain a positive energy?

First I would like to take any pressure away from trying to maintain positivity. A big part of healing is to feel all the feelings. Emotions are our signifiers that help us understand what benefits us and what needs to be healed or changed. Therefore allowing the negative emotions to be felt and acknowledged is a natural part of being human. Now the path to a peaceful baseline will vary for everyone. For some it may be a nutrient deficiency that is physically blocking or depleting the feel-good chemicals like dopamine or serotonin. For others it may be a traumatic experience that needs to be addressed and treated. Our brains are designed with a negativity bias that trains us to look out for danger and remember the bad stuff for protection. But now we live in a world with doors that lock and grocery stores with plenty of food. Neuroscience has discovered that we can retrain the brain and create new neural pathways that are positive. Savoring the good moments is one of the key ways to retrain the brain. We tend to put a lot more time and thought into what goes wrong in order to troubleshoot it, which is the essence of the negativity bias, but we do not put as much time towards positive memories. Having a gratitude journal is a great way to retrain the mind to focus on the positive aspects of life. And last but certainly not least, be mindful and aware of what you are feeding your consciousness and who you are spending time with. Exposing our minds to bad news, violence, and conversations with “Debbie Downers” can take a toll on our personal positive energy.

Lastly, what do you love most about your profession?

I love holding a high vibrational space for people to rise up to and match in order to feel better and realize their personal power, value, and loving selves. The high vibrational space also helps people process their spiritual awakening. That work has been especially invigorating. Planet Earth is evolving and we are meant to change with it by awakening to our true selves which are Spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. Spiritual awakening is a transformative metamorphosis that has its ups and downs, so having a person who has been through it listen, sympathize, and believe gives courage and strength to what seems like a mental and emotional breakdown. I am so grateful to be doing this work at this time because human beings are realizing we are so much more than what we give ourselves credit for.


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