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Lana Wooster on Astrology

Lana Wooster on Astrology

Lana Wooster has been an Astrologer for 51 years, and works both with Past-Life regression and Future Life progression. Lana gives us some insight into her world of stars.

“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting: The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star, Hath had elsewhere its setting, And cometh from afar:” – William Wordsworth.

When did your affinity with the stars and planets first appear?

As a child, I was deeply attracted to Astronomy. This was not an interest that my parents held, it really was something personal to me. As a teenager I enjoyed science fiction about other planets which was an additional and early indication of my journey to be. 

When I was twenty, I picked up a book on Astrology, and it was as if I already knew it, somehow…! This was where it all began.

Is there a planet that resonates most with the essence of YOU?

I have to say Venus and Jupiter, because I have them conjunct in my birth chart, and Jupiter is my Sun Ruler, and Venus is my Ascendant and Moon Ruler. I identify with them jointly. 

How do you use astrology to help others?

In several ways.

 One is through my weekly blog, which I have written since 2007: https://blog.lanawooster.co.uk/.

This enables people to deal with the aspects as they arise, and as they observe them in others in society, or the world.

I can work by consultation, but most usually through written analyses. Increasingly in the last two years I have worked by Skype, due to the pandemic.

I do a lot of baby charts, and pregnant mothers-to-be put their names down before the birth so that I can work on the charts as soon as they are born. This is my most popular service! It is a beautiful thing, to get a sense of a child’s character and potential at that stage of life.

 I also do a lot of Year Ahead reports, and some synastry (compatibility analyses).

 Each of these modes helps in different ways: for example, the relationship reports can by comparing each factor in each chart assist understanding of the relationship at a deep level.  Sometimes people order these in retrospect, in order to understand what went wrong so that they can move forward in the future.

Do you find that some mothers/parents opt for a C-Section to orchestrate the time and date of birth?

No, not really. The time of birth and circumstances surrounding it as part of the process of getting the right time of birth for the baby’s first breath. Even if you were to elect a C-Section birth, you would not be able to pinpoint and guarantee the exact right time for the Ascendant. 

I believe it is best to leave it up to the soul to engineer the exact right time of birth. 

How important are planetary positions when it comes to making choices in our everyday lives?

Understanding what is required by a transit or an aspect enables you to negotiate it from an optimal perspective. I personally would rarely re-arrange my life to avoid a difficult aspect or transit, because I tend to know how to handle it and why it is there. This is something I try to get across to my clients. Of course, it is sometimes useful to choose the best date for an important venture, a wedding for example. 

Tell us about your book “The Quiet Office” and where we can find it.

The Quiet Office is a book that combines Astrology and Reincarnation, and is available on Amazon.

 In this first volume of a trilogy, part time Astrologer Sharon, enters the cloistered world of the White Rose magazine office in Cambridge, just after the millennium. The atmosphere is quiet, uneventful, and the characters not very forthcoming.  

At the same time, she begins a series of explorations into her Past Lives, which provide more colour, insight into her psychology, and some application to bring into her office life. She begins to find value in the minutiae of her working life there, in the interweaving of her journeys, which include the daily commute, in a story told with gentle humour. 

The narrative is divided into twelve Archetypes, and I have painted 12 Past Life Archetype cards which are available through my website.

Is there a ‘discipline’ of astrology that you favor over another?

I have been working with Astrology since 1970, so many different pathways have sprung up over the years, and I have picked out what I like from them all, and tended to discard those which did not work for me and my clients.  

I particularly like the work of Jeff Greene on Pluto, which is called Evolutionary Astrology, though I don’t specifically work with it. 

I find that some approaches are unnecessarily complicated, and depart too much from the basics. So my Astrology, for some, would be regarded as too basic, but from the point of view of clients, this sometimes assists with communication and understanding. 

I also work as a past life therapist, so consider myself a Karmic Astrologer.

Would you say that having a reading can change your life?

It depends what the client is ready for at the particular time of their life. I think what is more true to say is that they may take away a nugget that they can work with. Most often they feel empowered, validated, and their vision is expanded.

What advice do you have for our readers?

Each person who comes into contact with Astrology has an individual perspective on it, and an individual way of working with it. People who have learned from me over the years have different ways of understanding, as it is so multilayered and depends on what aspects of Astrology suits them, what aspects they want to explore, and how far they want to go with it – that can be an infinite journey!  I often say you can spend a lifetime exploring one chart, and still constantly gain insight.

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