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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On April 01, 2023

The Story of Life is Quicker Than a Blink of an Eye. Jimi Hendrix

The Story of Life is Quicker Than a Blink of an Eye.                    Jimi Hendrix

Leo Bonomo, The Voice of Spirit, is a best-selling author and psychic medium. We were privileged enough to chat with him about fragments of his journey and worldly insights.

If you were to describe the afterlife in one paragraph, what would it be?

The afterlife is the real life and is much more vibrant than this one. We come here to test and purify ourselves, and we delve temporarily into the arena of this world. In the real world, we can learn what it is to be truly ourselves, in fact, we can learn anything we want in the real life, and experiment with what we want. As mundane as this sounds, in the real life, there are cities, houses, libraries and universities where we can learn and experience many things. 

More importantly, what we can really learn in the real life is that we are eternal, we are love and that we are connected to the Creator. 

What first drew you to the afterlife?

I saw my first spirit when I was two. It seemed very natural to me. Myself and my family were visiting a cemetery in East London, and I felt a presence behind me as we were leaving to go home. It was a gentleman dressed in Victorian attire. None of my family members could see him, apart from me. I realised sometime later that the purpose of this was to reactivate my presence with Spirit. The door that was already slightly open was pushed fully open for me.

When I was eight, I had my first NDE which was Spirit induced. I was in bed, but couldn’t move, breathe or cry out. I was so weak and ill that I chose to give in to it, to go to sleep and to pass. Of course, I woke up the next morning. That experience helped me to shed any hesitation that I may have had. I wasn’t afraid and I simply accepted what was happening to me. 

What can one expect from a session with Leo?

I firmly believe that mediums and psychics should not ask questions or gain any pre-reading information, as this interferes with the process. I start every session with this premise. In an ideal situation, Spirit will know why you have called and will come forth straight from the start. 

Generally, the person would not need to ask any questions as Spirit should come forth with the necessary information. This happens more often than not. 

I am fond of predictions because everything is known in Spirit, and if that information is supposed to come forward, it will. However, free will is always taken into account.

I never remember readings unless there is something there for me to learn. 

Can you quantify ‘The Voice of Spirit’?

It is a more direct way for connection. It is meant to be purer and it is without prior knowledge to muddy the waters.

On occasion, if Spirit has a lot to say, I will be overshadowed and go into a light trance and everything then comes out at a rate of knots. All readings are recorded, important to note, as often things materialise at a later stage and offers validation for the person involved.

Are you afraid of dying (if indeed we do)?

No, I’m not afraid of dying. However, I like to view it as a transition. If you think of our existence and time being eternal, the lives (and there can be hundreds of thousands) we have here are a fraction of eternity. We spend more time in Spirit throughout our whole existence. “We are merely passing through a door through which you have entered.” Here, in a spiritual sense, we mourn a passing, but in Spirit, it is rejoiced as we are simply going home. 

What are your views on Spirit within religion?

I would hope I am spiritual, however I am not religious. Religion is man made. If you take religions and spiritualists or whatever term you want to use, out of the 8 billion people on this planet, about 7 billion believe in an afterlife, whether that be religiously influenced or not. Knowledge of spirit helps us when we pass over.

The whole point of Spirit making contact is to give us reassurance that we don’t end and that there is something else. I think most psychics and mediums would agree that Jesus was the greatest medium and the greatest healer ever to have walked this earth. In fact, what Jesus taught was much closer to spiritualism than to religion, and that was spiritual development.

What has been the most incredible ‘extra-ordinary’ encounter you have experienced?

The most vivid (out of so very many) would be an epiphany where Spirit came so close to me that I could feel the love wash over me. I was alone, and just started crying. I had asked Spirit for something, and it was granted. As it was granted, that envelopment of love was so strong. I don’t think there are words to describe the emotions and the feeling of that love. It is pretty indescribable and was a life changing moment for me.

Can anyone develop psychic abilities?

Absolutely. Everyone is born with this ability. Sceptics have chosen a life without it, and that is their decision. Development is a way to enhance and encourage the connection we have with Spirit. Most of us have had experiences where we are thinking of a long lost friend, and then they suddenly call. This is just Spirit’s (or life’s) way of saying that there is something else. It’s there to make you wonder, and hopefully investigate. Evidence comes in different forms, and it’s there for reassurance, guidance and truth. Whether you choose to see it or not is another story. 

Please tell us about your upcoming book.

The book is one of the transcripts from the greatest direct voice medium ever. Those from after come to speak of their lives and experiences of passing, where they have found themselves on arrival in spirit and of the conditions they have found themselves in. Some speak for the progress they have made and what life – the true life, is like there.
All kinds have come through from those well known like Queen Victoria “I am queen no longer” to those well known in the world of mediumship and those too, my personal favourites, those we may call the ordinary folk. From as far-ranging as Tucker a gentle highwayman from the 1600s to those far more recent. Having had a forensic test on two recording’s I am sure the results will amaze and encourage you.
You will have to wait for the book! As a bonus, there are 24, including bonus tracks of recordings of the seances and when you buy, you will find a download link. To hear clear, often funny, touching and real people speaking from the afterlife with authority. You need to buy the book due out in September this year. You will be able to pre-order on Amazon from August do not miss this chance! Email me first on [email protected]  So I can add you to a notification list and there is more information on my site
Light, always, Leo
Please tell us about your upcoming book.
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