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Heal with Evolutionary Astrology. Marina Ormes

Heal with Evolutionary Astrology. Marina Ormes

Marina Ormes from Astrology Heals is an Evolutionary Astrologer. She is a retired board-certified holistic nurse with a twenty-five year background in astrology and holistic healing. She reveals her insights on Awareness and Evolutionary Astrology as tools for achieving Soul Purpose and healing in this lifetime.

How did your experience as a holistic nurse contribute to your skill set today?

Holistic nursing fits so well with the way I work with Astrology, as holistic nursing is all about caring for the whole person; body, soul, emotion, mind and spirit, the context of a person’s life and what a person is going through. 

It is never really only about the ‘physical’; it nearly always involves the context of someone’s life, how it impacts on their family and how their cultural needs fit in with what is going on. Holistic healing takes place on all of these different levels. 

Astrology also addresses these different levels; our needs and our healing process at the level of body, mind, spirit and emotion. If we think about earth, air, fire and water; the four elements in astrology. We can then break it down even further into the 12 signs of the zodiac, the planets and all the different parts of ourselves that these things represent. 

I have always considered healing to be a very holistic process and I see astrology as a tool that supports us in that healing process, rather than predicting the future. It is more of a door opener than something that gives final answers. 

Is there a manual for us to become who we ARE?

If there is a manual, it is something that dwells inside of us, our inner wisdom. It is the truth or a feeling that we experience about who we are and what we need. Astrology can be like an index to that map that dwells inside of us. It doesn’t have to give all the answers but it can open doors. 

The clues are in the ‘index’ that can open doors to the answers that already dwell inside us and that can connect us to some of that awareness and the possibilities that we can tap into. 

Is it ever too late for Awareness?

Awareness is always something that we have available to us. At any given time, one can shift and open up to awareness. Even simply taking a deep breath can help shift your perspective, see things differently and open up your mind to new possibilities. This is my understanding of what awareness is. 

Astrology can support us in this deeper process of awareness by helping us to see how we are wired, which parts are flowing easily, which are strong, which parts need work and which tools to use for this purpose. 

In your opinion, what does Awareness allow us to carry through to the other side?

I believe that in some sense we are here to transform. When we do the transformation work, we  change inside. This is reflected in our real lives;  we are happier, more peaceful, more fulfilled and we are able to do more creative work, help others as we are energized and strong. 

When we heal and transform, as astrology helps us to achieve, we are accomplishing some of the things that our soul is supposed to do here in this lifetime. We can take that feeling of peace, resolution and perhaps sense of completion with us to wherever we are going to next. There is always that evolutionary, forward movement that accompanies us wherever we journey.  

How does Evolutionary Astrology benefit us most?

Evolutionary Astrology is a particular field within Western Astrology. It deals with the idea of us having certain things to accomplish and a purpose in this life. There is an evolution that our soul is driven towards and here to fulfill. 

The astrology chart can help us see our possibilities, the challenges we are facing, the tools we can use to work through these, the transformational work that we are doing and how that works for each of us. It may involve resolving family dynamics for example, or moving beyond something, or even reconciling with the fact that some things may never change. 

In the long run, it is always about moving forward. Evolutionary Astrology is unique to each of us and also helps us to understand the potential of what our lives may look like when we really transform, heal, and do the inner work that is ours to do. 

One of the ways that Evolutionary Astrology does this is through the lunar nodes. These show the karmic past, how we are wired and what our evolutionary medicine will be; which tools and energies, once embodied, will benefit you most. 

The lunar nodes are, in my opinion, some of the most powerful parts of the chart, as they give us not only the WHAT, but also the HOW; how to move forward, how to support yourself, and how to do your healing work. 


Does Soul Purpose change depending which ‘life’ we find ‘oursouls’ in?

One of the angles that Evolutionary Astrology takes, is to focus on our default ways of being, AKA our baggage that we came into this life with, and frames that in terms of past lives that we may have lived. 

Whether we believe in past lives or not, our souls were dealing with survival issues. The premise of Evolutionary Astrology is that we have ways that we have developed within ourselves to meet the survival needs of life. This will be specific to each of us. 

The whole point is that in this life, we are transcending whatever it is we learnt how to do in order to survive, and we are going beyond that. Whether we embody or fulfill this opportunity and potential in this lifetime is another question. We ALL have this invitation and opportunity to move beyond this karmic baggage in this lifetime. 

I think the Soul Purpose is specific to this lifetime. This is the work that we have to do in this life and it is all based on things that have happened in the past, and how we have learnt to deal with those struggles and emotions. Moving beyond this, we can then shift into that place of deeper wholeness, happiness and fulfillment.

Tell us about the services you provide and what one can hope to achieve with your help?

I do private sessions or group programs but you can visit my website https://astrologyheals.com and find out all about my services there. 

I do have a free gift. It is a soul-based action plan, which includes a worksheet and videos that walk you through completing the worksheet. It is available on my website. I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in evolutionary astrology check it out, as it really does open the door to how evolutionary astrology can support you and gives some answers in the short-term as well. 

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