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Chronicles of an Astroman

Chronicles of an Astroman

Mitchell Scott Lewis, is an astrologer, jazz musician and author of the Starlight Detective Agency Series. He has been a practicing astrologer and teacher in New York City for more than twenty years. He worked on the Mercantile Exchange as an astro‑economist, where he authored a newsletter, “Trading By Starlight.” He also makes regular appearances on the Coast to Coast AM show with George Noory.

Mitch, when did you first start to show an interest in astrology?

I was around twenty, living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I had just moved, having split with the first love of my life. My neighbor across the hall, Jane, a self-proclaimed witch, offered to give me an astrology reading. I took her up on her offer and was completely blown away by what she had to say, all of which related to personal scenarios, impossible for her to invent. My brother, coincidentally, had, unbeknownst to me, also been to an astrology reading the week before, and I only came to know of it once I recounted my own experience. Both my brother and I then started studying with a very famous astrologer, and I have been doing it ever since. 

Do you consider yourself to be spiritual, and if so, how would you quantify this?

I am very spiritual. There is, for me, a big difference between spirituality and religion. To me, it is not important what you believe in, as long as you are kind to animals, and have a good soul. I wouldn’t do what I do if I was not spiritual. I am here to serve. The spiritual side of astrology, in my opinion, is finding out how my skills can help my client and what I can do to better their life. 

We live on three levels; spiritual, psychological and physical. They are one and the same and if damage has been done to the one, the hurt will be felt by all three. Anything I can do to make someone’s life better in any way makes the job worth doing. 

What is elective astrology and how accurate is it?

It’s principally about timing and choice. Is now a good time to buy this house? Should I have this operation now or should I wait until the planets are aligned in a particular way..?

I find it extremely accurate and have helped many people make important decisions on timing for all sorts of choices.

Why do you specialise in financial astrology particularly? 

Financial astrology is actually just one aspect of my work, and I do a lot of lecturing on this topic. I worked on the floor of the commodity exchange for twelve years which is why I specialise in financial astrology. Prior to this, I was a musician (and starving ;)) and used to work as a bartender in the Wall Street area, to help make ends meet. One of my clients was a commodities trader, and I happened to be teaching him piano and giving him astrology readings. He asked me one day if astrology works for commodities. He took me onto the floor of the commodities exchange, and long story short, I got it right. 

For personal readings, I also focus on medical astrology and readings of a more general nature. 

You are an author and musician. How have these creative outlets influenced your life?

Astrology and the arts are part of the same thing. Astrology is music, and I have often defined astrology, or the aspects in the charts, as being chords. Similar to music, astrology has developed into a more complex structure, as time has evolved. Astrology is no longer looked at with the more simplistic approach used when western astrology first gained popularity.

Which of your books should one read first, and why?

My published books are cosy murder mysteries and are a series. They have been published by Poisoned Pen Press, an independent publisher of murder mystery novels. The protagonist is astrologer/detective David Lowell and features New York City as a backdrop. Murder in the 1st House was the first in the series and introduces the characters. Some people like to read a series in order, and if you prefer it that way then the first book would be my suggestion. But each book can stand alone, so it really doesn’t matter. (As long as you read them all lol). 

I am currently working on a medical astrology book, but it is taking me forever to finish. It will only go to publication once I know it is as close to perfect as humanly possible. 

Predictions for now?

Life is tough for most of us at this particular time. In 2025, Uranus will shift into the sign of Gemini from the sign of Taurus. Historically, Uranus in the sign of Taurus, has always marked a time of drastic changes in our values. After this shift in 2025, things will change. We will enter a new era of values, beliefs and principles.

Has astrology changed over the last few decades, or our interpretation of it?

When I started learning astrology, it involved intense maths coupled with utensils of all shapes and sizes. It would take an hour or so to draw up a chart. These days, when I do a webinar, I will look at maybe 200 charts and I might use 50 of those in my powerpoint presentation. With the traditional method, it would take me a year to complete, but these days with our trusty computers, it may only take a couple of hours. 

The interpretation of astrology has and hasn’t changed. The core of astrology remains unchanged. Young and competitive astrologers who want to make a name for themselves, have started using tiny little asteroids between Mars and Jupiter in their readings, for example, instead of interpreting solely the major planets. In my opinion, this is a complete waste of time. I totally understand this mindset however, as I was once the same. 

Nowadays, good astrologers delve into psychology (as an integral part of our three layers), as much as we feel we should, depending on relationships built with clients. It goes without saying that in addition to the latter, the emergence of the Internet has commercialised astrology. 

I do believe very much in astrology and often say…Astrology is never wrong, astrologers on the other hand….

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