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Why Our Eyes Really Are The Windows To Our Physical and Emotional Health

Why Our Eyes Really Are The Windows To Our Physical and Emotional Health

Anita Chakraburtty from Multidimensional Healing, is a Naturopath, Iridologist, Medieval Astrologer and Shamanic Healer.

What is the exact science behind Iridology?

Iridology examines the patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris to determine information about a patient’s systemic health. It is quite a controversial topic at the moment as there is increasing evidence demonstrating that iridology actually DOES correlate to a person’s physical symptoms. Science has been using AI technology, computer imaging of an iris, and has come up with substantial evidence to back this claim. 

When I studied iridology, we were given thousands of photos of different eyes, but if truth be told, it is entirely different when looking at a real eye as a 3D image as opposed to a 2D image. A lot of clinical trials that were carried out used photos, so the correlation wasn’t necessarily very strong. However, there are many studies, that show strong evidence to the contrary (see below * for a few examples).

I practice iridology on all of my clients for ten minutes during the first consultation and use it almost like a prompt. It gives me guidance as to my clients medical history, which I find they often struggle to remember. 

After ten years of experience and clinical practice, I can say with absolute certainty that there is empirical evidence that iridology is an incredible practice, particularly when it comes to prevention. Health problems can either be detected in their early stages, and of course in chronic stages too, but so too can pre-dispositions to illness. 

Why is the history of our parents significant when treating someone with iridology?

There are dark spots found in the iris which tend to relate to the parents (and sometimes grandparents) of that person. So for example, I am able to see if a young person is likely to develop cardiac issues because her parents may have a history. I am able to see if my client is predisposed to any health issues.

Has the use of Iridology proven to prevent disease?

As I say, iridology is more preventative and informative than anything else. It can certainly help detect illness or disease in its early stages. Sometimes, I will point out to my client that they should have their pancreas checked, for example, as I can see signs of pancreatic issues in the iris. As the person may not be showing any outward symptoms or not feeling any discomfort, they may think that nothing is amiss and choose not to pursue it. At a later stage, pancreatic problems may come to the surface…

Why is iridology not promoted more by the mainstream health services in the Western world?

In a nutshell, there has not been enough exposure. Hopefully, this is starting to change and there are campaigners out there who are lobbying for this cause. Most of us are self-employed and simply don’t have the time or resources to do this. 

Medieval Astrology versus Modern Astrology? 

Astrologers love to debate this. Traditional or Medieval astrology stems from Hellenistic (Greek) astrology, which was then brought by the Moors to Europe. It is a complex system of analysis that is used to look at someone’s chart and also to do predictive work. 

Modern astrology developed in the 1920s and 30s and the focus shifted to a connection with psychology and the understanding of ‘self’. In modern astrology, all the planets relate to ‘you’ and different aspects of your psyche. For example, the moon is about your emotions.

Traditional astrology links each planet to a theme: Money, thoughts, siblings, saving and investments, for example, daily life basically. Modern astrologers are likely to do less predictive work as there are fewer levels of complexity involved in the analysis.

What other services do you offer?

I am a naturopath, an herbalist and nutritionist, astrologer and shamanic healer.  Problems or issues that I see while practising iridology, I then treat with herbs, natural medicine and lifestyle changes. 

Most people come to me for naturopathy but last year there was a big surge in astrology due to job loss and dramatic changes in life. 65% of my work is naturopathy, 30%, astrology and only 5%, I would say, is shamanic healing. 

Please tell us a little about your journey and how you came to be ‘Anita of Dimensional Healing’?

I completed a Masters in Chemistry, then worked for AstraZeneca for a year. I tired quickly of this as I realised that I wasn’t actually healing anybody. When I started out, my dream was to invent drugs to heal people but reality is, as a scientist, you simply repeat the same experiment every day. I wanted instant gratification, to heal people immediately. I also started to realise and understand the side effects of pharmaceuticals and slowly became disenchanted with science as a whole. 

I love to learn so I chose a completely new discipline. I went into banking and worked my way up to become Head of Risk at a bank in London. I was then headhunted to go to Sydney. In 2003, green juicing, jogging, massages and a healthy lifestyle were all the rage in Sydney. A friend of mine suggested I become a naturopath as I had the chemistry background and the nutritional mindset necessary. I then embarked on a 4-year degree in Naturopathy which covered anatomy, physiology, herbs, botany, phytology, herbal medicine, nutrition, biochemistry, chemistry etc…right up my alley! I later completed a 4 year Diploma in Traditional Astrology and a 7 year apprenticeship  with Medicine Crow (a Cherokee Chief) to learn Native American Shamanic Techniques.

I went back to the UK after spending twelve years in Sydney, and the rest is history.

The term ‘Multidimensional Healing’ suggests that all these treatments or modalities can be intertwined or can work together to heal? Is there one that resonates more with you than others?

I love them all but I never try to push all three modalities to any given person. Whatever happens, happens naturally. Naturopathy is for the physical body, Astrology for psychology and the mind and Shamanic Healing, for the spirit. This is where the multidimensional aspect features; Mind, Body and Spirit. 

What is your take on the future of ‘alternative healing’ in the Western world?

People are definitely showing more interest in the esoteric world, whether it be food, herbs, astrology or spirituality. The current uncertainty of our global climate has encouraged people to look for some form of clarity, and they have had time to do some soul-searching, and read up on things they otherwise would not. 

*Some examples of studies that were carried out using Iridology:

  • Collaboration between Brazilian & Canadian Faculties of Nursing that was published in the European Journal of Medicine explored Publications between 2014-2019 showing Iridology Research methods & equipment used. Out of 23 Scientific publications they found:  (1) five different types of equipment are currently used to capture iris images in humans, (2) three different iridology-related frameworks were incorporated into the various research designs, (3) two major software-based techniques were employed to evaluate iridological signs, and, (4) sixteen of the reviewed articles linked a specific pathology or syndromic health condition of the human body represented to the reflex iris map of the eyes.
  • At an Indonesian Science & Engineering Conference in 2019, a paper was presented where AI was used for Iridology. They trained a computer Imaging system with Iris images of 1) healthy and 2) people with heart disease.  Then they tested the AI & found it was 95% accurate at identifying the individuals with heart disease via iris images.
  • A Master’s degree thesis in India was 71.6% accurate with identifying individuals with formally diagnosed high cholesterol based on they irises images of cholesterol rings.


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