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Interview With Emma Freeth, the COO of MysticSense

Interview With Emma Freeth, the COO of MysticSense

Marko Velimirovic had the pleasure of interviewing Emma Freeth who is the Chief Operating Officer for MysticSense.com – an online psychic reading site. Her psychic world background is that she has been operating her own practice as a Tarot card reader for 10 years, and in early 2020, she was approached by the CEO of MysticSense to oversee several areas of this young online business because of her experience in the psychic industry. From there, MysticSense has really evolved and developed to the extent she now finds herself in the position of overseeing many different and diverse areas of the business.

What inspired you to start your psychic reading business?

Emma Freeth: What inspired me to start a psychic reading business of my own was that I had had a very varied career in industry, particularly finance but also retail and even horticulture, however due to personal circumstances and a feeling of being empty and unfulfilled, I decided to turn to my old, old skill of Tarot card readings to break free of the “rat race”. This approach worked and I found my experience in not only career but also personally in terms of relationships, set me up in good stead to listen and empathize with my clients’ problems.

I would probably have not gone done this avenue if life had not backed me into a corner where I felt I had no alternative but to fall back on what I could do rather than pursue traditional employment which had become harder and harder to do whilst I felt so disaffected. I think that maybe I am just one of those people who prefer to be self employed and answer only to myself.

In terms of working with MysticSense, our CEO started this business as he felt there was a niche to be filled in the psychic industry and that is one of quality. So we have worked on maintaining this high degree of quality in terms of the readers we employ. I still very much enjoy the self employment aspect but am looking at the psychic industry from the other side of it. In other words, rather than being a reader on this site, I am ensuring that we recruit only high quality readers and I also ensure that our psychic readers are happy and have a good level of ethical awareness. Plus I have a myriad of other duties which has been very fulfilling thus far.

What is the most popular type of reading that customers are looking for? What are the most common concerns that interest them?

EF: Far and away, the answer to this question is love. Although it is true to say that there is no subject life can throw at us which is not answered daily by our psychics such as Career, family, spiritual purpose – all of these subjects are popular. But when it comes to love and relationships, possibly as much as 80% of questions are around this subject matter.

It would seem that nothing in life is as painful or more emotive than love relationships, particularly when they go wrong. The types of questions which crop up again and again are “Will he/she come back to me?”, “Does he/she love me?”, “Will I meet someone special soon?”, “Should I break up with him/her?” to name but a few.

In terms of what “tools” our psychics use, Tarot is very popular as are crystals and even just pure clairvoyance. Reading energies is also popular and surprisingly accurate even over the phone. What clients want is to be impressed with the insights and knowledge our psychics have without having to speak it aloud.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

EF: Trust is built when a psychic immediately tunes into a client and picks up their deepest concerns or thoughts. Being able to ascertain what is truly troubling a person without being told is the single most trustworthy thing a psychic can do. It means, of course, that their talent is genuine and not just stuff that’s “made up”.

A sense of complete confidentiality is also key as is the feeling that the psychic is taking the client’s concerns seriously and is able to empathize with them. The client’s problem is incredibly important to them and they want to feel heard and understood. Of course this is a paid for service, but no one objects to paying for a service if they feel they have the answers and reassurance they need. They need to feel uplifted and gain a sense of hope even in the darkest situation. They want to feel that for the time they spend with a psychic, they are genuinely cared about.

Are some types of psychic readings more demanding or difficult than others?

EF: Oh yes! The hardest readings are when customers won’t open up about what is really troubling them until a minute before the end of their reading time! It can mean that an average reading is given without the issue really having been covered.

Additionally, there is a type of client who is just after entertainment and wants to see what a psychic might tell them about tall, dark strangers etc. In my own experience, if a person comes with no set problem or issue in mind, the Tarot won’t come up with much either – I often feel Tarot reflects the state of someone’s mind.

The other type of reading which is very hard to deal with is when you are asked a question that a person has a fixed idea of the answer they want. A classic question is about whether they will reunite with an ex and no answer except “yes” is acceptable. Some clients will approach many different readers and get the “yes” they are looking for, but if you, as a reader, feel this is not correct and answer in the negative, this can lead to a very upset client. What always interests me is that some clients will need many reaffirmations of the question they have asked, perhaps it is because they don’t truly believe it themselves. Having said that, I feel it is always better to give what you believe to be true rather than bow to the pressure these sorts of readings undoubtedly have.

What advice would you give to a fledgling psychic reader? Is it better for them to work independently or as part of a team?

EF: The one thing which cannot be gained overnight is the experience of working with a wide range of people to deliver tactful, sensitive and responsible readings which deliver great insight and help a person to move forwards in their lives. Thus, I have learned over the years that Tarot is not just fortune telling, but counselling. For the happiest of people never really feel the need to consult a reader about their future, only those who are faced with something of great importance to them, something that is causing them to be ‘stuck’ in some way in their lives.

Therefore, advice to a fledgling reader would be to slow down and really listen to what is being said. The temptation is to charge ahead at 100 miles an hour in order to impress. What clients want is to be heard and understood. It is also incredibly important to stop and think about what you are saying – would you like to hear what you are saying? One of the most important aspects I wish to maintain is a good ethical base. In other words, do not frighten people with talk about evil spirits or black magic and do not give reckless advice which a more impressionable person might be inclined to follow. At MysticSense we do not wish to give medical or legal advice either as these are not areas we are qualified to give advice in.

Working independently or as a team has pros and cons on both sides. In a team there is the support from staff behind the scenes and, generally, a good supply of ready business as the company does much in the way of advertising and promotion. The pros of working independently, is that no commission is given up on the part of the psychic and the feeling of being totally autonomous is higher than being in a team. Either way, it is self employment whilst utilising a special talent or gift.

How has your company in particular adapted to the new conditions during the pandemic? Is everything done remotely?

EF: In my own Tarot practice, I have decided to do only video readings going forward rather than allowing people to come to my home, as I did before the pandemic. It works extremely well and is the next best thing to seeing people in person. It is also very convenient for both reader and client, as a client does not need to travel to see me and I do not need to tidy my house before they arrive!

Moving now to MysticSense, so due to the nature of online psychic services, the pandemic has not affected the way we operate. If anything, online psychic services have become more popular now than before due to people being unable to visit psychics in their workspaces. Equally, we have attracted many psychic readers who have never operated as online psychics before. So for many of our readers, it has been a learning curve to understand the differences between being face to face with someone and doing, say, a chat reading. We offer three services, chat, call and video and these are, of course, all done remotely.

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