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Written by Michelle Cardillo | Updated On October 21, 2021

Mysticsense vs Psychic Source: Which One Is More Reliable?

Mysticsense vs Psychic Source: Which One Is More Reliable?

Mysticsense vs. Psychic Source: An Overview

Both Mysticsense and Psychic Source are two reputable psychic websites with experienced advisors ready to answer your questions on multiple topics.

But despite their similarities, these sites have some key differences that can help you decide which of them is best for you. I’ll outline those differences to make your choice easier.

And because both sites have introductory offers, you can try out each site before paying for a full reading. New Psychic Source users can benefit from a rate of less than $1 per minute, while new Mysticsense customers get 5 free minutes.

Mysticsense vs Psychic Source: Types of Readings


If you’re looking for variety, Mysticsense has that in both the number of advisors and the types of readings. I was impressed to find over 400 psychics ready to perform readings across 18 different categories.

Here’s a look at some of the readings offered on Mysticsense:

  • Love and relationships: Mysticsense offers readings on a range of topics that deal with love and relationships. I found over 400 psychics specializing in affairs, breakups, soulmates, finding new love, LGBTQ relationships, and toxic relationships.
  • Life path and destiny: I found 284 psychics ready to help me navigate my life path.
  • Psychic medium: If you’re looking to connect with a lost loved one, Mysticsense has 140 psychic mediums who specialize in this category.
Mysticsense Reading Types

What I wasn’t too impressed about was the number of reviews a lot of psychics had. While pretty much all advisors on Mysticsense had 4 to 5-star ratings, I could only find a few of them with over 200 reviews from previous customers – many even had less than 10 reviews.

Psychic Source

With 274 advisors, Psychic Source has a smaller selection of psychics than Mysticsense. I didn’t consider this to be a drawback though. If anything, I saw it as a positive because a smaller (yet adequate) selection made it easier to narrow down my search for the right psychic.

But what I was really impressed by was the different types of readings that Psychic Source advisors offer. I found 4 reading categories, which were broken down further into 33 topics. I also found an additional 9 specialties that you can base your search on.

Here’s a look at some of the reading categories on Psychic Source:

  • Love, relationships, and family: Choose from 258 psychics offering readings on a range of love, relationships, and family topics – everything from breakups to parental issues, intimacy, and more.
  • Career and finance: I found 199 psychics who were experts in career and finance advice, dealing with subjects like co-worker disputes, career changes, work/life balance, and more.

Loss and grieving: There are over 90 Psychic Source advisors ready to answer questions about the loss of a loved one or pet.

Psychic Source Reading Types

While most of the Mysticsense psychics I found had under 100 reviews from previous customers, many Psychic Source advisors had been reviewed hundreds of times, and even thousands in some cases. This gave me confidence in the quality of psychics and readings that Psychic Source had to offer.

Winner: Psychic Source for their experienced psychics and wide selection of reading categories.

Explore Readings on Psychic Source

Mysticsense vs Psychic Source: Pricing


Mysticsense is one of the most affordable psychic websites out there and I loved their straightforward pricing – no tiers or bundles or gimmicks that make you spend more.

Mysticsense psychics charge as low as $1 per minute for a reading. The most expensive psychic I found had a $5 per minute rate, and even that was based on a range of $3 to $5 per minute. That means I could have actually opted for that advisor’s $3 rate.

And as a new user, I was able to take advantage of the site’s introductory offer of 5 free minutes. Most sites only offer 3 free minutes, so 5 free minutes was definitely a refreshing freebie.

Psychic Source

I’m not a fan of pricing tiers and packages because they box you into spending an amount you might not have intended to. However, compared to some other sites out there, Psychic Source has one of the better introductory pricing packages.

New users can choose from 3 pricing packages that can get you a reading for as low as $1 per minute. They range from $10 to $30, plus 3 free minutes.

However, once your introductory minutes are over and you become a regular user, Psychic Source becomes quite expensive compared to Mysticsense. Advisors charge anywhere from $4.99 per minute to $17.99 per minute for a reading.

Winner: Mysticsense for their straightforward, affordable pricing.

Claim Your Free Minutes on Mysticsense

Mysticsense vs Psychic Source: Website Usability


The Mysticsense website is straightforward and easy to use. Unlike some other psychic websites, you won’t find a lot of extras and unnecessary features that clutter the site and make it difficult to navigate.

Signing up is as easy as filling out a form and confirming your email. When you’re ready for a paid reading, you can top up your account with your debit or credit card, or even PayPal.

Finding the right psychic for you is a breeze on Mysticsense, thanks to the helpful filters. You can narrow down your search based on the psychic’s specialty or type of reading that best fits your questions. You can even select specific tools and reading styles.

If you’re drawn to a particular psychic, clicking on their image will take you to an in-depth profile with everything from a calendar to a video message from the psychic, as well as reviews from previous users. 

However, I wasn’t too impressed with some of these profiles – some weren’t filled out completely, while others lacked enough user reviews to convince me to try them out.

Mysticsense Psychic Profile

Psychic Source

Psychic Source also has a simple, easy-to-use website, but they manage to add a ton of useful features without cluttering the site.

For instance, if you can’t decide which psychic or reading topic to choose, you can use the Find a Psychic feature – an interactive tool that matches you with the perfect psychic based on your answers to a few questions.

Psychic Source also allows you to narrow your search down if you want to do so manually. While Mysticsense has helpful filters as well, I found Psychic Source to go even further – you can even search for your favorite psychic by entering their name in a search box so you don’t have to browse endlessly.

And advisors on Psychic Source have very detailed profiles – I couldn’t find any with an incomplete bio. Psychic profiles even have calendars so you can schedule a reading at the best time.

And if you want to get a reading on the go, you can download the Psychic Source app on your mobile device from your app store. I really loved how the app alerted me when my favorite psychic was online and reminded me of my scheduled reading.

Psychic Source Psychic Profile

Winner: Psychic Source for their straightforward website and app, useful features, and in-depth psychic profiles.

Browse Readers on Psychic Source

Mysticsense vs Psychic Source: Trustworthiness


Mysticsense has been around for over 10 years. It’s certainly not the oldest psychic website out there, but a decade is more than enough time to give me confidence that they’re doing something right.

My confidence grew even more when I found out Mysticsense had a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with a reading, complain about it within 24 hours and Mysticsense could credit your account with a refund of up to 20 minutes. And if it’s your first paid reading, you can actually get a cash refund instead of reading credits.

The Mysticsense website also has details about its screening process. Psychics must go through an interview and demonstrate a reading before being accepted to the site. Mysticsense claims that they only accept a small fraction of psychics out of the many who apply.

Again, where I had a little bit of an issue was with the number of reviews a lot of psychics had, along with some empty profiles. Although pretty much all Mysticsense psychics have at least a 4-star rating, I just couldn’t rely on some of their user reviews because they were so few – some even had just 1 review.

Psychic Source

Unlike Mysticsense, Psychic Source doesn’t offer much information about how they screen their psychics. However, Psychic Source advisors’ profiles are a lot more detailed. With many psychics having over a thousand user reviews, yet still maintaining over 4 stars, I was confident that Psychic Source had highly experienced advisors.

Psychic Source also has a satisfaction guarantee that’s similar to Mysticsense. Request a refund within 24 hours and your account will be credited with up to 20 minutes worth of minutes.

Perhaps the most significant sign of Psychic Source’s trustworthiness is the fact that they have been providing psychic services for over 30 years. That’s a long time to be in this space, so I had no doubt about Psychic Source’s credibility and experience.

Winner: Draw – Both Mysticsense and Psychic Source have similar refund policies. And where Mysticsense excels in its screening process, Psychic Source has very detailed profiles and reviews, along with decades of experience.

Explore Mysticsense

Explore Psychic Source

Mysticsense vs Psychic Source: Added Extras

Mysticsense: Extra Features

Mysticsense has a very basic website, so there aren’t a lot of unique features to talk about.

However, what I really liked was their video readings. You can get a chat or phone reading on Mysticsense, but some psychics also offer video readings for a face-to-face experience.

I also liked their free daily horoscopes, as well as the blog section where I found a lot of informative posts about different types of psychic readings.

Psychic source

Psychic Source: Extra Features

Earlier, I covered some of the unique features Psychic Source has to offer, such as the Find a Psychic tool and the mobile app. But there’s even more.

Psychic Source has a great rewards program for all users. When you sign up for their rewards program, you earn 3% of every purchase you make. Also, for every 10 readings in a month, you get rewarded with $10 worth of credits; 20 readings will get you $20, and 30 readings will get you $50.

Also, as a rewards program member, Psychic Source will give you $25 if you accumulate readings of 175 minutes or more in a month.

And like Mysticsense, Psychic Source also has a video call feature for face-to-face readings, as well as a blog section with some really good information about psychic readings. When I read some of their articles, I felt as if I had just gotten a reading that answered some of my questions.

Find a Psychic Tool

Winner: Psychic Source for their amazing rewards program.

The Bottom Line on Mysticsense vs Psychic Source

These are two very similar sites. They both offer video readings, great introductory offers, and refund policies. But Psychic Source wins based on the categories most people would use to compare different psychic websites.

However, this doesn’t mean Mysticsense is a bad option – it certainly isn’t. You might prefer Mysticsense if you’re looking for an affordable reading from quality psychics. They offer some of the best rates out there and they don’t try to confuse you with pricing tiers and packages that lock you into spending more than what you want.

Mysticsense is a solid option all around, so you might even prefer what they have to offer. After all, only you know the best fit for you.

Overall Winner: Psychic Source

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