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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 06, 2023

Eclectic Psychism with Nancy D'Erasmo

Eclectic Psychism with Nancy D'Erasmo

Nancy D’Erasmo chats with MysticMag about her eclectic psychism, her deep connection with higher consciousness and her profound awareness and understanding of autism in children.

What can one expect from a session with an ‘eclectic’ psychic?

My modality of reading consists of about twenty minutes of discerning Spirit. I take a book and do some automatic writing, I get into the space of Spirit, and connect with Spirit through listening – audience. I then switch to tarot and incorporate it in with the mediumship because then I am able to designate a spirit. With the pictures of the tarot, I can extrapolate a name. I combine several things during a reading; automatic writing, tarot, name discernment, spirit discernment, spiritual counselling, futuristic prediction (which many others prefer to stay away from). This explains why I refer to myself as an ‘eclectic’ medium.

Nancy, your whole family is blessed with psychic abilities. Why do you think that some people are gifted, and others not?

It is a complex question which could involve straight DNA, it could be genetic, or it could be simply that some are gifted more than others in this respect. 

My parents were not practicing psychics, they just ‘knew’ things and my mother specifically would know when someone was going to pass. To answer your question, I think we (as a family) are less afraid of the psychic realm because this is how we were raised, and our consciousness was perhaps simply heightened because this was our normality.

Do you think that you would be a psychic medium today, had your parents not been that way inclined?

When something is accepted in a family structure, I think it allows for healthy growth. I always use the example of Tiger Woods who was holding a golf club by the age of two. The talent must have been there, but he was allowed to develop that talent and expand his abilities. There was a distinct lack of fear because of this acceptance within the family structure. 

I don’t think I would be the psychic I am today, had I not had the ‘permission’ of my family. I didn’t have to hide from anyone or anything. However, I’m not sure I would have steered the course as there were so many other options in my earlier life (I majored in Business Economics), and I was a singer and wanted to be a rockstar! However, somehow I knew that mediumship and psychism were within me, and I was so unafraid of that. It was simply about having the confidence to deliver the messages, and this happened very organically and was a natural progression from there. I have been practicing for thirty years now. 

Do either of your sons possess psychic abilities?

I have two boys in their early twenties. The spiritual world collided with my children, as they are both on the spectrum of autism. I have a low-verbal, non-verbal and Asperger child. My Asperger child is a brilliant musician. With my younger son, who is non-verbal, we have recently developed a form of communication with each other with an RPM, which is a letter board and he fully communicates with me on this board. 

I have discovered that he is not only completely telepathic, but is also a medium. He is reckoning with his abilities right now. (Does this lead back to DNA, you may be wondering?). I teach thirty autistic students this method of communication, and I have come to realize that every single one of them possesses this same ability or trait. I believe, because my son (and my students) is in soul silence, he has built up an extrasensory perception, unique to this culture. 

What is the most profound reading you have ever had and why?

I’m going to rewind twenty-two years when mediumship was not yet fashionable. I was in someone’s home doing individual, private readings. I did a reading for the lady of the house, and I soon realized that she had lost her 4-year old son. This son started jumping up and down saying ‘Tim’, ‘Tim’ and telling me all sorts of stories. I asked the lady (his mother), who Tim was, and she said that it was her husband. I, of course, wondered why the son was calling his father ‘Tim’ and the lady explained to me that she had sons from another man, who called him ‘Tim’, and the little one was simply replicating his siblings as a joke. 

This is what first validated ‘me to myself’ as a medium, and is why that reading was so important in my life. I knew that I was a medium before, but had never really absorbed and assimilated it entirely. The profoundness of this little boy had and continues to have a huge impact on me, and he still comes to me and sometimes helps me with other things too. He shows up when I need him, often when there are other children involved. 

What is your definition of death?

There is no death! It is the transference of the body into disembodied, and the consciousness continues. It is the transition of the body whereby consciousness is put into the spiritual realm. This is why I am absolutely fascinated with NDE’s (Near Death Experiences), as they prove to us in a physical form what we learn on the other side. 

Can you describe your relationship with Spirit?

I feel that it is a very close relationship. It takes trust, confidence and a total lack of fear to have a relationship with Spirit. Spirit is near, and nearer than we think. All we have to do is listen, and use whichever preferred modality to do so; super consciousness, voices in mind, audience…Spirit is here.

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