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Harmony, Sounds, Healing - With Nestor Kornblum

Harmony, Sounds, Healing - With Nestor Kornblum

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Nestor Kornblum from Harmonic Sounds. We spoke about his healing gift, how he utilized it and developed his career, and what can a person expect from a Sound Healing session.

When did you first realize you have a healing gift, and how did your career develop?

As a child, I developed an especially close relationship with animals and wanted to be an animal healer. My parents were pioneers, in my home country of South Africa, as counselors in what was then called the New Age, but which we know was the beginning of the New Age movement of Positive thought. They were colleagues of the same school of thought as Louise Hay.

Already at the age of 7 years old I was aware of The Law of Attraction (long before it became “A Secret”), the Law of Cause and Effect, and other laws governing the Science of Human relationships, Creation, and Manifestation. I have never really thought of myself as having a “Healing Gift”. I see my role in this Lifetime as being more of a Healer on a Global, Planetary scale. I like to help larger groups rather than work with individuals. I did not sing or play any instruments until I was 30 years old. Only when my wife did a Sound and Voice workshop in the UK, shortly after we married in 1995, did I become involved with Sound. I especially have a powerful relationship with Overtone Singing, a technique that I first learned from my wife, that enables me to sing two or even more sounds with my voice, and is related to the Throat singing of the Mongolians. We have recorded 14 CDs where I use this Overtone singing as well as other instruments to create deeply relaxing, therapeutic music.

I spread the awareness of Vibration in its most understood form of SOUND… as a powerful tool not only for personal healing and growth but also as a way of healing planet Earth, society, and humanity through global Transformation

What services do you offer?

Mostly we are now dedicated to teaching our Sound Therapy Certification Training courses. Each year we offer 6 or 7 two-week training courses in order to train new Sound Therapists. In addition to this, we continue to offer Group Sound Healing sessions which we call “Sound Journeys” and when time allows we also offer Sound Healing individual sessions.

What exactly is Sound Healing, and what does a Sound Healing session look like?

Sound Healing is the oldest form of healing known to humanity and began with the first Mother singing or humming to her baby. All therapeutic and healing sounds follow from this ancient connection with the human voice.

All healing modalities are really contained within Sound and Vibrational healing. Flower essences, crystal healing, and even bodywork modalities rely on the transmission of vibration from one body or object to another.

Sound healing or Sound Therapy is based on perfect science via wave phenomena, Cymatics: images which are made when Sound changes the shape and form of physical matter; and also based on the concepts of Entrainment and Sympathetic Resonance.

Essentially, a strongly vibrating object will impose its vibration on all physical objects in its vicinity that are close enough for its sound waves to reach. Sound is a compression wave that kinetically shifts the atoms and air molecules so that they literally knock against physical objects causing them to vibrate and attempt to match the vibrations they are receiving. This is sympathetic resonance.

So, very simplistically, Sound Healing is when a therapist uses therapeutic Sound tools and musical instruments to create changes in the essential vibration of a client, in their organs, physical body, and Biofields which are subtle electromagnetic fields that surround the physical body. These tools are most notably the voice, Tuning forks, Tibetan or Himalayan singing bowls, and a huge variety of other shamanic or cultural indigenous instruments like Gongs, Native American drums and flutes, and many others.

What can a person expect from a Sounds Healing session?

At the very least one can expect deep relaxation and a profound sense of peace and a feeling of connection to Nature and all living things. Here’s a list of some ways that Sound can help with healing:

  1. Relief from stress and anxiety
  2. Improved concentration and enhanced creativity
  3. A stronger immune system response
  4. Improved vision (physical, mental and spiritual)
  5. Brain hemisphere balancing
  6. Restoration of equilibrium in the endocrine system by vibrating the pituitary and other glands.
  7. Relief of sinus congestion and headaches
  8. Induction of alpha brainwave activity or deep meditation
  9. Increased energy through stimulation of the cerebrospinal fluid (considered by some to be the physical form of kundalini energy)
  10. Chakra and aura balancing and cleaning (and corresponding organs and glands)
  11. Space clearing
  12. Easier access to intuition and higher consciousness
  13. Increased flexibility in the joints and better mobility in case of arthritis and other joint ailments.
  14. The effects of serious illnesses such as cancers and tumors may also be alleviated with dedication and frequent treatments

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

One of the most important aspects of a therapist-client relationship is the use of Energy Management. This is where we teach our Sound Therapy students how to create a Safe Container or Safe Space in which to conduct the therapy session. This is vital to create mutual trust, but also to create an energetically clean and Neutral space where the client can feel protected, comfortable, and nurtured.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of the job is seeing how people’s lives are transformed by the power of Sound and Music. Often, I witness reactions of joy, love, and happiness. Also, there can be true and powerful healings of emotional and psychological pain and other serious physical issues such as arthritis, muscle pain, stiff joints, etc that can truly affect the quality of one’s day-to-day life.

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