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Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On April 01, 2023

Taking The First Step With PathForward

Taking The First Step With PathForward

PathForward an online psychic network, formerly known as Hollywood Psychic, has been offering trusted psychic readings for over 15 years.  We chat to Samantha Guidry from PathForward for more insights what they stand for and reliable services.

What was the inspiration behind founding PathForward? 

Motivated Millennial women taking control of their lives was our greatest inspiration. Look, we all know that life’s challenges are inevitable – can I get an amen!  And knowing how to navigate through Millennial girl probs can often be the greatest test of all.  The space between making a tough decision and feeling in control is where PathForward fits in.  We wanted to create a supportive platform where culturally diverse Millennial women can go not just for psychic readings but for actionable, life-changing advice. With the guidance of intuitive Psychics, Millennial gals from all walks of life can get genuine answers, clarity, and a deeper understanding of their concerns from Psychics who understand.  Unlike other psychic services that only focus on metaphysical gifts, we’re driven by the emotional benefits of a reading, such as inner-peace, empowerment, and confidence– aka, the things that help you sleep better at night.  Our mission statement could not be any clearer:  PathForward is how motivated Millennials become empowered by developing life strategies in partnership with intuitive Psychics. 

What are the different types of readings that PathForward offers? 

While our name and modern vibe may seem brand-new, our service, formerly known as Hollywood Psychics, has been providing live phone and chat readings for over 15 years – oh yes, we’ve had quite the glow-up!  From love to work to money, our intuitive Psychics are available 24/7 to answer questions and address those concerns unique to female Millennials – girl, we got you!  We have dedicated Psychics who specialize in Tarot, Astrology, Clairvoyance, and Love Readings, but they’re also Mediums, Empaths, Self-Love Gurus, and Energy Healers.  Our service is mobile-friendly so customers can talk or chat anytime, anywhere, like in-between meetings or cozied up on the couch.  We’re also thinking about our future – no pun!  We have plans for psychic video readings and an innovative Ask Now, Answer Later feature where customers can ask on-going questions throughout their day via a text-like platform and receive answers later on.

Is there anything that a person should do to prepare for an online reading? 

Sometimes people who are having an OMG moment need to pick up the phone immediately to get instant relief from a troubling situation – it happens!  But, in any other circumstance, we recommend following a few steps to set the tone and get in the right mind-space for a reading.  Before making a connection to a Psychic, we suggest taking a few minutes to think about the questions you have and write them down.  This easy exercise doesn’t burn any calories (sorry bout’ it).  It does, however, help prioritize the questions you’d like answered.  We suggest that people consider their desired outcome from a reading – law of attraction!  For example, gaining confidence, knowledge or clarity, or learning the next steps you can take to reach a goal.  Remember, a psychic reading is “you” time and should be done in a relaxing space without distraction where you can open your mind and be present.  Once you’ve found your ahh zen, choose a Psychic that meets your needs by filtering through the many gifts, tools, and communication styles offered.  For instance, you may want to talk to a Clairvoyant who uses tarot cards to answer questions about love, sex, and romance with an easy communication style (like auntie).  We wouldn’t be PathForward if we didn’t suggest next steps to take after a reading.  We always encourage people to reflect on the insight received, think on follow-up questions, and be opened-minded to the messages heard in the days that follow.

What are some of the more popular aspects that people seek guidance with and how can a psychic or medium assist with this? 

Our Psychics will guide your path forward.  Most customers on our service seek a blend of straightforward answers, validation of feelings, and a clear-cut plan of action.  Astrology and zodiac signs are hot topics of conversation.  Customers can connect with an Astrologer and get details about their astrological identity, birth-chart, horoscope, and guidance for navigating planetary energy shifts – we’ve got mercury retrograde under control!  Many people connect with our Psychics because they are seeking advice in their complicated love life.  Between hookup apps, social media, and blended families, finding (and keeping) love ain’t easy!  Our love Psychics can look into a potential partner’s true intentions and offer intuitive advice for making the right relationship decisions.  Career is also a popular topic, as many of our customers are motived to grow professionally and financially.  Our career Psychics will illuminate on workplace energies and offer next steps for moving on up!

Is there any difference in connecting with people through online readings compared to a face-to-face reading? 

 A legit Psychic does not need to be face-to-face to provide an exceptional psychic reading.  In fact, our Psychics provide more accuracy and objective advice from the comfort of their own homes.  And customers feel more at ease opening up and discussing matters of their private lives in anonymous space than they would be sitting across a table from a reader.  There’s a reason why less than 5% of the Psychics who apply to join PathForward get selected to join our psychic service. We only accept the best of the very best!

Do you think anyone can become a psychic with practice and do you have any advice for someone that is interested in developing their abilities and pursuing this journey? 

 That little voice inside your head, aka your intuition, is a real thing.  We’ve all got it! But knowing how to use that gift takes practice and dedication.  Many of our Psychics are passionate about helping people tune-in to their intuition as part of their next steps to overcome daily life challenges.  People may find that regularly talking to Psychics helps them “see” more clearly and opens the door of possibilities.  We recommend meditations, energy healing such as Reiki, and mindfulness exercises for those genuinely interested in exploring their intuitive abilities.


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