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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On September 24, 2021

PathForward vs Psychic Encounters: There's a Clear Winner (2021)

PathForward vs Psychic Encounters: There's a Clear Winner (2021)

PathForward vs. Psychic Encounters: An Overview

Both of these sites are a great option for those who are new to psychic readings, but their visions differ slightly. Psychic Encounters is on a mission to provide psychic readings at affordable rates, while PathForward is all about providing the best user experience.

While most psychic sites may appear to have similar offerings at face value, discovering the intricacies of each site will help you figure out which is a better fit for your needs. I’ve put together a full breakdown of each site and compared them like for like to help you decide who comes out on top.

Once you are ready to sign up, you can take advantage of Psychic Encounter’s 10% discount or PathForward’s free minutes.

PathForward vs. Psychic Encounters: Types of Readings


PathForward gives you access to several reading categories, including career and money, family, love and romance, self-love, and spirituality. Each category has a good selection of psychics to choose from without it being overwhelming.

PathForward makes it easy to zone in on the type of reading you’re after. You can filter your search according to reading topic, psychic gifts and tools, their communication style, or even your preferred language. Even the filtering options are really simple, making it that much easier to find the right psychic for you.

Psychic Encounters

Psychic Encounters’ psychics can give you readings in four main categories: love, departed loved ones, money, and life paths.

There are far more psychics on Psychic Encounters than on PathForward, which is good news if you prefer a wider selection. Unfortunately, the site’s filtering options are something to be desired. 

You can only filter your search according to price and language within each reading category. If you are looking for psychics with specific gifts and who work with a particular type of tool such as tarot, you will need to review each psychic’s profile individually.

Winner: PathForward for their reading category filtering options.

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PathForward vs Psychic Encounters: Pricing



When you create an account on PathForward, you will pay as little as $0.83 a minute. However, this rate is only available once and you have to choose between 10, 20, or 30-minute packages. You will also get 3 minutes for free. 

After your introductory offer has expired, all psychic readings are $5 per minute, regardless of the reader you choose. If you start running out of credits during your reading, there is a handy Fast Path feature that allows you to purchase a few extra minutes without leaving the conversation. This will make use of your existing payment method, including credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

Psychic Encounters

Psychic Encounters

Psychic Encounters prides itself on its transparent pricing. There are two price tiers to choose from. The first is for a standard reading at a rate of $0.99 per minute, while a reading with a premium psychic costs $1.99 per minute. New users will also receive a 10% discount on their first reading when signing up.

Psychic Encounters accepts all major credit cards, gift cards, and PayPal. It’s important to note that when using your chosen payment method for the first time, the site holds $29.70 in your account. This is the cost of a 30-minute reading, which is their maximum. If your first reading is shorter you will only be charged for the time you used and the rest will be refunded.

Winner: Psychic Encounters for their affordable psychic reading rates.

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PathForward vs Psychic Encounters: Website Usability



When browsing PathForward, you can see they’ve designed the site with the user in mind. The aesthetically appealing interface makes finding a psychic a pleasant experience and the simplified structure makes it a breeze to navigate. I love the Quick Connect feature that puts you in touch with an available psychic in a matter of seconds without the hassle of sifting through all the profiles on the site.

Along with the helpful filters, I also appreciate the fact that the psychic profiles are detailed. You can listen to an audio introduction from each psychic and read through a short interview. You can also check out the psychic’s reviews and their upcoming schedule in your time zone to find a time that works best for you.

Signing up on PathForward is super straightforward. You’ll simply need to fill in a few basic details, like your name and email address, after which you’ll be directed to their payment page where you can choose the introductory package that suits you best.

Psychic Encounters

Psychic Encounters

Even though Psychic Encounters doesn’t have many standout features on the site itself, there is a convenient app where there are psychics available 24/7.

When checking out each psychic’s profile, there isn’t much information available, which is disappointing. At least you can sort the psychic’s reviews from low to high – very few psychic sites offer this functionality.

Creating an account on Psychic Encounters is easy and you have the option to use your Google, Apple, or Facebook account. Unfortunately, you won’t have the option to schedule your readings in advance since you can only connect with a psychic while they are online. Despite this drawback, connecting with your chosen psychic is really easy. Simply click on the call or chat button to get started.

Winner: PathForward for their better user experience and advanced functionality.

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PathForward vs Psychic Encounters: Trustworthiness


While PathForward doesn’t have as many psychics on staff as some of its competitors, they’ve made it clear that they value quality over quantity. Only 5% of the psychics who apply are successful. They want to ensure that the people they hire are truly gifted and know what they’re doing.

PathForward is so confident in the abilities of their psychics that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your reading. Furthermore, the detail that each psychic’s profile offers indicates that they want you to feel confident in the person you are trusting to guide you.

Psychic Encounters

Unfortunately, Psychic Encounters doesn’t offer much insight into how they screen their psychics. There also isn’t much information available on their psychics’ profiles to gauge their abilities. However, using their sorting function, you can check out a psychic’s negative reviews along with the positive ones and see how many readings they’ve performed. A psychic that’s done thousands of readings may generally be more reliable since it’s clear that their clients keep coming back for further guidance.

Winner: PathForward for their thorough screening process and money-back guarantee.

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PathForward vs Psychic Encounters: Added Extras


PathForward is constantly innovating to set themselves apart from their competitors. The site’s In Site Rewards program allows you to earn 3% in rewards dollars every time you make a purchase. You can accumulate up to 45 rewards dollars in a month that can be used for future readings.

There is also a feature called Inner Circle. Members can join for $24.99 a month, after which they’ll benefit from a once-off free 10-minute reading, as well as 10% off all future readings. You can also take advantage of the introductory offer as a new user where you’ll get a free 10-minute phone call reading as well as a free 10-minute chat reading.

Added Extras - Path Forward

Psychic Encounters

Psychic Encounters - Added Extra

Because of Psychic Encounters’ simplistic approach to the service they offer, the one feature that sets them apart is their mobile app. You can set up notifications for when your favorite psychics are online and available to help you with a reading. The readings on the app can be done via phone or chat where there are psychics available 24/7.

Winner: PathForward for their rewards program and regular benefits.

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The Bottom Line on PathForward vs Psychic Encounters

Both of these sites have their pros and cons and it’s up to you as the customer to decide which aspects of each site meet your personal needs.

If you’re looking for a site that offers cheap psychic readings and a wide selection of psychics, then Psychic Encounters will be a great fit for you. Unfortunately, you won’t benefit from any added extras but the basics are definitely covered and even available on the app.

If you want to be a member of a site that goes out of its way to bring quality to its customers, then PathForward is surely a winner. You won’t have a huge range of psychics to choose from, but you can be sure that the ones you speak to have been thoroughly screened. You’ll also benefit from the special rewards programs they’ve implemented to bring more value to your experience.

Overall Winner: PathForward

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Xeandra has been drawn to all things spiritual and divine from a young age. She spends a lot of time meditating and her real life experiences have given her special insights in understanding the power of the universe.