Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On November 29, 2022

Pauline Walsh - Platform Medium

Pauline Walsh - Platform Medium

Pauline Walsh, Surrey-based Platform Medium, shines her light on MysticMag and shares her insights on her life-long passion and profession – helping others achieve self-empowerment.

What are the foundations of Spirit and how did your journey lead you there?

I have always been highly intuitive but I went through a particularly rough patch in my life at one stage and became interested in spiritualism. I had a calling – visions, picking up on energies – and was continually drawn to the Spiritualist Church in Kingston. Within two weeks I was in a closed circle which I attended for the following four years. It was the most amazing experience for me.

I had no intention of becoming a Platform Medium but the four year experience with this circle changed my life forever. I learnt incredible things about Spirit, how to connect, how to deliver messages and how to handle all the energies around me. I tried going up on the platform once – and was pretty nervous – and now I visit spiritualist churches all over the country. It has been an amazing journey – I am an NFHS healer, I have done shamanic work and I have really immersed myself into my spirituality, self-empowerment and self-improvement – healing from within.

What is a Platform Medium exactly?

The medium gets up and connects with the loved ones of those in the audience and gives proof of evidence of life after death. If I stand up in the church and someone’s loved one comes through, I give evidence so that they totally understand who I have and once that person is 100% sure of who has come forth, we go into a message and find the reason why they came here. There are amazing connections that take place and it is incredible to see the upliftment that takes place on the faces of the people receiving the messages.

I run a class for budding Platform Mediums at the Richmond Spiritualist Church and my mission is to improve the standard of mediumship – I take it very seriously and am extremely passionate about it.

In your experience, do most people need evidence-based mediumship to fully grasp the reality of the situation?

Yes I believe so. Many people are skeptics but even for those that are not, I want to give pure evidence and a real strong message. Dates and birthdays are not enough. I want to help these people on their journey. We are here to be free and in a space of love.

Why do spirits generally come forth (messages/reassurance..)?

We all have freewill and even if you are asking your loved one to come through, this may not happen. You never know who will come through, it may be a neighbor, a friend, a pet…It is preferable that the person coming to me set an intention so as to optimize the free flow of Spirit.

What would you say is your driving force in this lifetime?

It is absolutely to heal myself 1000% and get myself into a great space and help many others with all the tools and lessons that I have learnt on my own journey. Everything I speak of when I am on the ‘platform’ is something I have experienced myself and know it works. I only speak of what I know.

I want to empower people and help them let go of their baggage. Change begins within us and our hearts. We need to release our fear and see the changes in the world to achieve a higher consciousness, globally. This all starts with ourselves because if we can’t love and help ourselves, we can’t help anyone else. This is the space where empowerment takes place.

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