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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On April 01, 2023

Interview with Philena Bruce - Palmist, Psychic and Healer

Interview with Philena Bruce - Palmist, Psychic and Healer

This week we had the pleasure to talk with Philena Bruce, a palmist, psychic and healer based in England that has a really interesting journey. Let’s hear it!

Please tell us a bit about your journey and professional services

I left the University of Warwick in ’72 and in the winter of ‘73 to ‘74 I was working for the Civil Service in a job where we had nothing to do all day. So, we read magazines from cover to cover, including the adverts. About this time I saw an advert for learning Palmistry.

So, I took lessons and started to learn them under the desk in the office. It turned out I was rather good at it! At that age I was into going to pubs and travelling in Europe and once people learned I read palms they would come flocking to me! And, of course, I had free drinks for the entire evening.

I started teaching Mathematics at a Catholic boys school and, while there, I realized I had everything insured in my life, except for what happened to me after I died. I began to get a bit worried about the next world.

So, I decided to go off and do some work in Mother Theresa’s Children Home, in Calcutta (Kolkata). I travelled around India for 2 years and went to a Catholic Ashram in South India, called Shantivanam. The guru was Father Bede Griffiths and I became the Ashram palm reader. I also read more books on the subject while I was there. I came home and I started a part time Palmistry business, while teaching Maths to the 11 to 16 year olds, at the Urdang Academy of Ballet and Performing Arts, in Covent Garden.

I realized that half of the people who came to see me had problems that needed resolving. I started giving them the names and contact details of good homeopaths, cranial osteopaths or whoever I thought might help them the best. Later I discovered that few of them actually went to see these people whom I had recommended.  I took various healing courses myself and when i suggested that those with problems might return to see me for a healing session, about 50% of them did so.

I found it interesting that in your website you mentioned that you developed your skills as a medium, being something that you worked on, not only a gift. How was that process?

Learning Palmistry is like leaning to read a graph: if low is cold and high is hot, somewhere in the middle is lukewarm. That is a little bit how palmistry is taught. You can’t just teach that certain positions of lines mean certain things as no two people have identical hands on the entire planet. You need to learn how to interpret what you see.

Being intuitive helps when one gets stuck. If I look at a hand and I am not quite sure of something, maybe it could be A or B, then intuition can help push me in the right direction. But the basics of Palmistry is scientific, and thus can be taught to anybody – anybody who can do simple arithmetic in their head and who really wants to learn it.

As for my skills as a medium, as soon as I started healing people, spirits arrived to speak to me, relatives of my client and angelic beings.

Please, present us your book “Know That You Are Loved – Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone.”

At some point I was giving instructions to a client down the phone on different things she could do to make her life a lot better. Afterwards, I realised they were good points, so I wrote down what I still remembered. And then I figured I could write a book on that!

The first part of the book is composed of simple exercises that changed my life. When my clients tried these exercises, their lives also changed for the better. For the healing methods in the second part of my book, people usually need to come see me, unless they are experienced healers and thus can do them without help.

I decided that the best way to write a book quickly was to go to India and write it there, and thus avoid the distractions I would get at home. [Biologist and author] Rupert Sheldrake wrote his first book in Shantivanam, people often wrote their books there. So, I sat in the ashram to write mine and it worked very nicely. It took me two weeks to write and another 2 weeks to proof read. Once a week I went to Trichy [Tiruchirappalli] and I would print off what I had typed. I would also send by email the pages I had typed to a friend in the UK to look after for me, in case anything happened to my laptop.

With this difficult scenario, how did you adapt to keep your services and help people. The online readings and sessions can be as fulfilling as the presential ones?

Yes, they can. But in person many of my healings last 2 to 3 hours, whereas on Zoom or Skype I cannot keep going for more than one hour 45 minutes maximum. This is because in person I sit with my hands on the person’s shoulders, and through my hands I pick up a lot of information about what is wrong and how best to deal with it. On line I need to pick up the information from my whole body and I find this far more exhausting. So on line I often need to do 2 healings whereas in person it would only be one..

But the real problem I’ve got is with the Palmistry. I have written out very simple instructions, which I send by email to the client, telling them which photos to send me, so I can read their hands. I can’t read a person’s hands if they just hold them up to the screen on Zoom or Skype, I need good quality photos of the them. Usually the client sends me anything but what I have asked for! Many are unable to send me decent photos of their hands or say that they will wait until I am seeing people in person again. So I have lost a lot of Palmistry work due to this ongoing world problem.

Finally, do you have a message for our readers in these special times?

Yes: it is going to get better. People who do world prophecies (I don’t) are saying that we are heading towards a golden age, as our planet is ascending to a higher level of consciousness. That the worst will be over by 2022 and that all the bad will be over by 2024.  We should be starting to build a new world in 2024 or 2025 and it’s supposed to take 8 years, so we enter the Golden Age around 2032.

So, I would say you just need to keep going, one foot after the other, until you get there. It is going to get better and we are going to have a brand new world. Take things slowly, follow your heart and your own intuition. Believe what your inner self says, because it is more likely to be right than what anybody else says.

Just know that the world is going through a re-birthing process and it is painful. So, we have a few painful years and then we are going into a much better world. And in your mind’s eye, see the world the way that you’d like it to be, because what we think about grows. So help to grow a wonderful new world. It is just a matter of time before we get there.

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