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Could our Pets be our Spirit Guides? Phoebe Hoffman

Could our Pets be our Spirit Guides?  Phoebe Hoffman

Phoebe Hoffman is a highly intuitive and articulate being who is passionate about connecting animals and humans on a soul level. Phoebe reveals more on how she provides her clients with healing and meaningful insights. 

Do you have more of a soul connection with animals or humans?

No, I absolutely connect with both equally. It all depends on the context of who the soul is. I appreciate them equally because when I do a reading, I am not only connecting with the animal but also with the person. It all comes down to the relationship between them and how the animal is observing their human. It is so important to realize that our animals know us better than ANYONE. 

When did you first start communicating with animals and was it something that was learned or did it come naturally?

This is an interesting question because I have always had such enormous empathy for animals to the point that it was causing me a lot of pain in my own life. I didn’t know that this empathy was actually a gift that I could use to help people and animals. 

When I refer to this empathy that I experience, a couple of examples would be; feeling the thirst and discomfort of a dog on a hot day in NYC, or walking past a steak restaurant where I would see people eating their food and actually visualising the pain and suffering that these animals went through at the time of slaughter. Animals are not heard; they have no voice and no rights. 

I learned that this empathy was a gift five years ago when I walked into an animal communication workshop and came to understand that all this pain and emotion I was feeling was actually communication. I was highly intuitive but I never knew this until I was made aware and that was when I began developing my skills to enable me to establish a professional practice.

What are some of the most important lessons that animals have taught you?

The most important thing is understanding and acknowledging that animals CAN teach us. We can learn from them by observation and by just loving them. Animals are pure and innocent and love between the animal and human is totally unconditional. 

Some say that children choose their parents. Would you say the same for animals?

I think animals who incarnate to be with a person and have a relationship with do choose us. For example, if someone goes to a shelter and one dog stands out particularly from the rest, there is a reason for this. It is not just a random occurrence. 

I believe animals (our pets) are waiting for us. I have a story with my own cat which illustrates my point; I was at a shelter very far from home one day, and I spotted this cat. I didn’t adopt her because it seemed unfeasible at the time. A month later, I was at another shelter, much closer to my home, where I saw the same cat. She had been transferred because she was a senior and no one was interested in adopting her. This cat was meant to be with me.

For wild animals and farmed animals, the scenario is obviously quite different. 

Do you envisage a world minus animal cruelty?

Unfortunately not. That would be ideal but human nature is so primitive and barbaric that it would virtually be impossible. Humans are in such pain themselves, that it is in their nature to want other creatures to be ‘lower’ than them. 

People who are disenfranchised need somebody to knock around. Animals are viewed by most as being there for their use and exploitation. If a world without animal cruelty is to happen, it will  take a very long time. 

How can we as individuals learn more from our pets, or other animals?

You can contact an animal communicator, such as me; someone you feel comfortable with and who can tap into the spirit of the animal. Staying open, watching them, paying attention and being present is super important. Animals are always in the present.

How do you proceed with your clients?

I work with all animals, alive and those who have passed. I work remotely mainly, or in person. I connect in with the person before I bring in the animal. It is very important to know that if you come to me for a reading, it is going to be about you. 

My website more fully explains what I do and how I do it and how to book a reading.


Animals always have a lot to say about their people and they know everything about their humans, their essence as well as their personality. You could almost say that our pets are like our spirit guides, they are still present and aware even once they have passed away. 

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