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Written by Benjamin Lee | Updated On December 03, 2022

Psychic Encounters vs Mysticsense: One Offers Refunds

Psychic Encounters vs Mysticsense: One Offers Refunds

Psychic Encounters has now merged with California Psychics, which came into effect on the 31st of March 2022. Most of the psychics from Psychic Encounters can now be found on California Psychics. If you’re still interested in Psychic Encounters, then please see our California Psychics Review for more information.

Psychic Encounters vs. Mysticsense: An Overview

The truth is that Psychic Encounters and Mysticsense seem to excel, and fall short, in exactly the opposite areas. So the criteria that matter to you will very clearly determine which of these sites is the best fit for you.

Do you prefer psychic readings on the go? Do you want face-to-face readings via video? What’s more important to you: cheaper prices, or a money-back guarantee? Hold on to these answers in your head, and read on to discover which of these two sites checks off more of your boxes.

Quick Summary of Winner in Each Category

💲 Starting price: Psychic Encounters ($0.99 per Minute)
🔮 Types of reading: Mysticsense (15+ Choices)
🤝 Trustworthiness: Mysticsense (Clear Refund Policy)
🎉 Added extras: Psychic Encounters (Mobile App)
🙋 Customer Support: Mysticsense (Live Chat Support)

Psychic Encounters vs. Mysticsense: Types of Readings

Psychic Encounters

The truth is that when it comes to variety of reading types, Psychic Encounters leaves much to be desired, especially compared to most other sites out there. There are only 4 categories to choose from on the site: love psychics, departed loved ones, money psychics, and life path psychics. Any psychics that don’t fit into one of these categories fall into the overall list of psychics.

Types of Readings

Overall, the site has over 150 psychics to choose from. What’s a bit unfortunate is that while surely there are readers on the site that specialize in topics beyond the 4 shown on the site, you have no way of discovering them aside from looking at each profile one by one. All in all, the Psychic Encounters platform could use some improvements in this area.


Mysticsense offers far more in terms of psychic reading categories. The platform features 18 different reading topics, plus 18 different psychic reading tools, and 5 reading styles. Reading topics include cheating and affairs, family issues, energy healing, career and money, and more.

Types of Readings Mysticsense

Without filtering your search, you will have over 500 psychics to choose from. While it’s fair to consider that more readers doesn’t necessarily mean more qualified readers, you certainly won’t be left wanting for options or variety on this site.

Winner: Mysticsense for its variety of reading topics and filtering options.

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Psychic Encounters vs. Mysticsense: Pricing

Psychic Encounters

One area where Psychic Encounters really excels is pricing— this platform has some of the most competitive, yet straightforward pricing I’ve seen on a psychic reading site. There are only two rates on the site: $0.99 per minute, and $1.99 per minute— that’s it.

Top psychics charge $1.99 per minute for phone and chat readings, and all the rest charge $0.99 per minute. Psychic Encounters also offers users 10% off their first purchase.


Overall, the platform places a lot of emphasis on affordability, particularly for users looking to meet with psychic readers on a regular basis.


Mysticsense also offers highly competitive rates. You’ll find psychics that charge as low as $0.99 per minute, with rates topping off at $10 per minute. This is, admittedly, more expensive than Psychic Encounters. It is fair to say, though, that most readers on this site charge less than $5 per minute for their services.

Pricing Mysticsense

Mysticsense also offers an introductory bonus for first-time customers. When you sign up and deposit your first $10 you’ll get 5 free minutes credited to your account. Overall, the site is not as cheap as Psychic Encounters is, but it still offers a good deal compared to other comparable psychic reading platforms out there.

Winner: Psychic Encounters for low rates for regular users.

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Psychic Encounters vs. Mysticsense: Website Usability

Psychic Encounters

When it comes to website usability, there’s a lot that Psychic Encounters gets right. For starters, creating an account is completely free, and very easy: all you need is an email and a password.

Website Usability

Once you’ve found a psychic you want to connect with, you don’t have to add funds to your account ahead of time. Instead, you enter your credit card or PayPal details and are charged at the end of your reading.

Psychic Encounters also has a mobile app that offers a seamless, on-the-go experience for readings via phone and chat.

One aspect that Psychic Encounters could improve is the process of finding a psychic. Aside from having only 4 reading topics to choose from, the site barely has any filtering options to assist in your search. The only available filters are price and language. While you can sort results based on ratings or number of readings, you really do have to click on psychics one by one to learn about them.

But aside from this drawback, Psychic Encounters offers an all-around easy and pleasant user experience.


One feature that sets Mysticsense apart is the psychic video reading functionality. This is probably the biggest difference between this site and Psychic Encounters. If you’re looking to connect with psychics face to face, Mysticsense is a great fit.

Aside from this, Mysticsense also makes the process of finding a psychic much quicker and easier than Psychic Encounters. Using Mysticsense’s advanced filtering options you could search for psychics that meet not one, but multiple criteria. The site’s layout also ensures you can learn about a psychic without having to click on each profile.

Mysticsense is similar to Psychic Encounters in that it’s also free and painless to create your own account— no credit card is needed, just an email address and a password.

Website Usability Mysticsense

That being said, Mysticsense does have one drawback— the platform does not have its own app.

Winner: Mysticsense for its video reading functionality.

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Psychic Encounters vs. Mysticsense: Trustworthiness

Psychic Encounters

Unfortunately, when it comes to trustworthiness Psychic Encounters falls short in a lot of areas. The site has been around since 2016 but is missing some important information that customers tend to care about. While some sites offer a satisfaction guarantee or at least some details about their psychic selection process, Psychic Encounters offers none of this.

You won’t find any information about a refund policy, what to do if a reading is unsatisfactory, or how their psychics are evaluated. The site does have an FAQ section, but it doesn’t address these topics.

The only potentially helpful resource is the site’s contact form. It states that a representative will get back to you within 24 hours. Unfortunately, the form topics also don’t include a refund option — the closest topic you’ll find is Psychic Issue/ Complaint.

And perhaps the biggest red flag of all is that when I filled out the contact form and asked for information on the refund policy, all I received was a generic reply with a link back to the FAQ section.


Thankfully, Mysticsense has a significantly different approach to establishing trust with customers. Right on the site’s homepage, you’ll find details about their refund policy.


If you’re unhappy with your psychic reading you can request a refund within 48 hours of the reading taking place. You’ll receive a response within two days of your request and can expect to receive up to $10 worth of time back in credits.

The site also mentions a very thorough application process that psychics must go through. Quality checks are also conducted regularly to ensure that psychics continue to meet the necessary standards.

Winner: Mysticsense for its clear refund policy.

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Psychic Encounters vs. Mysticsense: Added Extras

Psychic Encounters: Extra Features

While Psychic Encounters doesn’t offer newsletters or free horoscopes, the app does offer free alerts for when your preferred psychic is online. This is great for people who are looking to connect on the go, or at a moment’s notice.

Added Extras

Mysticsense: Extra Features

Mysticsense doesn’t have an app or notification options like Psychic Encounters, but they do have the standard extra features you’d expect. You’ll find plenty of interesting posts to read under their Articles and Media section, and you can also check out the site’s daily horoscopes. 

Winner: Psychic Encounters for useful app features.

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The Bottom Line on Psychic Encounters vs. Mysticsense

The thing about Psychic Encounters and Mysticsense is that they both have some really great features, while simultaneously lacking some fundamental features.

For example, when we look at usability, Mysticsense clearly has the better user experience with its great filtering capabilities, and the option to connect with psychics via video. But on the other hand, Psychic Encounters has a native mobile app, which lets you connect with readers on the go.

When it comes to pricing, Psychic Encounters might have lower rates, but you have to wonder why they don’t offer a refund policy.

The bottom line is this: if you’re looking for a platform that lets you connect with readers on the go, and will cost you as little as possible, Psychic Encounters might be for you. Just be ready to accept some risk.

If you’re looking to connect with readers face-to-face via video, and want to feel secure in your purchases, then Mysticsense is the better choice for you. For the sake of this review, Mysticsense is the winner due to its better website functionality, good customer support and satisfaction guarantee, and its competitive prices.

Overall Winner: Mysticsense

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