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Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On April 01, 2023

Psychic Guidance with Michele Bigness

Psychic Guidance with Michele Bigness

Michele Bigness, Internationally recognized Psychic Medium, Intuitive Coach, Public Speaker and Published Author shares her experience of developing her calling and offers guidance on living a fulfilling life.

Did you grow up knowing you had a psychic gift?

Yes, but it wasn’t like the stories seeing my dead uncle in the crib or warning my 4th grade teacher from impending doom. My abilities were much more subtle. I just knew something about a person or situation that didn’t seem remarkable to my family.  I had a strong fascination with the supernatural early on, though. At ten years old, I found a library book about divination and taught myself how to do Tarot readings with a deck of regular playing cards. I remember asking my next-door neighbors, an elderly couple if they wanted me to tell them their future. They laughed thinking it was cute, at first, until I told them their daughter (they hadn’t seen in years) would be coming to visit. Their expressions changed, looked at each other, looked back at me and asked how I could possibly know that since they just found out that morning, when she called.

Could you tell us about your background and experience

I had a graphic design company, first in Hoboken, NJ, then moved to Park Avenue South, in New York City. After 911, moved to Richmond, Virginia, where I was the Art Director for NBC12. My intuitive abilities were a secret for a long time because, at the time, I couldn’t relate to the reputation and gimmicks. But, when it’s a part of you, sooner or later it can’t be ignored.

When I finally left the conventional world, my psychic gifts responded very fast. For several years, I studied, and practiced to understand what my abilities could do. A friend introduced me to a Eastern Philosophy and Metaphysics Guru to Mentor with, I practiced Tarot cards daily to exercise my psychic muscle, became a NGH Certified Hypnotist to work with the subconscious and trance meditation, Usui Reiki Certified to learn universal healing, Mediumship seminar with Lisa Williams, and for the last 8 years trained in 3-Fold Wisdom, School of St. Germain, as a Master Channel.

I’m a published author (Planting Seeds on Concrete) completing my latest book, The Invisibly Real and listed in “Register Of The United States And World’s Best And Most Trusted Psychics Mediums And Healers” by Maximillien De Lafayette.

What have you personally found to be the more popular service that people request and why do you think that is?

Psychic and Medium readings are the standard. Medium communication is usually the more popular of the two but in the past two years, psychic guidance is what the majority of my clients are scheduling. I think there are two reasons for the change; psychics stopped being associated with the fortune teller stigma and people who’ve shared their reading experiences and testimonials that gives confidence to first timers.

In your experience in working with people, what would you say is the number one thing that holds most people back from living the fulfilling life they would like to live?

I love this question and really glad you asked. My field has a unique advantage, in that, we are contacted by people from around the world with a wide range of ages, economic status, interests, beliefs, professions and social backgrounds. Why I’m mentioning this, directly relates to a question conceivably answered numerous ways; depending on what a fulfilling life translates to, on an individual basis. Most people who contact someone able to communicate with spirit guides don’t realize other ways they can assist. Spirit guides access an individual’s book of life that also holds information explaining their life’s purpose for the current incarnation. In other words, in addition to the services offered, people can discover what goals in their life plan they’re here to accomplish and ask for advice when connected to difficult times. It isn’t unusual, to question if ongoing challenges is punishment for being a bad person in a past life. The universe doesn’t use a punishment system, it’s experiential opportunities to rise above contrasting illusions. Learning what’s in your book of life helps explain the journey isn’t random, or luck of the draw but chosen roles mapped out with a purpose.

Do you have any advice for overcoming this?

Research psychic medium online that are reputable, where skills and years of experience are backed up with testimonials and a digital fingerprint. Keep in mind, psychics and mediums can’t give information that interferes with a seeker’s journey. Consulting with someone experienced will be able to explain what it is and why.

What inspired you to write your recent book and what insights could readers gain from this?

Thank you for your interest in my new book, The Invisibly Real. The inspiration came as an epiphany when I was in the shower.  Telepathically, I heard the words of my guide, Nina float into my mind, saying in her usual matter-of-fact way, ‘There has never been a book written explaining what psychic ability is. Books from psychic mediums are mostly examples of experiences with only brief descriptions.

Honestly, hearing what she said was a stunning revelation and had to check for myself; not because I didn’t believe her. Something so obvious wasn’t ever considered possible. When research proved to be accurate, it felt like having one epiphany after another. Two, in particular: first, psychic ability is an internal experience concluded from external observations, and second, without knowing the internal experience would believe assumptions of what it should do, to be logical.

The Invisibly Real is a psychic guide and reference for readers to experience psychic communication from the psychic’s perspective and her spirit guides direct universal knowledge explaining what it is, can do and will do.

Was there anything that you felt resonated with you on a personal level during the process of writing this book?

Yes, very much. First, it’s important to add, someone can have genuine abilities and not know the logistics. While in the process of writing, I had to question everything learned from others, thought to be psychically received. This required deepening the relationship with my guide, Nina. Our connection was strong, with love and admiration for her continuous help but it was on an, as needed basis. Writing a book is time consuming and being she is the co-author, I got to know her as a friend, as well as, a wise teacher. It’s pretty awesome to write the first guide book on psychic abilities and the first co-authored by an advanced spirit guide.

Is there any final message that you would like to share with our readers?

Never let anyone take away your laughter.


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