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Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On April 01, 2023

Psychic Mix: Clarity Is A Click Away

Psychic Mix:  Clarity Is A Click Away

Psychic Mix is a small collaboration of professional psychic readers with the aim to build the most trusted psychic network online.  In this interview Benjamin Beaumont, Partner of Psychic Mix shares insights into the industry and offers some expert advice for those interested in developing their own abilities.

What was the inspiration behind starting Psychic Mix?

Vanessa, my wife, and I started Psychic Mix in 2017 with one simple aim; to build an honest and open platform that people can trust. Our genuine love and respect for the industry and the people who use our services was the inspiration for Psychic Mix.

Psychic Mix is owned and run by a very spiritual family. Vanessa comes from a long line of tarot readers – we have photos of her giving tarot readings at 9 years old – it’s amazing!  We are not a large corporate company. We run Psychic Mix from our home – we are a real “mom and pop” spiritual company. I think this is reflected in how we do things.

Honesty is always our number one priority. We reject 95% of all psychic applications. We’d rather have a handful of real, genuinely talented psychics than hundreds of mediocre ones. Psychic Mix value and have built strong relationships with our customers and our psychics by providing fast and friendly service from the heart. We love listening to feedback and we react to any advice given.

What are the different types of readings that are offered?

Psychic Mix offers live chat readings. I personally like the anonymity of chat readings as they allow people to speak more openly. For someone who is less confident, a webcam or voice call can add unnecessary stress to the experience, which could affect the reading itself.

Psychic Mix offer a whole range of different services to suit every requirement. We have very talented tarot readers, cartomancers, mediums, clairvoyants, empaths and astrologers to name a few. Each psychic has their own personal shop, where you can find other services such as email readings, birth chart readings, pendulum and astrology forecasts.

We offer love guidance, not love potions, and we don’t offer spells. At Psychic Mix, honesty and openness are our main objective.

Could you guide us through the process of contacting a psychic through Psychic Mix and what to expect during a reading?

During a Psychic Mix reading, you’ll find compassion, kindness and truth. We feel that a psychic reading should be an uplifting and empowering experience.  If you’re not happy with our service, let us know, and we’ll make it right.

Registration is free and it only takes one minute to set up an account. Our psychics are clearly displayed on the home page. You can browse from here or you can search for specific abilities and psychics by clicking “Find Your Psychic”.

When you have found your psychic, you can choose to chat, send them a message, or view their profile. Profiles show each psychic’s reviews, their biography, and their shop. When you start to chat, the first three minutes are free, every time. This is so you can make the right connection with your chosen psychic. To keep chatting, you just click “private chat”, for which you need to buy credits. You can do this from easily from the chat and the homepage, safely and securely through PayPal.

One great way to get in touch directly with our psychics is through our rapidly growing Facebook Group – The Psychic Mix Spiritual Group. All our psychics are members and it’s a great place to ask questions. Many psychics perform regular live streams, answering questions for free. I would really recommend people to join our Facebook group as it’s such a supportive community. We also regularly issue discount coupons to group members.

On the site, you can also use our free direct messaging service, which sends a private message to our psychics. Many psychics use this to provide email readings and other services. It’s also a great way of contacting your psychic for clarifications, or to arrange a session for the future.

You can also contact psychics through their shop. Here you will find a vast range of extra services which are better outside of a live chat, such as birth charts.

What are some of the more popular aspects that people seek guidance with and how can a psychic or medium assist with this?

Everyone who comes to Psychic Mix has their own individual needs and concerns. I strongly believe that psychic readings help release the burdens of life and offer clarity like nothing else.

Most often, people seek guidance about relationships. More recently, with Covid-19, we are seeing a lot of people concerned with their careers and businesses. Other people seek guidance over life-changing subjects, and others look for support and guidance over day to day issues.

Our readings help you to formulate a plan, so that you may achieve your goals quickly and confidently. Our psychics will never sugarcoat their messages. Instead, they offer you a message of guidance, leaving you empowered and ready to proceed in any given situation.

Is there any difference in connecting with people through virtual readings compared to a face-to-face reading?

In a virtual reading, you are free to be as honest and open as possible. At Psychic Mix, we feel this only benefits the experience of the customer and the quality of the reading. Whatever time of the day or night, if you have a need for guidance, our psychics are there.

When some clients have face to face readings, they are often subconsciously worried about how they are being perceived. This can affect the actual connection between the psychic and the client.

Do you think anyone can become a psychic with practice and do you have any advice for someone that is interested in developing their abilities and pursuing this journey?

I feel that we all possess a connection to spirituality and that everyone has some form of gift or ability. I am a strong believer that your gifts will come to you when you’re in the right place to receive them.

We often have clients seeking advice from our psychics regarding exploring their own gifts. My advice would be to follow this interest and do not put yourself under any pressure. Everyone has unique psychic gifts and so it makes sense that our methods will be slightly different. Just because you are not connecting with the tarot, doesn’t mean you won’t connect with a pendulum, or crystal. Experiment with different methods besides tarot cards and open your mind to the wonders of the spiritual realm.

Most of all, have fun with your learning. You may find that your interest in your gift has peaks and troughs, and this is normal as your mind and energy expand to accept it. Go with, and trust, your own flow.

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Chené Murphy is a spiritual enthusiast with a passion for natural wellness and fascinated by the mysteries of this world. Residing in the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, South Africa, her interests include being active in the outdoors and spending quality time with friends and family.