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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On December 03, 2022

PsychicOz vs California Psychics: One Factor Really Matters

PsychicOz vs California Psychics: One Factor Really Matters

PsychicOz vs. California Psychics: An Overview

It’s true— PsychicOz and California Psychics are two very different sites. In fact, you’ll find that one of them has the other beat in almost every single category. But there’s one factor that tends to concern people way more than any other, and that’s pricing. 

One of these sites offers far more competitive rates than the other— but you’ll have to decide if price makes a big enough difference to you that you’re willing to sacrifice in other areas.

Your decision likely comes down to one important question: how frequently do you want to schedule psychic readings?

Consider your answer to this question, and read on to discover which site is the right match for you.

PsychicOz vs. California Psychics: Types of Readings


PsychicOz has a very respectable selection of reading types, featuring 8 reading subjects, 9 psychic abilities, and 8 psychic reading tools. Among these, you’ll find the standard topics you’d expect, like love and relationships and career advice. But you’ll also find a few niche options like pet psychics, automatic writing, I-Ching, and pendulum readings.

PsychicOz also groups its readers according to staff picks, customer favorites, and rising stars. You can connect with psychics via call, chat, and email.

Types of Reading

The one drawback that I found is that the site doesn’t have a particularly large number of psychics to choose from. There are just under 100 readers on the site, which when compared to other psychic reading platforms is quite low. However, if you’re someone who finds too much choice to be overwhelming, then this might actually be a plus for you.

California Psychics

California Psychics also has a large selection of reading topics that surpasses PsychicOz. California Psychics features 9 reading topics, 9 psychic abilities, 9 psychic tools, and 3 reading styles. Among these, you’ll find the same niche options available on PsychicOz. You’ll also find customer favorites, staff picks, and rising stars.

California Psychics

Another area where California Psychics has PsychicOz beat is when it comes to the number of psychics available. The site has over 500 readers to choose from, and you can connect with them via call and chat.

Overall, both sites have plenty of variety when it comes to reading topics, but California Psychics comes out on top for its larger selection.

Winner: California Psychics for it’s wide selection of psychics.

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PsychicOz vs. California Psychics: Pricing


PsychicOz has very competitive prices, especially compared to other sites. For starters, the platform has flat-fee pricing, so you don’t pay more for top psychics and staff picks. All phone readings cost $2.99 per minute, and all email readings cost $9.99. Keep in mind you can only ask one question per email reading.

PsychicOz offers a competitive introductory offer to new customers. You can choose between a 10-minute package and a 15-minute package at a cost of $9.99 and $14.99, respectively. You can also purchase an email reading for $4.99. You’ll get 3 free minutes added to your account no matter which package you choose.


Creating an account on PsychicOz is quick and free. You do, however, need to verify your phone number in order to proceed with the sign-up process.

Overall, PsychicOz has very competitive prices, with the platform’s regular rates costing less than the majority of competitors’ rates.

California Psychics

On California Psychics, reading rates range from $4 to $15 per minute, making every reader on the platform automatically more expensive than psychics on PsychicOz.

California Psychics also groups its readers into 3 tiers: popular, preferred, and premium. The most elite psychics fall into the premium category, and their rates start at $8.50 per minute.

This site does have an introductory offer for first time users. You can purchase a 20-minute package for either popular, preferred, or premium psychics at a cost of $20, $40, or $80 respectively.

Pricing California Psychics

It’s also worth noting that creating an account on California Psychics is not free. You must select and pay for one of the introductory packages to proceed. Overall, California Psychics is significantly more expensive than PsychicOz.

Winner: PsychicOz for its competitive rates.

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PsychicOz vs. California Psychics: Website Usability


While the PsychicOz site looks a bit limited at first glance, it’s actually very easy to use and offers all the core functionality you need.

Psychics are organized in easy to navigate categories, and their profiles offer plenty of information in a succinct, scannable format. You can quickly see a psychic’s years of experience, reading topics, abilities, and tools. You can even read through customer reviews and access a psychic’s phone schedule. Readers also have a pre-recorded message on their page you can listen to.

One drawback with PsychicOz is that the best you can do to narrow down your search is to choose a specific reading category or tool. You can’t select multiple criteria to filter your results, making the search process a bit more tiresome. You should also keep in mind that PsychicOz does not have a mobile app.

California Psychics

The California Psychics website has far more functionality than PsychicOz. The most important of which is that you can apply multiple filters to your search to find the right psychic.

Psychic profiles offer in-depth information at a glance, including topics, tools, abilities, and reading style. Most readers have plenty of client reviews on their page, as well as their phone schedules.

California Psychics has a mobile app, so you can get the best experience when connecting with psychics, even on your phone. Overall, California Psychics beats out PsychicOz when it comes to usability.

Winner: California Psychics for ease of use.

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PsychicOz vs. California Psychics: Trustworthiness


The good news is that PsychicOz does offer a satisfaction guarantee on their site, although you do have to search for it. The guarantee states that if you have a negative experience on the site you can contact their customer service department to arrange another reading with a different reader. It also states that if you prefer, they’ll refund your money.

The site also gets points for offering a live support option – a contact form is also available though.

When it comes to screening their psychics, PsychicOz doesn’t offer too much information about quality assurance. In fact I’m a little hesitant to say that their readers are interviewed and verified, because the psychic application page says, “All you need is 10 minutes to begin connecting with clients”. So while PsychicOz does seem like a legit site overall, you should definitely check out client reviews before entering into a paid reading with a psychic.

California Psychics

California Psychics does a bit of a better job than PsychicOz when it comes to establishing their trustworthiness. According to their site, less than 2% of applicants who apply to become psychics are ultimately accepted. The process contains 4 steps that take place over the course of a month which includes a background check and two evaluations.

California Psychics also has a satisfaction guarantee which includes a 100% money-back guarantee. You can request your refund if you’re unhappy with a reading, but you must do so within 24 hours. You should also keep in mind that you can only exercise your right to a refund once.

Winner: California Psychics for its rigorous psychic screening process.

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PsychicOz vs. California Psychics: Added Extras

PsychicOz: Extra Features

Unfortunately, PsychicOz doesn’t have too much to offer when it comes to added extras. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the site and look closely, you’ll spot a button that directs you to their blog. Despite being hard to find, their blog does offer some unique articles, but they do not update it regularly. Overall, PsychicOz is very much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of site, without any bells and whistles.

Extra Features

California Psychics: Extra Features

California Psychics offers a great rewards program called Karma rewards. When you sign up you’ll get $20 worth of credit and a free birth chart. You’ll also earn points for every purchase you make, and you can use these points towards future readings.

California Psychics Extra Features

Winner: California Psychics for its rewards program.

The Bottom Line on PsychicOz vs. California Psychics

If we look at this complete comparison, California Psychics is the clear winner. The platform offers a bigger selection of readers, has better website usability, does a better job screening psychics and has a rewards program.

But if we look just below the surface we’ll see one glaring difference between California Psychics and PsychicOz: pricing.

So while I am going to call California Psychics the winner, you should consider how often you want to schedule psychic readings. If you plan on scheduling weekly readings, PsychicOz might be the better choice. If you know you’ll need fewer readings, consider California Psychics.

I should also remind you that California Psychics has a rewards program so regular readings do pay too.

Overall Winner: California Psychics

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