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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 29, 2022

PsychicOz vs PathForward: One Gets You Extra Rewards

PsychicOz vs PathForward: One Gets You Extra Rewards

PsychicOz vs PathForward: An Overview

PathForward and PsychicOz are two viable options for anyone searching for an online psychic reading. However, what they offer is slightly different.

PsychicOz offers affordable readings and the option to schedule a psychic reading via chat, phone, or email.

On the other hand, PathForward is on a mission to provide the best possible experience to its customers using a variety of features.

To help make this decision easier, I’ve looked at everything from trustworthiness and the types of readings offered to the best psychics on each site.

Quick Summary of Winner in Each Category

💲 Starting price: PsychicOz ($2.99 per Minute)
🔮 Types of reading: PsychicOz (5+ Choices)
🤝 Trustworthiness: PathForward (Psychic Screening)
🎉 Added extras: PathForward (Rewards Program)
🙋 Customer Support: PsychicOz (Live Chat Support)

PsychicOz vs PathForward: Types of Readings


Types of Readings

Choose from over 80 gifted psychics and a variety of categories to meet your reading requirements. While topics such as love and career are available on the site, PsychicOz also includes a few unique categories such as missing persons and automatic writing. In fact, I am yet to come across some of these categories on any other websites.

One downside of searching for a psychic is that you can only use one filter at a time. However, when you’re viewing all psychics, at least you can sort by highest rank, phone reading, email reading, lowest price, and highest price.


Types of Readings Path Forward

On PathForward, you’ll have a variety of reading categories to choose from, including career and money, family and friends, love, sex, and romance, self-love and care, as well as spirituality. There are a good number of psychics available in each category so you’ll easily be able to find someone who’s a good fit for you.

PathForward makes it really easy to find the psychic you’re looking for by allowing you to filter your search according to reading topics, the psychic’s spiritual gifts, psychic tools, communication style, and language. This allows you to thoroughly narrow down your search and avoid disappointment.

Winner: PathForward its filtering capabilities.

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PsychicOz vs PathForward: Pricing



While PsychicOz usually charges a rate of $2.99 per minute, with its introductory offer, you’ll benefit from a special rate of under a dollar per minute on phone or chat readings and only $4.99 for an email reading. You’ll have to choose between a 10 and 15-minute package on your first purchase though. As an added bonus, new customers get 3 minutes absolutely free on their first reading and the first minute free on every phone reading thereafter.

Once these credits are depleted, you’ll revert to the standard rate on phone and chat readings, and pay $9.99 for an email reading. Notably, you’ll only be able to ask one question on your email request. If you choose to include more than one, your chosen psychic will most likely only answer the first question and request that you purchase another reading for any other questions you may have.


Pricing PathForward

PtahForward’s introductory offer is a per-minute rate of less than $1. You do need to choose between a 10, 20, or 30-minute package, though.

Once you’ve used up these minutes, all rates on the site are standardized at $5 a minute, regardless of which psychic you speak to. The Fast Path feature on the site conveniently allows you to top up your account if you run out of credits in the middle of a reading by making use of your chosen payment method of credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

Winner: PsychicOz for its affordable rates.

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PsychicOz vs PathForward: Website Usability


Website Usability

Navigating the PsychicOz website is fairly simple because of its straightforward design. Users have the option to view all psychics on staff, take a look at customer favorites, staff picks, and rising stars, or filter your search for a specific psychic specialty.

You can also use the search bar to search for a psychic by name if you know it.

One feature I really appreciate is the Notify Me button on every psychic profile that you can use to get a text or email when your preferred psychic becomes available.

All that’s required to sign up on PsychicOz is an email address and password. Following this, you’ll be asked to verify your phone number and you’ll be all set to get a reading.


Website Usability PathForward

PathForward has truly designed its site with its users in mind. The site’s interface is aesthetically pleasing and the simplistic design makes it easy to navigate. Even if you’re new to psychic readings, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the number of reading categories. The site’s Quick Connect feature puts you in touch with a recommended psychic based on your specific needs.

It’s really easy to get a feel for a particular psychic because each profile is detailed and even includes an audio introduction, short interview, and user reviews. If you’d like to speak to a psychic that’s not currently available, you can check out their upcoming schedule in your own time zone.

Signing up on PathForward is a breeze too. All you need to do is fill in a few basic details (like your name and email address), after which you’ll be directed to the payment page to select your introductory offer.

Winner: PathForward for its ease of use.

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PsychicOz vs PathForward: Trustworthiness



PsychicOz is dedicated to quality. According to the site, every psychic is screened for, “accuracy, professionalism, compassion and the desire to help you.” Unfortunately, there isn’t much insight provided on exactly how these screenings are conducted.

To solidify their promise of accurate readings, PsychicOz has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the reading you received, you can reach out to customer support. They will arrange for another reading with a different psychic or refund you.


Trustworthiness PathForward

PathForward has made it clear that the quality of its psychics is of utmost importance. The site does not have as many psychics on staff as some of its competitors since only 5% of those who apply are successful.

To add to these efforts, PathForward offers its customers a 100% money-back guarantee if they aren’t satisfied with their reading. PathForward’s Peace of Mind Promise allows you to request a refund within one day of your psychic reading.

Winner: PathForward for its stringent screening process.

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PsychicOz vs PathForward: Added Extras


Added Extras

PsychicOz doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. This allows the site to keep its prices for psychic readings as low as possible. 

However, something that stands out is PsychicOz’s email reading offering. This is not a feature offered by many psychic sites so it certainly gives PsychicOz a competitive edge. Furthermore, the standardized rate of $9.99 for an email reading makes it a convenient option for those who don’t have the time or privacy to get phone or chat readings done.


Added Extras PathForward

PathForward has loads of additional features in its efforts to make the site more than just a platform for psychic readings.

The site has a rewards program that gives you 3% back in rewards dollars every time you make a purchase. There is also a feature called The Inner Circle, where for a premium of $24.99 a month, you’ll benefit from 10% off all psychic readings.

Winner: PathForward for its rewards.

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The Bottom Line on PsychicOz vs PathForward

If you’re looking for a site that offers psychic readings at really affordable prices with the additional functionality of email readings, PsychicOz is perfect for you.

If you’d prefer a better psychic screening process and the option of earning rewards for regular readings, PathForward is right for you.

For this review, I am going to dub PathForward the winner for the overall value it offers.

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