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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 26, 2022

Purple Garden vs Mysticsense: There’s One Obvious Winner

Purple Garden vs Mysticsense: There’s One Obvious Winner

Purple Garden vs. Mysticsense: An Overview

On the surface, these two psychic reading sites may seem very similar: hundreds of readers to choose from, similar pricing, and the option to connect via chat, phone, and video. But the reality is that these two websites are more different than you might realize. 

So which one is best for you? That comes down to your answer to one critical question. Read on to discover what will make or break each of these platforms for you.

Quick Summary of Winner in Each Category

💲 Starting price: Mysticsense ($0.99 per Minute)
🔮 Types of reading: Mysticsense (15+ Choices)
🤝 Trustworthiness: Mysticsense (Satisfaction Guarantee)
🎉 Added extras: Purple Garden (Rewards Program)
🙋 Customer Support: Mysticsense (Live Chat Support)

Purple Garden vs. Mysticsense: Types of Readings

Purple Garden

When it comes to different types of readings, Purple Garden covers all the essential categories. You have 8 different categories to choose from:

Types of Readings

The site doesn’t let you filter your results based on any significant criteria. What you can do is select your price range and how you would like the reading to be conducted (chat, video, or phone). While there are lots of psychics on the site that have niche specializations and abilities, you have to browse and read through their profiles one by one to find them.

That being said, the platform is home to an uncountable number of readers. For example, you’ll find over 150 tarot readers and over 300 relationship readers.

One area where Purple Garden deserves some credit is its palm reading category. You don’t often find this category on psychic reading sites, including Mysticsense.


Any way you look at it, Mysticsense simply outshines Purple Garden when it comes to types of readings. The platform has 18 different reading categories to choose from.

Types of Readings - mysticsense

You’ll find all the standard reading topics you’d expect, like career and money, life path and destiny, and finding new love. But you’ll also find more specific categories like toxic relationships, grief counselors, and more. The site’s selection of tools is also impressive, featuring options like auras, crystals, tarot, pendulum, runes, and more.

Overall, Mysticsense really takes the cake when it comes to ample and diverse reading options.

Winner: Mysticsense for its wider selection of reading topics.

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Purple Garden vs. Mysticsense: Pricing

Purple Garden

When it comes to psychic rates, Purple Garden’s pricing makes it one of the more competitive sites out there. While other sites can charge as much as $30 per minute, or sometimes higher, Purple Garden’s most expensive readers charge $14.99 per minute.

While this is not a cheap rate, keep in mind that the platform also has many readers you can connect with for as low as $0.99 per minute. And overall, the vast majority of readers charge under $10 per minute.

Normally, Purple Garden does not offer new users any kind of introductory offer. But using this link you’ll qualify for their matching bonus, which gives you $10 worth of free credit when you make your first deposit equalling the same amount.



Just like Purple Garden, Mysticsense’s rates are very competitively priced and are actually even better than Purple Garden’s. You’ll find plenty of psychics on the platform that offer readings for as low as $0.99 per minute, and prices generally don’t go higher than $10 per minute.

Pricing - mysticsense

The majority of readers on this site charge less than $5 per minute, making it a great option for regular psychic readings. Mysticsense also offers new users a bonus for joining— when you deposit your first $10, you’ll get 5 free minutes credited to your account.

Winner: Mysticsense for its competitive prices.

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Purple Garden vs. Mysticsense: Website Usability

Purple Garden

Website usability is where things get a bit tricky with Purple Garden. The truth is that Purple Garden is significantly different from almost all other psychic reading sites out there. The platform is actually designed to be used on your phone, not on a computer.

Website Usability

While the platform does offer you the option to connect with readers via chat, phone, and video, there’s a bit of a catch. If you’re using Purple Garden from a computer, then only the chat function is available. If you want to connect with a reader via phone or video, you have to download and use the app on your phone.

Website Usability - mysticsense

Creating an account is easy, and more importantly, completely free. You don’t need to enter any payment information to get started. Once you find a psychic you want to connect with, you will be prompted to choose how long you’d like the reading to last, and then pay for that amount of time. The minimum you can choose is 5 minutes. But don’t worry— even if you decide to hang up before you’ve used up all your time, those minutes get credited back to your account.

Overall, Purple Garden does have a non-traditional approach. If you were planning on connecting with readers primarily or only using your phone, then this setup isn’t a problem for you. But if you were looking to connect from your computer, then this could be a deal-breaker.


Mysticsense follows the standard usability norms you’ve come to expect— the site lets you connect with readers via chat, phone, and video all from your computer. Similar to Purple Garden, creating your own account is easy and completely free.


One area where the site excels far past Purple Garden is searching for psychics. The site has really great filtering options that allow you to select as many criteria as you’d like, including your preferred reading topic, tool, and style. So finding the perfect reader for you really is straightforward and painless.


The area where Mysticsense very obviously lacks compared to Purple Garden is that it doesn’t have a mobile app. So while you can open the site on your phone’s browser, you certainly won’t get as good of an experience as you would using the Purple Garden app.

Winner: Tie – depends on your preferred device.

Purple Garden vs. Mysticsense: Trustworthiness

Purple Garden

If there’s one thing that Purple Garden makes clear to its customers, it’s that they are using the site completely at their own risk. Their FAQs clearly state:We do not give refunds on Purple Garden since we do not guarantee what the advisors say, advice that they give or circumstance outcomes or predictions. Purple Garden is for entertainment purposes only.”

The site is also unclear about how they evaluate the psychics they feature on the platform, and there’s no info about how long the site has been around. All of this isn’t to say that there aren’t talented readers on the site.


Mysticsense puts a lot of effort into establishing trust and transparency with customers. For starters, the site offers a satisfaction guarantee that states that if you’re unhappy with your reading, you can request a refund within 48 hours. The site will evaluate your request, and you have the potential to receive up to $10 worth of credit refunded to your account.

In addition to their satisfaction guarantee, Mysticsense explains that all psychics who would like to be featured must fill out an application and go through an interview process. And even after a psychic has been added to the platform, Mysticsense conducts routine quality checks to ensure that readers continue to meet the site’s standards.

Overall, Mysticsense conveys a much more trustworthy vibe than Purple Garden does.

Winner: Mysticsense for its satisfaction guarantee.

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Purple Garden vs. Mysticsense: Added Extras

Purple Garden: Extra Features

Purple Garden has one game-changing feature up its sleeve that Mysticsense does not— an impressive cash-back program. For every purchase you make on Purple Garden, you’ll earn 5% in cash-back. Once your rewards reach at least $10, you can start using this credit toward readings on the site. Just keep in mind that earnings from the cash-back program expire 6 months after the date you receive them.

Mysticsense: Extra Features

Like most psychic reading sites out there, you’ll find some interesting, free content to browse by checking out the site’s Articles and Media section. Articles about spirituality, psychology, love and relationships are posted regularly. You’ll also see that the site posts daily horoscopes for you to check out at any time.

Winner: Purple Garden for its cash-back rewards program.

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The Bottom Line on Purple Garden vs. Mysticsense

Choosing a winner all comes down to your answer to a single question: are you looking to have readings done on your phone, or from a computer?

If your choice is from a phone, then Purple Garden is your winner. The app makes it really easy to connect with readers via chat, phone, and video, all on the go. Searching for and connecting with a reader is much easier when done through the app. 

If your choice is from a computer, then Mysticsense is your winner. The site makes it easy and enjoyable to search for the perfect psychic for you, and you can connect via chat, phone, and video.

Aside from these clear differences, there are a few others to take note of. First, Purple Garden offers you no guarantees, and no chance for a refund if you’re unhappy. On the other hand, Mysticsense does offer a satisfaction guarantee and credit for unsatisfactory readings of up to $10. 

That being said, Purple Garden offers a generous 5% cash-back for every purchase you make.

For the sake of declaring a winner, I have to go with Mysticsense due to their lower prices, satisfaction guarantee, and more rigorous process of screening and maintaining psychics.

Overall Winner: Mysticsense

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