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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On December 06, 2021

Reincarnation & Karma: Are They Linked?

Reincarnation & Karma: Are They Linked?

Reincarnation and karma are originally Hindu principles that have been adopted by many other belief systems.

Reincarnation is the belief that after death, your spirit is transferred into a new physical form. This form does not necessarily have to be human.

On the other hand, people tend to think that karma is simply, “what goes around comes around,” however, it is a far more intricate concept. There are different types of karma, but overall karma refers to the concept of causality – that your actions, thoughts, and behaviors all have a direct impact on your life.

Both these concepts work hand in hand when determining a human being’s spiritual fate. Although they can be overwhelming to contemplate, we’ve helped break it down for you, and if you’re still uncertain about life after death you can speak to a past life specialist on California Psychics at a discounted rate.

The Origins of Reincarnation and Karma

Reincarnation doesn’t simply mean that you’ll be stuck in an endless cycle of living a different life every time you die. The purpose of reincarnation is for you to have remembered some of your key learnings from your previous life and to use that knowledge to lead a better, more moral existence this time around. When you have finally lived a truly righteous life, your soul will find peace after death.

Karma originates from the Hindu Vedic texts and works under a set of 12 laws, which are as follows:

  1. The Law of Cause and Effect: what you put into the universe is what you will receive.
  2. The Law of Creation: you create your own destiny by the action you take.
  3. The Law of Humility: accepting that your current circumstance is attributed to the past life you’ve lived.
  4. The Law of Growth: growing by consciously improving yourself.
  5. The Law of Responsibility: owning that what happens to you in life is a result of your own actions.
  6. The Law of Connection: every moment in your life is connected as your past has an impact on your present, and your present has an impact on your future.
  7. The Law of Focus: the discipline to focus on one thing at a time in order to avoid frustration caused by becoming overwhelmed.
  8. The Law of Giving and Hospitality: the concept of giving to the causes you believe in.
  9. The Law of Here and Now: the concept of being present in every moment by letting go of the pain of the past and setting aside the anxieties of the future.
  10. The Law of Change: avoiding the repetition of past mistakes by learning from your experiences and taking action to change your future.
  11. The Law of Patience and Reward: ensuring that your actions are consistent so as to achieve your desired outcome.
  12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration: the concept of not discounting any action’s consequences, since every act has an impact, no matter how big or small.

If you want to find out whether any of these laws are affecting you in your current lifetime, consult with a past life psychic on California Psychics – new customers only pay $1 per minute.

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Are Reincarnation and Karma Linked?

Karma and reincarnation are what are known as twin beliefs because they work together to bring you eternal peace.

Reaching peace in Hinduism is referred to as moksha. Because it’s possible to be reincarnated into non-human physical forms, it’s important to try to reach moksha while in your human incarnation since this is when it will be easiest.

The principles of karma are what guide humans in reaching moksha. Although it may seem difficult, employing these principles in your day-to-day life allows you to step closer and closer toward walking a truly righteous path.

It’s important to note that because of the karmic laws, whatever actions you take in this life will create the starting point of your next. If you lived sinfully and unrighteously, your next life will start off from a point of disadvantage. The opposite is also true, so it’s vital to be constantly mindful of the consequences of your actions.

How a Past Life Psychic Can Help You

past life

Although we are supposed to have memories of our past lives, our memories from this life can overwhelm our minds to the point where the past becomes clouded. A psychic will help reveal your past lives to you by taking a deeper look into the supernatural.

Psychics have special gifts that allow them to communicate with the spiritual realm and gain insights that normal folk cannot. A psychic will be able to determine what kinds of lives you’ve lived before this one and what you’ll need to do in this life to achieve moksha.

California Psychics has a large range of past life specialist psychics you can choose from, but these are my top five picks.

1. Brandon


Since he joined California Psychics in 2012, Brandon has performed well over 13,000 psychic readings using tarot, astrology, and numerology to guide his clients on their past lives. He uses an inspirational style to offer you clear and concise advice on your karma.

Brandon’s clients describe him as really easy to talk to as he makes them feel as though they are chatting with an old friend or a kindred spirit. He is intuitive and doesn’t need much prompting before he can pick up on what’s bothering you.

2. Raziel


Raziel is psychically gifted and doesn’t need any spiritual tools to perform his readings. He is a clairvoyant medium and sometimes even uses dream analysis to gain insight into his clients’ past lives.

Raziel’s clients have boasted how easily he was able to pick up on their energies and didn’t waste any time beating around the bush about their karmic fates. This is great news for you since it means that not a single second of your reading will be wasted.

3. Bridget


Bridget is able to give insights into your past lives by communicating with departed souls. She uses her psychic abilities together with astrology, tarot, and i-ching to give you sound advice on your karmic standing.

Her clients have commended Bridget’s consistency in providing readings that are clear and accurate. She has a ton of experience and has performed well over 45,000 readings in her tenure on California Psychics, including past life readings.

4. Karin


Although Karin has only been with California Psychics since 2018, she has over 18 years of experience guiding people on their past lives and karmic value. She uses oracle cards, tarot, and pendulums to facilitate her readings and delve into the spiritual aura that surrounds you.

Karin’s clients describe her as warm and comforting. She delivers news to you in a way that helps you best understand how to move forward without becoming overwhelmed.

5. Anara


Anara is especially gifted and doesn’t need tools to perform a reading. She specializes in karmic cleansing and uses tarot, oracle cards, and crystals to nudge you in the right direction. Anara pushes people towards their higher selves so they can easily achieve moksha after death.

Anara is well-loved by her clients for her compassionate nature. They’ve even complained that the minutes go by too quickly when they’re talking to her.

Bottom Line

It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of everyday life and forget that there are consequences after death for our actions here on earth. By following the 12 principles of karma, you’ll be able to make a significant change in your karmic standing and move closer toward moksha.

If you feel uncertain about how you can apply these laws in your everyday life, speaking to one of the past life psychics on California Psychics can really help take the burden off you and set you down the right path to eternal peace.

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