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Taking 'Evidential' to Another Level. Rev. Joanne Gerber

Taking 'Evidential' to Another Level. Rev. Joanne Gerber

Reverend Joanne Gerber, is a world renowned Psychic Medium and spiritual healer. who is known for her natural ability to bring through evidential messages from those in the spirit world.

Joanne reveals her thoughts on mediumship and spirituality, and sheds some light on her own personal journey.

How does it feel to be listed among the top 100 Psychics in America and what does this actually mean?

I am always grateful for the support and recognition that I receive. Because of the spiritual nature of my work, I always feel it is best to remain humble with our spirit connections and to not let fame and fortune or our ego be the driver. I am listed and certified with the Windbridge Institute and the Forever Family Foundation, and I currently am a volunteer with the former. 

My credentials with these organizations, as opposed to simply being rated as popular or famous, has a much larger impact on the legitimacy of my work. The aforementioned organizations don’t just validate mediumistic abilities, but also one’s character. Sadly there are many pretenders in our field who operate cons and schemes to take advantage of the vulnerable. Before choosing a psychic medium, it is best to do some research. Like with any other profession, word of mouth is one’s best reference.

Could you tell us a little bit about your journey and how you came to be the person you are today?

I believe things happen for a reason and I really don’t believe in coincidence. Everything is supposed to happen. It all started for me over twenty years ago when my dog was very ill and the Veterinarian told me it would only be weeks, maybe days before my dog would pass. I prayed for a miracle. She was my very first puppy, and I was in love with her.

I went to see a psychic in Salem, Massachusetts. I ended up taking classes, and working in a shop in Salem. I started doing readings just before Halloween. There is no other crazier place in the world like Halloween Eve in Salem, Massachusetts. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, in a challenging and exciting kind of way. I don’t regret a minute of this. It taught me how to stay focused on the energy during readings amongst virtually any distractions. I did my readings along with several other mediums in a small cubicle in the back room of a tiny shop with droves of people waiting outside to come into the shop to have a reading, or browse around. This went on every day, seven days a week throughout the whole month of October. 

I don’t offer private sessions at metaphysical shops anymore. My spiritual journey has connected me with people, places, and events as an opportunity to learn. I feel like a different person than I was before I embarked on this journey. It has taught me so much, and continues to teach me. A spiritual journey allows us to experience life from a different perspective. It’s why we are here. I am looking forward to talking more about my journey when my book is released in 2022.

Would you say that one is a psychic medium from the very beginning?

I believe that we all have a gift, and can develop that gift. There are various levels of ability, and ability may be dependent upon the student’s spiritual unfoldment process. I believe that with the right teachers, environment, and support, one can foster their abilities. 

Over the past two decades, I have taught many students who at the beginning would tell me that they didn’t think they could “do this”. Many of them are now working as psychic mediums, healers, and spiritual leaders

Why do you stand out from the rest?

I like to think that I do because my work is so detailed, and that it feels so natural to me. Sometimes people will ask how many messages I give during a two-hour demonstration. It depends on the energy, but on average, I would say eight or nine. 

Then I hear stories of people coming from demonstrations where a medium has delivered twenty or twenty-five messages. The content of the messages is, needless to say, shallow and transparent. 

My motto in life, when it comes to work, is to never be satisfied with your work; keep learning, expand your mind, and continue to grow and evolve. Expect the unexpected. I believe that if you have a passion for something and you are dedicated to it, you will succeed. This is why integrity is so important in this field. 

I love to inspire, educate and enlighten people. I love to give people hope, especially during difficult times, so they can move forward, see the ‘light’ and get on with their lives. Mediumship is my ministry; it is sacred.

When we refer to past lives, is there a set rule as to how many each of us has had?

There is no scientific data that can confirm how many lives we all have or have had. I have heard somewhere before that there are 144 lives before we become completely enlightened like Buddha, where we are able to ascend having learnt all life’s lessons. I think it all depends on what our soul has to learn; the people we meet, the opportunities we have, the failures and the accomplishments. 

What can Past Life Regression do for us ‘mortal beings’?

Past Life Regression is really about getting in touch with our past lives, and to get a sense of what we were in a past life. You actually have to let go to experience this and let go of consciousness, perhaps with a good past life regressionist using hypnosis. 

It helps us to heal, and helps us resolve unresolved emotions. It can also help us understand why we suffer from vertigo, for example. This is something that I have experienced on a personal level. 

It may bring up memories that we can’t consciously recall but digging deep beyond the barrier of consciousness can help understand certain emotions that we experience in this lifetime.

Often, we are drawn inexplicably to a language, city, country or culture, and most of the time, this too, is linked to a past life experience. It may be the first time that you visit a country, for example, but somehow you feel as if you have been there before, you are familiar with the surroundings and feel completely at ease. 

Do we ever reach our ultimate goal and purpose, in this lifetime or elsewhere?

I believe our purpose is to learn our soul lessons, and to evolve, ascending our level of consciousness. The learning process does not stop on planet earth.  That is merely an illusion. Our souls are all energy, and the laws of physics states that energy cannot die, but only transform. 

Our souls will continue to learn long after we have left this incarnation. Lessons of the soul are a continuous process, both here and hereafter. Be open to learning, and evolving toward finding true happiness. That is our journey. Make each moment count, and always let those you love know how much you love them.


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