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Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On June 06, 2023

Learn the Secrets of Spiritual Intuition with Sara Wiseman

Learn the Secrets of Spiritual Intuition with Sara Wiseman

Sara Wiseman is a visionary spiritual teacher and the founder of Intuition University. A channel and intuitive, she offers books, courses and training in spiritual intuition. Based in Portland, Oregon, she teaches worldwide.  In this interview she shares more about her psychic training program and how you can explore your own gifts and discover spiritual and psychic awakening.

Please tell us a little about your background. When did you first realize you had a psychic gift and what inspired you to continue on this path professionally?

In 2000, I had a near death experience which lead to instantaneous spiritual and psychic awakening. The veil opened, and I was able to perceive and work in the other realms. I also opened as a channel, and begin to receive the Divine teachings that have become the basis for my work. Most people report dramatic life changes from a near death experience—and this was also true for me. It put me on the path of my soul destiny—my life-long commitment to channel teachings from the Divine beings who are here to mentor us, to explore and master the intuitive arts, and then to teach what I had learned to others.

What inspired you to start the Intuition University and what is the mission behind it?

Intuition University was founded in 2012, as a school for the intuitive and mystic arts. At our core, we teach spiritual intuition to people all over the world. We help students at all levels—beginner to advanced—to experience direct connection with the Divine, no middleman required. Direct connection is a personal spiritual experience that is the birthright of every person on the planet. Intuition University is set up as two paths—first, as an intensive training program that I teach directly, and second, as a robust curriculum of $15 self-study courses—all of the spiritual teachings I received in channeling have been compiled into a complete program of study. There is a lot to learn, and we offer a lot! Our mission is to help people learn to these spiritual skills, so they can understand themselves as souls.

What can people expect to achieve from attending your introductory course, Spiritual Psychic?

Spiritual Psychic is the first module of a two-year program that I teach directly. In this training, students learn the core essentials of clairvoyance, direct connection with guides and angels, mediumship, soul-to-soul healing, family karmic healing and past life regression. These are the basics, and the starting point for even deeper soul work. Spiritual Psychic is an eight-week distance course, offered four times a year, so people can register every semester. It’s very deep work, and it’s profound to work in spiritual community this way, exploring your own gifts. You can take this module as a standalone, or continue on to the complete program of Graduate or Reader Training Certifications.

Can anyone become a psychic with practice?

Most definitely! Being psychic exists in us already—it’s really just about remembering who you are. I find that people naturally have certain styles of psychic gifts, and tend to excel in one area or another: clairvoyance and visioning, working with the guides and channeling, mediumship, shamanic journeying, energy healing, nature and animal communication, to name a few. We are all walking in the Mystery, and everyone has the ability to learn these skills.

You also offer a variety of self-study courses. Could you tell us a little more about what these entail?

The $15 self-study courses are at the heart of what we offer. It’s very important to me to offer affordable resources, so that everyone can learn, no matter what budget or exchange rate! We have students from all over the world, and because the self-study courses are offered by distance, people can work from wherever they are, on their own schedule while also being able to connect in with private spiritual community. The self-study courses in Intuition University are extremely popular—we’ve had tens of thousands of students take the coursework!

What advice would you give someone trying to develop a richer connection with themselves?

Trust that you’re a soul first, an infinite being in a human container, living in multiple dimensions at once. So all whatever misbeliefs the world tells you—the constraints and “shoulds” and suffering and shame—you can ignore all that and let it all go. You’re here to work with the Universe, to discover your soul destiny and to contribute your unique gifts to the world. Discern your soul path, let yourself be led by the Universe instead of trying to force with ego, and everything will flow from there.

Lastly, what do you hope people will take away from working with you?

I hope that everyone who discovers my work will experience spiritual and psychic awakening. When studied deeply, the psychic path leads to spiritual awakening, and conversely, the spiritual path leads to intuitive opening. It’s really a choice that every soul has to make in each lifetime—if you want to be limited by the misbeliefs of society, or discover who you really are. We can either walk around asleep and follow mainstream culture to more distraction and suffering, or we can wake up and discover the beauty and joy of connection to the Universe. My hope is that my work will help people wake up, and then in turn that they will share their awareness with others.

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