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How to Transform, Grow, and Be Comfortable About Yourself With Sara Gilbert

How to Transform, Grow, and Be Comfortable About Yourself With Sara Gilbert

This week, we spoke with Sara Gilbert, a well-renowned Evolutionary Astrologer, and Tarot Reader. We learned more about her beginnings, her specific approach to Astrology, and what she needed to do in order to develop her skills.

When did you first know that being an astrologer was your calling and how did it come about?

The first book I remember from my childhood was on the stories of the Greek Gods! It had those beautiful glued-in-color plates. I have always been fascinated by mythology and used to lie on my back looking at the stars at night!

I initially focused more on my corporate career until my second Saturn Return, when I started to become more aware of my spiritual nature. I had to travel to Asia as part of my job, becoming fascinated by the gold temples in Thailand. I wanted to find out about the story of the Buddha!

I had a personal trainer who was very spiritual, he recognized my own spiritual nature, so we had some great discussions as we worked out together. My last boss was also involved in martial arts and reiki and became a mentor. I had purchased books on astrology and a tarot deck, shortly after I emigrated to Australia in my twenties. But I never found the time to pursue these interests, until I moved to my current location in Carrum Downs, close to Melbourne’s peninsular beaches, in 2005. I was working as a management consultant by then, so had both the time and money to pursue other interests!

I initially studied tarot but was instantly hooked and quickly added numerology, hand analysis, kabbalah, and astrology in my search for more knowledge. I immediately began to practice and teach what I learned professionally, becoming especially drawn to helping clients discover their purpose in life. I found astrology gave me the most detail to work with and obtained my Federation of Australian Astrologers Diploma in early 2009, enabling me to become fully accredited as a member of the APA two years later.

From the moment I worked with my first paid astrology client towards the end of 2008, I knew this was what I came here to do! I had never felt such a sense of personal fulfillment before, despite leading an extremely successful corporate career, for over 30 years.

What is your approach to Astrology?

I am an evolutionary astrologer with a psychological approach. I always start with the nodes of the Moon, to tell the story that has driven the person’s life! I studied with Steven Forrest for nine years in his Apprenticeship program, but have also vicariously supplemented this, with the writing of Jeffrey Wolf Green and Dane Rudhyar, as well as many presentations and courses with their students, (especially Mark Jones, Kaypacha, Maurice Fernandez and Jason Holley).

My aim is to help the client understand who they are, why they think and feel the way they do, and to help them balance the positive elements within their nodal axis.

I am very visual, so interested in aspect patterns in general within charts. I love to research patterns and cycles and write about my findings. I was also drawn to research asteroids named for archetypes from myth, the ones associated with magic, divination, healing, and the environment. I selected around 60 and studied them in the charts of individuals who are involved in those fields.

I also write about them and how they are involved in the Moon’s monthly journey around the Zodiac, in my blog posts! I have found they bring additional meaning for clients who have them close to their Sun, Moon, angles or nodes, in their natal charts, also using them to provide “Goddess” readings, for those who have an interest!

Are some types of psychic readings more demanding or difficult than others?

I imagine it must be very draining for psychic mediums who connect to clients, guides, or ancestors. I am intuitive, but for me, this component of reading just flows naturally as a kind of knowing that I hear in my head. I guess that makes me claircognizant/clairaudient.

I find tarot and palm reading the least demanding as they just happen, with no calculation or analysis required. Mathematics comes easily to me, so I can calculate numerology and astrology aspects in my head, without much effort.

I do prefer to be able to spend time sitting with an astrology chart, analyzing the combinations, and reflecting on the possible outcomes for the client. That means those readings take much more time, before the actual connection with the client.

I believe all readings should be a two-way process of discussion, rather than just straight out written reports or recorded predictions. The only exceptions to this are with natal charts for babies or young children, to help in their upbringing.

What are some of the most popular answers that customers are looking for?

I do tend to draw clients who are searching for meaning in their life, either as a vocation or for their spiritual development. My work seems to mainly be about the emotional patterning they are trying to transform from, in addition to helping them understand why they experience life in the way they do.

This flows through to tarot readings as well, although the range of issues here tends to be more in relation to daily issues around work, love, and relationships and the various other decision points that they are encountering.

Often, I find they actually knew the answers at an inner level themselves, and the reading just acted as a form of conformation.

Was there anything that you felt you needed to do to deepen or develop your abilities/skills?


I am a member of various associations relating to tarot and astrology such as the Tarot Guild of Australia, Victorian Astrology Association, Cosmic Intelligence Agency, Organisation for Professional Astrologers as well as attending regular presentations and meetings with my peers. I have a huge library of books covering all of the modalities I work with, especially mythology. I have also had a subscription with Mountain Astrologer, ever since I began to take astrology seriously in 2008!

I have been teaching astrology since 2010, researching, updating, and developing new courses keep me on my toes. I write an astrology blog and monthly overview, as well as holding a monthly astrology group with a fellow astrologer, presenting on the current transits, and helping students relate to how they are reflecting on this in their lives.

I continue to study avidly, attending International Conferences every year, sadly only online these days. I also tune into monthly webinars from the CIA and OPA, as well as purchasing webinars of interest from Astrology University. In just the last year I have also undertaken short online courses on Evolutionary Astrology/Reincarnation with Mark Jones, Kaypacha, and Maurice Fernandez! I have also written articles and made many presentations myself at conferences and online for the TGA, FAA/VAA, CIA, and OPA.

I have taken pilgrimages to many sacred sites in Greece, Egypt, Israel, England, France, and Asia to experience the energy and symbolism of the mythology for myself. At the moment, I am in the process of writing my own book on the subject!

What do you love most about your profession?

The beauty of how all the esoteric techniques integrate together with the natural world and resonate with what is playing out in the collective at large, as well as in our personal lives!

Being able to help people transform and grow, becoming at peace and comfortable about themselves and how they are living their lives!

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